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FreeAdvertisingSystem FreeAdvertisingSystem Document Transcript

  • How To Get Free Traffic Using Free Classified Ads Online By: Ian Herculson
  • Table of Contents1. Preface. . . . . . . . . . . 22. Mind Set. . . . . . . . . . . 33. Getting Setting Up. . . . . . . . . 54. Working The System. . . . . . . . . 65. Distractions. . . . . . . . . . 12
  • Preface: This is a system to get you started getting free traffic online for no cost at all. It does take sometime and of course it does take some effort and work. But free methods always will. If you want to save time with advertising, you have to pay money. If you dont want to spend anymoney, you have to spend time. Thats just life, so you pick one. Now if you are willing to put in about 1 hour per day to simply place 5 - 10 ads per day for only 30days this system will work for you. Let me say that again, this system will work for you if you do thework. Further more, this system is completely a get what you give or reap what you sow style of trafficgeneration. If you give a lot of time and effort, you will get a lot of traffic. If you do nothing, or dovery little, youll get back very little. Basically there are only two elements to advertising using this method. Its actually quite simpleby nature. 1. A classified advertisement. 2. A place to post that classified ad. For this system to work best, you need to have both elements working properly for you, not justone or the other. A really stupid example is riding a bike. You can ride a bike using only one leg, itdoesnt even matter which leg. And youll get somewhere but it will be slow and painful. But if youuse both legs together, youll get where you are going much faster with less effort! But the real example is if you have a great classified ad, but you have no good places to post it, youget low to no traffic. Also, if you somehow manage to find a great classified ad site with tons of trafficbut you have a crappy ad that no one ever reads, you get low to no traffic. You need both. Im going to show you how to write great ads that totally capture peoples attention and stand outamong others. Then Im going to teach you how to find the highest traffic places to post those ads. Once you have about 10 - 20 winning ads...and 10 - 20 winning places. The traffic will come sosteadily it will amaze you. And youll be able to advertise ANYTHING you want. Traffic is king. Knowledge is Kingdom. - Ian Herculson
  • Mind Set of Success I want to talk about your mind set before you actually begin the whole free classified advertisingprocess. Theres nothing you physically have to do for this step, but I believe its probably one of themost important steps. And this bit of advice doesnt just apply to Internet Marketing. It applies to lifein general. So make sure you read this ok. this. A person with their mind set on success has a much greater chance at success for this very simplefact. They never quit trying to succeed. You are with 100 percent certainty, going to hit a stumbling block. Actually you are going to hitmany stumbling blocks on your educational journey. It may be something even as simple as justlearning how to copy and paste, which is a common practice of Internet Marketers, but until someoneshows you how to do it, you will never know how. You will arrive at places in time where you dont know what to do next or where to go and youllget confused, agitated, low on patience and you might want to say forget it all just quit. But failure is a certainty with quitters. As the moment you decide to quit is the exact moment thatyou will fail. Would you ever knowingly DECIDE to fail? No you wouldnt would you. But just asyou can decide to fail, you can also decide to succeed. So Id only ask that you instead think of this. Every single person who has made millions ofdollars online, started the exact same way that you did. No knowledge. No experience. Unsure.Uneducated. etc. Im sure you get the point. But the thing that made these people succeed is that when they encountered a road block, theynever quit trying. They may have packed it in for the night, or the week. But they always came backto try again and the problem eventually gets solved. I myself didnt know anything at all about the Internet nor making money when I first came online.But I had my mind set on succeeding at it. And because of that, after many years of costly self-education, I finally succeeded at it. I gained the knowledge and experience I needed to make themoney. The money gave me the freedom and lifestyle I now value so much. Please also note that once you solve a problem with your own brain and effort, its highly likelythat you will never have to go through that problem again. You will find that what you learn from solving any one problem will probably aid in solvinganother unrelated problem. Maybe it will be the process that you used, or some small short cut youfound. But once you get into the groove of solving problems, youll see that its never as bad as youfirst thought. And breaking down these barriers will give you confidence to take on other challenges. So thats it for your mind set. Dont DECIDE to fail. Decide instead to SUCCEED andeventually... you will.
