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Zero Carbon Alliance Presentation
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Zero Carbon Alliance Presentation


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Green. Sustainable. Eco-responsible. These are common buzz words in the US today, but we believe that most people don’t know how to bring real meaning to these terms. The Zero Carbon Alliance provides …

Green. Sustainable. Eco-responsible. These are common buzz words in the US today, but we believe that most people don’t know how to bring real meaning to these terms. The Zero Carbon Alliance provides a simple and complete program to take control of your environmental impact and save money in the process. Live a Greener life, save your own money, and support clean US renewable energy.

Home Utility Equalizer Program, watch as your energy bills decrease. We provide a complete conservation solution and the simple steps to savings.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. PRIVATE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE Reduce What You Can, Offset The Rest!
  • 2.
    • Fossil Fuel Pollutes = Toxic to Our Health
    • Fossil Fuel is Finite = Supply & Demand Economics
    • Foreign Oil Dependency = Security Risk
    • Foreign Oil Dependency = Loss in American Jobs
    In 2008, the U.S. spent $475 billion on imported oil … costing each home in America an average of $3700 every year, well over $4.5 trillion since 1970! America’s Energy Crisis … Energy Department, predicts demand will rise 50 percent by 2035. US Energy Growth Bloomberg Report Sep 14, 2010
  • 3. Why the Green Rush
    • Reduce Our Carbon Footprint
    • Reduce Toxicity to Our Environment
    • Reduce Dependency on Finite Fuel Supplies
    • Create Abundant Energy Supplies
    • Stabilize Future Energy Costs
    • Create Homegrown Jobs
    • Boost America’s Economy
    Policies to Spur Renewable Energy Can Lower Energy Costs ScienceDaily Dec 2010 Southern USA could pay less for its electricity in 20 years than is currently projected if strong public policies are enacted to spur renewable energy production and use, according to a report released December 16 by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Duke University. The Solution
  • 4.
    • Home Energy Audit Guide
    • Home Utility Conservation Kit
    Home Utility Reduction Programs REC’s NOW Available to Homeowners
    • ZCA is Low Cost Provider
    • of Residential REC’s $0.0125 kWh
    • 2500’ Home is Only $150 per Year
    • Less Than the Cost of a Single Pizza a Month
  • 5. Collection of three workbooks guide the homeowner through an audit, calculation, and solution to reduce up to 30% of their utility bills each year! Including Over 140+ Simple Low Cost Utility Savings Tips
  • 6. The ZCA Utility Conservation Kit Developed especially for ZCA with commercial grade products, and can save a homeowner up to $1,200 in energy and water costs. The ZCA Utility Conservation Kit is $50 less than similar items cost at Lowe’s or The Home Depot! The Kit Contains:
  • 7. Frame Ready Registered Certificates & Window Decals
    • Utilizing the DOE/EPA Programs Helps to Provide Homeowners with a Comprehensive Environmental Education Awareness Program from Utility Conservation to Energy Efficiency ; from Fossil Fuel Dependence to Carbon Footprint Offsets. Understanding is the First Step Toward Cultural Change.
    Carbon Offsets and Renewable Energy Credits Smart Energy Living Magazine … go “carbon neutral” by buying RECs, purchases help boost this young industry and our economy. The Solution
  • 8.
    • Helps to Q ualify for Green MLS Guide
    • Earn LEED-Home Qualification Points
    • Receive Promotional Certificates & Window Decals
    • Participation Starting as Low as $6.95/month
    • Peace of Mind Supporting Economy
    • Providing Future Low Cost, Abundant Energy for Our Children’s Future
    How REC’s Benefit Homeowners … “ Environmentally-Friendly Features Considered “Very Important.” … helps agents search for sustainable homes and properties, and allows builders and sellers to market their green endeavors. Enhances the MLS Green Listing Categories National Association of Realtors Survey Conducted 2010
  • 9. Certificate Tracking Systems Each REC is serialized, audited and recorded by the regional certificate tracking system … once sold the REC is retired to insure it cannot be sold again.
    • Energy is generated
    • All energy is co-mingled in the grid
    • Consumers buy mingled energy from the grid through current utility provider
    • RECs are purchased separately as proof that the green energy was produced on the buyers behalf from REC supplier
    Chart published in the EPA’s: Guide to Purchasing Green Power RECs As Explained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency :
  • 10. NFL purchased 15M MW equivalent in renewable energy certificates to offset the carbon emissions produced by the Super Bowl XLV. That powers about 1500 homes for a year! A wide range of organizations purchase green power RECs, … helping the environment and meeting their own goals, such as financial benefits, public relations benefits, and even national security benefits … REC’s can be utilized to offset properties, products, and events. as published on
  • 11.
    • All Zero Carbon Alliance RECs:
    • qualify for submission on all government RFPs (Request for Proposal).
    • Are LEED qualified, and Green-e registered.
    • Qualify as an EPA Green Power Partner
    • Are serialized, audited and validated reflecting the cleanest offset product on the market today! the nation’s leading environmental 501 C (3) not for profits – ZCA is their exclusive broker for residential RECs Alliance with Meets All Government Standards – LEED Qualified
  • 12.
    • Complete home utility reduction program
    • Low price leader for residential RECs
    • Pays you share through your social network
    • A revolutionary organic grassroots campaign
    • Allocates up to 70% of it’s adjusted gross profit
    ZCA PAYS DIRECT REFERRAL COMMISSION Initial Transaction: $20 ($150 REC purchase ) First Generation Referral Transaction: $11 Second Generation Referral Transaction: $3 Third Generation Referral Transaction: $2.50 Fourth Generation Referral Transaction: $2.50 Fifth Generation Referral Transaction: $3 Sixth Generation Referral Transaction: $5 Seventh Generation Referral Transaction: $2 YOU THEIR FRIENDS & FAMILY ZCA DIRECT MARKETS ON YOUR BEHALF YOUR DIRECT FRIENDS & FAMILY
  • 13.
    • Go Green and Share to Earn Green
    • ZCA Pays You to Share with Your Social Network
    • Word-of-Mouth Referral Commissions
    • 2 x 3 = $$$ (two people per month for three months potentially pays your electric bill for an entire year)
  • 14.
    • Reduce Your Home’s Monthly Utility Costs
    • & Conserve Resources
    • Make a Personal Difference to Support
    • America’s Energy Independence
    • Share Green to Earn Green
    For Our Future And The Legacy We Will Leave Our Children