Tech Tools to Organize Your Life


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Tech Tools to Organize Your Life

  1. 1. Tech Tools to Organize Your Life For the Computer Operators of Marysville and Port Huron C.O.M.P. Presented by Mark Repp
  2. 2. Cloud Storage & Online Backup Solutions O Dropbox (2 GB of free storage) + additional 500 MB for each friend you refer. O Google Drive (5 GB shared between Drive and Google+ Photos) O SkyDrive (25 GB) with a Hotmail or Microsoft Live account. O SugarSync (5 GB free) and syncs to your computer, like Dropbox and Google Drive. O Carbonite (unlimited) Pay service for $59 per year, per computer.
  3. 3. Password Managers O Roboform: Pay with different pricing plans: $9.95-Roboform Everywhere $29.95-Roboform Desktop 7 $39.95-Roboform2Go 7 (USB) O LastPass: Free and secure. All passwords are stored online, or download the browser extension. O Mozilla Firefox: Has this built-in within the Security Settings O Google Chrome: Can sync your passwords to other computers.
  4. 4. Note Taking/Organization O Evernote (free) O Evernote Premium ($5/month or $45/year) O RememberTheMilk (free)
  5. 5. Remote Desktop O LogMeIn (free) Lets you access your home computer from anywhere in the world, as long as it is turned on. Also free for iPad/iPhone, but $29.95 for Android! O LogMeIn Pro ($69.95/year) Includes such features as remote printing, file sharing with a download link and file transfer. O Ammyy Admin (free) Great for remote assistance or a remote demo. Zero setup! O (free) HD video conferencing, mobile screen-sharing, and schedules meetings to your Google Calendar. Worth a try.
  6. 6. Browser Bookmark Buttons & Tab Management O Internet Explorer (Links Bar) – can be shortened and alphabetized. O Mozilla Firefox (Bookmarks Toolbar) – editable. O Google Chrome (Bookmarks Bar – synced with your Google account to multiple computers). O Tab Tip #1: Chrome & Firefox can both be set up to pick up where you left off (with last tabs saved). O Tab Tip #2: IE can save tab sets. Favorites>>Add Current Tabs to Favorites.
  7. 7. The Taskbar/QuickLaunch Tips O Make Taskbar Buttons Small: Right-click Start button>>Properties>>Taskbar>> Use Small Icons O Add Specific Files to Each Program: Right-click the file and drag it on top of program. O Drag Favorite Programs Onto Taskbar and Pin Them. O Customize the Notification Area: by clicking the Up Arrow and choosing “Customize.”
  8. 8. Bill-Paying & Budget Spreadsheets for Excel O Go to and click on “Templates.” Then, type in “Budget.” O Look at what I found (examples given) Family Budget (Monthly), Debt-Reduction Calculator, Monthly Bills, etc. -Email me and I will send it to you.
  9. 9. Manage Finances Online (For Free) O Keep track of your monthly bills, bank accounts, and much more. (watch video) O See all your accounts in one place. Pulls it all in for you. One- time setup. (from the makers of Quicken)