  • Getting Set Up You are going to need two tools. Yep thats all, just 2. This step is relatively simple. Just sign upto get your free tools. This should only take you about 10 minutes. 1. Free Email Account. Set up a free email account from Google, Yahoo or MSN to use for your free advertising. Many ofthe places that you are going to advertise to for free are going to ask you to register first. You will wantall those email addresses going to an email account you have access to, but dont care to much aboutwether you receive a lot of spam or not. Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail/Live are all great places to go. I have all 3 actually. 2. Ad Tracking Software You will use ad tracking software to tell you all the info you need to know about which ads areworking and from which sites. Each new ad you write, as well as each new place you advertise, will have its own tracking URL.That way, when you test two ads against each other, youll have stats on which ad received more clicks.And when you test two ad sites against each other with the better classified ad, youll know which sitehas better traffic because youll just look it up! You are going to have to go through a bit of a learning curve if you are not familiar with these twoad tracking services. But they are fairly simple to use and have great instructional videos as aids to getyou set up and running. There are many free ad tracking services out there that work perfect for what you need. But I havenarrowed it down to only two that are both amazing and will get the job done perfectly. Sign up for a free, or upgraded, account by clicking on either of the links below: 1. – Easier to use (click name to open) 2. - More advanced features (click name to open) • Both do everything you need them to do. • Both have a FREE account. You can upgrade to pro for more features. • While using either of them you are actually earning advertising credits in their system which you can use to advertise whatever you choose later on.
  • Working The System Day 1 1. Find/Choose a Product To Promote.I wont talk about how to select a good product to advertise as you probably already have stuff in mindand this course isnt about product selection. Its about free is always a great place to find products to promote as well! 2. Write 5 – 10 Classified Ads To Start WithIm also not going to talk to much about how to write a good classified ad, but I can tell you this; itsextremely important for you to do some research here on how to write effective classified ads.Headlines, outlining benefits instead of features, and calls to action are all very important ingredients towriting great ads.If you want to learn how to write a good classfied ad, just type that phrase right into “howto write good classfied ads” and there will be a wealth of free information for you to read over!Most affiliate products already have a Promotion Tools section or an Affiliates area where they have alltypes of ads and banners and such that you can use to start advertising. This is a great start for yourads.Id suggest using those as well as writing another 10 more yourself as you are going to need to learnhow to write good ads if you want them to get read and clicked on. 3. Find/Join 5 – 10 Free Classified Ad Sites To Start WithGo to Google/Yahoo/Live or your favorite search engine and type in searches that are related to placingfree ads anywhere online. Here are a few examples."free online advertising" - 166 Million Results"free classified advertising online" - 90.7 Million Results"free business classifieds" - 91.7 Million Results There are literally millions of places that will accept free ads online and those three searches alonewill show you that. Try your own searches too. Dont just limit yourself to what you are reading rightnow. Maybe you want to target a highly populated area so you search for "free online advertising los angeles" Basically get good and creative on ways to search for free places to advertise. I could also include
  • a list of places that are good to advertise, but if I did that, everyone who reads this information will justgo only to the places I list because most people are lazy. I believe this would also take away from thelearning process that is so important for you to experience if you truly want to start earning online. This is your business, youll get out what you put in. Reap what you sow. Etc. Most free advertising sites are going to require that you sign up to place a free ad, so go ahead anddo that with the email account you chose for this. Try to get at least 10 new places to advertise on your first day. This really shouldnt take more thanone hour of your time.
  • Day 2 Place the same 5 ads at Ad Site1 and Ad Site2. The purpose is to start having ads as well as advertising sites compete against each other, andkeeping on eye on which ads and places out perform the others. This is known as split testing. Youlltake the ads that get the most clicks and the places that get the most traffic and start a list of both. Heres how you do it. Each tracking URL should have an Ad Number and a Site Number. For example; Ad1Site1,Ad2Site2, Ad3Site1, etc. Each new ad that you write gets its own number as well as each new site that you post ads at getsits own new number as well. The reason we do this is that when your ads start generating traffic and clicks, it will be easy foryou to determine which ad, and which place was doing best for you For example. If you chose ViralURL as your link tracker, your links would look like this for thefirst two places that you place 5 ads each at: (Keep in mind your links will have your own account username inserted instead of mine which in these links shows as ih) In that example, you have 5 different ads, placed at 2 different sites. Get it?
  • Day 3/4 After a couple of days of letting your ads run at those classified sites, the results should startcoming in. It may take longer than a couple of days, so if it does, just give it more time. Once things start rolling, go check which of your links are getting the most clicks. You might seethese results: - 0 Clicks - 1 Clicks - 12 Clicks - 15 Clicks - 3 Clicks - 5 Clicks - 20 Clicks - 24 Clicks - 4 Clicks - 4 Clicks TOTAL CLICKS: 39 TOTAL CLICKS: 49 Basically the information you are seeing here is that overall Classified Ad Site 2 is out performingAd Site 1. You can also see that Ads 2 & 4 are doing the best specifically Ad 4. So with that information, you would keep Ads 2 and 4, and re-write ads 1, 3 and 5 to try and makethem better. You could start with what you think worked with Ads 2 & 4 and work off those. Youll also want to find 2 more Classified Ad Sites to advertise at.
