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Food chain with alice

Food chain with alice






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    Food chain with alice Food chain with alice Presentation Transcript

    • What is a food chain A food chain shows the links between the organisms is an ecosystem. It shows which animals feed on other animals or an plants .
    • Some food chains
    • More food chains The food chain on the left has two chain one for land and one for the sea.And the one at the bottom is a food chain in the sea
    • Biomass Biomass means the total mass of a living thing not including . Biomass can be used as a energy source .
    • Producer
      • Producer a plant that producer it’s own food by photosynthsis
      • Consumer an animal eat a plant or other animals
      • an animal that hunt’s other animals
      • an animal that is hunted and eaten by other animales
    • Producers prey Percetores/prey Percetores
    • blue whale fish zooplankton phytoplankton
    • The Mares food chain Sky beast Alien Mares rocks Mares bacteria
    • The food chain on Mars! There has been reports of alien life on mares and we believe that on the planet there are things that are like animals and humans.
    • Mares Alien What is an mares alien? Only a few people in the world has seen a mares alien and say they are very peaceful but mosed of the mares aliens get eaten by the sky best (see next page). We have found out that a Mares alien has a very skinny body and a big peared shaped head. What dose a mares alien eat? A Mares alien only eats mares rocks (see page 2). What does a mares alien look like
    • Mares Bacteria What is a Mares bacterium? A mares bacterium is like a bacteria on eath it is but it is dedle to humans but hareless to the sky besast (see last page) and to the mares alien (see thered page) What do mares bacteria look like? A Mares bacterium looks the same like a batriam on earth. What dose a mares bacteria eat? We do not know what a mares batiriam eat so for now it is at the bottom of the food chane.
    • The sky beast What is a sky best? A sky beast is a evil animal that mostly look like a lion or we think as no one has ever lived to find out this is are only image of the sky best. What does the sky best look like? We believe that the sky best looks a bit like a lion and has wings that are very strong What does a sky best eat? Sky best eat nearly everything on their plaint but themselves they are at the top of the food chain. They also eat humans so only one human has ever savvied seeing them and getting a picaer.