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Cuba   Perez, Prado, Paz
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Cuba Perez, Prado, Paz

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Powerpoint presentation on the island of Cuba.

Powerpoint presentation on the island of Cuba.

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  • 1. Cuba
  • 2. Geography
    The capital is Havana.
    The largest island of the West Indies group.
    Cuba is also the westernmost—just west of Hispaniola, and 90 miles south of Key West, at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico.
    The island is mountainous in the southeast and south-central area (Sierra Maestra). It is flat or rolling elsewhere. Cuba also includes numerous smaller islands, islets, and cays.
  • 3. Bussiness
    Their money is the Cuban peso.
    They export: sugar, nickel, tobacco, shellfish, medical products, citrus fruits, coffee.
    They import: petroleum, food, machinery, chemicals.
  • 4. Language
    Spanish is the official language of Cuba and is spoken throughout the Island.
    However, once away from the tourist areas it is hard to function without some knowledge of Spanish.
    Many Cuban business people understand and speak English
  • 5. Goverment
    Cuba is constitutionally defined as a "socialist state guided by the principles of José Martí, and the political ideas of Marx, Engels and Lenin."
    The present Constitution also ascribes the role of the Communist Party of Cuba to be the "leading force of society and of the state.
    "Cuba is the only authoritarian country in the Americas, according to the 2008 Democracy Index.
  • 6. Religion
    It has historically reflected the island’s diverse cultural elements, although state-approved funding sources.
    The Roman Catholic Church is made up of the Cuban Catholic Bishops' Conference (COCC), led by Jaime Lucas Ortega y Alamino, Cardinal Archbishop of Havana.
    It has eleven dioceses, 56 orders of nuns and 24 orders of priests.
  • 7. Music
    The music of Cuba is characterized by its variation. There are a lot of music genres that Cuba used like reggae, typical music, rock (just a little) etc.
    Festivals: The most known festival in Cuba is the festival of Santeria it is celebrated with a lot of typical Cuban dances played with guitars and instruments of percussion that make the music happier and with more beat.
    Instruments: They used guitars but they didn’t create them, the Spanish men create them. They also used some instruments of percussion like drums.
  • 8. Members
    Henry Pérez
  • 9. Gonzalo Prado
  • 10. Valeria Paz