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  • 1. GO #1 Political PrinciplesFundamental political principles define and shape American constitutional government. Consent of the Governed Limited Government Rule of Law Democracy Representative Government
  • 2. Historical Documents American Constitutional government is founded on concepts articulated in earlier documents including, Charters of the Virginia Company of London, The Virginia Declaration of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, and the Virginia Statue for Religious FreedomCharters of the Virginia Virginia Declaration of Virginia Statute for Company of London Rights Religious Freedom Guaranteed rights of • Served as a _______ for • Freedom of ___________ ______________________ the __________________ beliefs and opinions Provided a government for of the Constitution of the • Established a separation of the Virginia Colony United States of America church and state English joint stock • Written by George Mason • Written by Thomas company established by • Drafted in 1776 to Jefferson royal charter by James I proclaim the inherent of England on April 10, rights of men, including 1606 with the purpose the right to rebel against of establishing colonial "inadequate" settlements in North government America • Basis for the Virginia The London Company was Constitution responsible for settling Jamestown Declaration of Articles of Confederation U.S. Constitution Independence • Established the first form • Establish the structure of• Declared the colonies’ of ___________________ the __________________ ___________________ for the independent states • Guarantees ____________ from Great Britain • Maintained that major under the law with• Stated ___________ powers resided with majority rule and the rights against the King of Great individual ______________ of the minority protected Britain • created a ______________ • Affirms individual worth• Affirmed “_____________ _________________ (no and dignity of all people ____________________” power to tax or enforce • Protects the fundamental (life, liberty, and the laws) Led to the writing of freedoms of religion, pursuit of happiness) the Constitution of the speech, press, assembly,• Established the idea that all United States of America and petition people are equal under the • Written by the Continental law Congress• Written by Thomas Jefferson July 4, 1776