Puerto Rico   Rivera, Rojas, Ruiz
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Puerto Rico Rivera, Rojas, Ruiz



Powerpoint presentation on Puerto Rico.

Powerpoint presentation on Puerto Rico.



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Puerto Rico   Rivera, Rojas, Ruiz Puerto Rico Rivera, Rojas, Ruiz Presentation Transcript

  • Puerto Rico Presented by: Isabel Rivera Sthefanny Rojas Ana Caroline Ruiz
  • Puerto Rico´s Map
  • History
    • Goverment:
    • There are three important and different parties that are about the future of Puerto Rico they are:
    • Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico : It that political and the habitads can decided their independence this is called Commonwealth.
    • New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico : Is that statehooders, republicans and democrats think in integarte Puerto Rico to the United States of America.
    • Puerto Rican Independence Party : is a political party that independence Puerto Rico from the United States. In 2007, a fourth party.
    • Puerto Rican : It is not have an official position on status. The people in Puerto Rico have said that although political status is important they are not the only one for choosing a party.
  • History
    • Natives: Arawaks were the first group of people in Puerto Rico.
    • They were black people that were from South America between Bolivia and Perú in the middle of the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers.
  • History
    • Europeans: Cristobal Colón in his second voyage found Puerto Rico.
    • He was the first European that found Puerto Rico.
  • Geography
    • Meteorologist: Most of the time Puerto Rico has a very hot weather, the hottest temperature is in the West of Puerto .The coolest weather is not less than 70° most of the time.
  • Geography
    • Botanic:
    • Most of the forests in Puerto Rico are gone.
    • Some beautiful flowers that Puerto Rico have are the: orchids and poinsettias.
  • Entertainment
    • Music:
    • They listen to a kind of music called Folk . The folk is a come from one type of music called Jíbaro which comes from Spain.
  • Musical instruments
    • Most of the instruments are percussion and String.
    • Some of them are: the conga , the maracas , the bongo , the guicharro guiro , etc .
  • Art
    • Most of their paints are very colourful.
    • Each painter has a different style
    • Some of the most famous painters in Puerto Rico are:
    • Alberto Ulloa
    • Cándido Bidó
    • Dionisio Blanco.
  • Dances
    • It has passed through a lot of generations.
    • It started with the Indians, then the Spanish and finally the Africans.
    • With this mix of music the folkloric dances started in Puerto Rico.
  • Festivals
    • Puerto Rico has more than 30 festivals per year, some of the most important are:
    • The artisans festival
    • Rio Grande festival
    • Gold festival.
  • Civilization
    • As a commonwealth of the United States, Puerto Rico uses the U.S. dollar.
    • The dollar is often referred to as the "peso" in Puerto Rico.
  • Civilization
    • Language:
    • They speak Spanish because they are in the center of America .
  • Business
    • Puerto Rico sell:
    • One example is Coca Cola,hp calcs, cars,etc.
  • Producing
    • Flora and Fauna:
    • 239 plants, 13 birds and 39 amphibians/reptiles
    • Some animals, flowers or plants:
    • They don’t have any wild big mammals.
    • Some animals are: goats, deer, Iguanas, toads, small lizards, coquí; it is a small frog
    • Some plants ceibas, palms and coco-palms.
    • Some fishes the barracuda, the macarela.
    • Some flowers and plants, Cupey, Guayacán, Alelí, Violet.
  • Sources of information
    • Bibliography
    • VIDEOS
    • Youtube