  • Day 5/6 After re-writing your 3 worst performing ads, you can once again place 5 ads in two new places.This time your chart of URLs will look something like this; Notice that we kept ad2 and ad4, but now have added three new ads to test against them, ad6, ad7& ad8. Also notice that we are now advertising at site3 and site4. Since we still have data about site 1and 2 we can compare after some more results come in. Let the ads run for a couple days again and then go look at your results. They may now look likethis: - 1 Clicks - 13 Clicks - 1 Clicks s/ad4site4 - 18 Clicks - 0 Clicks - 5 Clicks - 2 Clicks - 24 Clicks - 4 Clicks - 34 Clicks TOTAL CLICKS: 8 TOTAL CLICKS: 94 Wow! Now you are starting to really see some interesting information in these results. Obviouslyyou have found both a dead classified ad site as well as a goldmine classified ad site. You alsomanaged to write 2 more new ads that have out performed your first two ads. Great job! So in just writing 8 ads total, and placing them in 4 different places you already now have 4 adsthat can produce some pretty decent clicks as well as 3 Ad Sites that you know produce clicks. You would want to write those hot Ad Sites down and keep that list growing. Youll eventuallyhave a list of 10 - 100 places that you know have great traffic and you can always go back to them totest out new ads. And as your list gets bigger, I guarantee your income will be growing right along sideit! Your list of hot places to advertise is really the cream of the crop among your information becauseonce you have a bunch of good places to advertise, you can stop looking for more if you want to, andjust start promoting new products and testing new ads.
  • Day 8 – Infinity! At this point, you can just start testing more ads and more sites! Its simple. Just keep repeating the process of taking your top 2 or 3 ads and writing new ones andthen placing your ad groups on new Ad Sites. Always keeping track of everything. Try to write better ads each time to out perform the last. As you are going through this processyou are going to be learning one of the most valuable lessons in Internet Marketing. How to write adsthat attact peoples attention! Armed with a winning list of ads, and especially a winning list of advertising sources, youll startto see steady traffic that you can point at ANY single product, offer, affiliate program or page that youwant! There are endless possibilities. Remember that all the hard work is going to be upfront in searching out good places to advertise.There are going to be more duds than gems. But dont get discouraged. If you are finding 1 good placeto advertise per week, it would only take you two and a half months to have 10 - 12 good places toadvertise and test your ads. And once you have your list of good places to advertise, Im willing to bet that youll also almostbe a pro at writing effective Classified Ads and youll be making some really good coin no matter whatyou decide to promote!
  • Distractions Once again, there is nothing that you have to do for this section. But just as having the right frameof mind is important, so is being focused on the task at hand. So there are a couple types of distractions that I want to mention. First is the distraction of new products/systems/ways to make money. As you probably already know, the Internet is just FULL of new products and new ways to makemoney online. Its very exciting for someone just coming online. Heck, after 12 years of doingInternet Marketing myself, I still get excited about the new things that are coming out. But the point here is that once you have picked a system or method that you believe in with yourheart, you have to block out intruders that may steal your focus, energy and enthusiasm. Turn off youremail for a while or stop reading emails for new product releases. Save them for later when you haveyour current system running on full steam. Getting excited about a new product and wanting to try it out every single week is only going tolead you to do a little bit of work on everything and a lot of work on nothing. Youll also go brokespending on everything but earning on nothing. Its a super common pitfall. Its better to choose one thing, stick with it until you are a pro at it, and then move on to the nextnew exciting thing. It will be there when your work is done. John Mayer, a musician, puts it like this about writing a song. “The first 95% of writing a song is from the love and the inspiration. The last 5% is out of respect.” Its the same with anything online. The first 95% is out of love and excitement and the last 5%which is all the work and effort and also where the cash starts rolling in, is out of respect for yourselfand what you do! The second type of distraction that I want to mention is activity distraction. When you are placingclassified ads or writing ads, dont be checking your Facebook or Myspace pages either. Your messageswill be there when you are done your work. For that one to two hours that you set aside to work on your business, actually do some somework! So my advice, if you dont already get my drift is that if you are going to do this. SHUT OFFeverything else that can distract you while you are doing it. GET IT DONE. Youll see way more results in a shorter period of time. Ok, now go do it!