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Sage SalesLogix E-marketing overview english
Sage SalesLogix E-marketing overview english
Sage SalesLogix E-marketing overview english
Sage SalesLogix E-marketing overview english
Sage SalesLogix E-marketing overview english
Sage SalesLogix E-marketing overview english
Sage SalesLogix E-marketing overview english
Sage SalesLogix E-marketing overview english
Sage SalesLogix E-marketing overview english
Sage SalesLogix E-marketing overview english
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Sage SalesLogix E-marketing overview english


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Sage SalesLogix E-marketing overview

Sage SalesLogix E-marketing overview

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Sage SalesLogix E-marketing Easy to Do. Cost-Effective. Proven to Drive Sales.
  • 2. Overview
    • Sage SalesLogix E-marketing gives users the ability to reach out to their contacts, grow their database, qualify leads, empower sales teams, and automate sales and marketing practices
    • Put your customer and prospect interactions to work, sending actionable, “trackable” messaging at the appropriate time 
    • Fully integrated—create campaigns and view history, interactions and results all with Sage SalesLogix
    • Your e-mail is sent through Swiftpage’s powerful and reputable servers ensuring you remain compliant with the latest spam laws and increasing the likelihood your e-mail will reach the inbox
  • 3. Features & Benefits Snapshot Features
    • Choose from over 130 e-marketing templates
    • Automated drip campaigns
    • E-mail tracking and reporting
    • Lead capture Web forms
    • Survey capabilities
    • Call list
    • Schedule action items for sales and others
    • Implement low-cost, impactful campaigns that bring in more leads and revenue
    • Automatically push hot leads to sales fast
    • Gain valuable market and product insight to make better business decisions
    • Get the most out of your CRM data
    • Streamline sales and marketing activities through automation
  • 4.
    • Use Sage SalesLogix powerful filters and groups to target profitable prospects and customers
    • Create e-mail marketing messages using the simple online editor
    • Send in an instant or schedule to send at a later date
    • Send on behalf of account managers and executives so they don’t have to PLUS you can ensure the correct messaging, pricing, and branding!
    Create Effective E-mail Marketing Campaigns
  • 5.
    • Easy editing and publishing
    • Use the provided templates or upload your own
    • Choose from over 130 professional templates
    • Understand how each e-mail performs, click and open rates, most effective links, and more!
    Sample E-mail Marketing Templates Newsletters, brochures, product launch announcements, occasion cards, articles, case studies, promotions, press releases, event invitations, and more!
  • 6.
    • Put your sales and marketing initiatives on cruise control with drip campaigns
    • Build and deliver intelligent, multi-step marketing plans that automatically reach out to your leads, prospects, and customers
    • Use conditional actions and branching for intricate marketing strategies (e.g., send a post card to anyone who opened and clicked on your stage 1 e-mail; send an e-mail to anyone who hasn’t registered for an upcoming product road show [database field “registered = no”)
    Multi-Touch Campaigns Maximize Marketing Effectiveness
  • 7. Understand Your ROI & Effectiveness
    • View reports that graphically show you open and click rates, trends over time, forwarded campaigns, and more
    • Understand which links in your e-mails are most effective
    • View campaign activity in contact, lead, and account records
  • 8.
    • Automatically send e-mails on new promotions, new products, etc., on behalf of sales reps to free up their time to sell!
    • Create a ranked list of contacts most interested in your communications based on open and click rates and send to sales
    • Automatically schedule phone calls and meetings for sales reps based on campaign results so hot leads don’t fall through the cracks
    Increase Sales Effectiveness
  • 9.
    • Send surveys to mine valuable data for marketing and product development teams
      • Customer satisfaction
      • Win/Loss
      • Feature requests
      • Pain points
      • Test messaging, taglines, brand designs
    • Use surveys on your Web sites to capture valuable information
      • Capture contact/lead information
      • Enable attendees to RSVP to events
    Capture More Leads and Valuable Information
  • 10. Questions? Trial Sage SalesLogix E-marketing for FREE ! or Contact m-Computers!