Philosophy of teaching


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Philosophy of teaching

  1. 1. Marion Reiner
  2. 2. Hairstyling is an art form. Every client is unique and it is up to me to take what they come with and form and shape their hair into a new and beautiful creation. My clients leave looking different, they have been changed and I have made an impact on their lives.
  3. 3. When I start a new haircut I consult my client. I ask them what they know about their hair, what they have done in the past and what they are looking forward to by the end of the service.
  4. 4. Next I drape my client in a cape. I am preparing them for what is to come up during the service. I tell them what to expect and where we are headed.
  5. 5. When I take my client from the chair to the sink I plan what my strategies are going to be to ensure that they leave happier than when they came in. I plan what techniques and products I will use.
  6. 6. When I am shampooing I am going back to the roots and cleansing them of the bad habits they have. I am showing them what they should be doing and what I expect of them in the future.
  7. 7. During the conditioning and scalp massage I am relaxing my client before the cut starts. For some clients the haircut can be very nerve-racking and it is up to me to make sure they feel comfortable. They need to know that they will be safe in my hands.
  8. 8. When my client is back in my chair I comb out my client’s hair. I am getting rid of any confusion and I am building their anticipation. I take their entire hair and begin to section and create subsections. I will use each subsection to combine at the end of the haircut into one mass of beauty and inspiration.
  9. 9. As I begin cutting the perimeter, I am just getting started. This is the basis of the haircut and ensuring that the perimeter is cut perfectly will ensure that the rest of the haircut will go smoothly and end up looking great.
  10. 10. As I am getting through the haircut and working my way through all of their hair I sometimes come across some difficulties. From my clients previous hairstylist they may have some different lengths of layers. This can be tricky but I work with the client to make sure they are receiving the best haircut they can get. I try different techniques and use different products that may work for this client but not for other clients.
  11. 11. As I am drying my clients hair I am using more tools like my blow-dryer and flatiron. Because every client’s hair is different (some curly, some wavy, some straight) I have to work with not against them. I also have to find and inform myself on all of the new products out there to make sure I can flatter all varying types of styles.
  12. 12. As I follow through with cross checking I am assessing the shape and flow of the haircut. This is to make sure that everything I have done has been successful and that there are no loose ends or strangling ends that have been missed. I also ask myself if there is anything that I need to adjust, do I need to go any shorter or is this length perfect.
  13. 13. In dry detailing I am making the finishing touches. I have come to the conclusion of the haircut. I am making sure that everything I have done has been understood and successfully played out.
  14. 14. When I have finished styling my clients hair I take a step back and look at the beautiful face in front of me. I have shown them how to do their hair by themselves. They will use this information to be able to recreate my design but also experiment and grow to create new styles. I am leaving them prepared for the future.
  15. 15. After my client has left I clean up my station. I am getting ready for the next client that I will have. I have to reorganize my materials and my space. I need to make sure that everything is set for the next client that I can hope to inspire.
  16. 16. I am a hairstylist. I have a passion for helping others look and feel their best. I can change a life by giving them the self esteem they need, the information and the products needed to achieve a specific look. I give them ideas for how to grow and try out new styles. Each client is different and it is up to me to use different strategies, techniques, and products to make each client leave informed and positive. I must always work with what the client has, work slowly by establishing a clean slate and develop throughout the service. I work towards developing rapport with my client. This way the client feels safe and secure. I hope that they will come back to me in the future but I am happy to have made an impact in their lives and watch them grow as an individual.
  17. 17. A special thanks to my sister Lisa Reiner who is the licensed hairstylist in the pictures. I would also like to thank Rachel for allowing me to photograph her, and I would also like to thank Tangerine Curls in Lacombe, AB for allowing the photos to be taken in their Hair Salon and Spa.