How To Sell More Ebooks Online
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How To Sell More Ebooks Online



5 Power selling tips and proven techniques to sell more Ebooks online.

5 Power selling tips and proven techniques to sell more Ebooks online.



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How To Sell More Ebooks Online How To Sell More Ebooks Online Presentation Transcript

  • 5 Power Selling Tips AndTechniques To help You Sell More Ebooks Online
  • As an Online Ebook Seller, one of the mostasked question that I get from people who arenew to using Resale Rights is this:“Why should I sell an Ebook with Resell Rights,when hundreds of other people will soon beselling the exact same Ebook everywhere elseonline?”My answer is simple…
  • You need to STAND OUTfrom the rest when you wantto succeed with your Ebook reseller business.
  • So here are 5 Essential Tips andProven Power Selling Techniques to sell more Ebooks and/or make more people buy your Ebook or Reseller Package...
  • POWER SELLING TECHNIQUE Nr 1:Don’t just use the standard sales page that comes with the Ebook.Instead, you should always take out some time to edit the Ebookssales page... change the copy, insert some extra bullets, add somenew graphics or clipart to the sales page, etc.This will make your sales page look “more unique”, and people willbe more eager to buy your “original” Ebook.
  • POWER SELLING TECHNIQUE Nr 2:Change the Ebook cover.Dont use the custom Ebook cover. It’s easy to create a newcover for your Ebook. You can download an eCover actionscript online, and do it yourself in Adobe PhotoShop.If you can’t do it by yourself, or if you don’t have the time for it,you can hire a graphical Ebook cover designer on Fiverr.comfor $5.Adding a new Ebook cover to your sales page will make yourEbook/product unique.
  • POWER SELLING TECHNIQUE Nr 3:Offer a Bonus with your product.Many people forget to do this, but it is crucial for your sales. Youcan write a short report on the topic of your Ebook, and turn itinto a PDF file with the easy to use eWriter Pro software, or usea free online PDF creation service.You have no talent to write? Edit a couple of private label articlesthat are collecting dust on your hard disk, and turn them into aspecial report. If you have other Ebooks with resell -or give away-rights, you can add them to your main product as a Bonus gift.You can also select a special report from an Ebook package ordownload some free Resale Rights reports from a membershipsite.
  • POWER SELLING TECHNIQUE Nr 4:Don’t stick with Ebooks.Successful marketers also use Private Label Rights content inother ways.For example, you can turn the PLR content into an audio course.Or create a set of video tutorials from the PLR, and use these asan extra bonus.People love to get something that they can’t find anywhere else.
  • POWER SELLING TECHNIQUE Nr 5:Create a niche.Try to avoid selling a package of non-related Ebooks, just toimpress people with numbers.Go for quality instead of quantity.You can create an Niche Ebook package that caters to aspecific niche like gardening, pets, weight loss, social media,blogs, SEO, etc...
  • CONCLUSION:The key to succeeding with your Ebook business is to bedifferent!!! Always add value to the original Ebook.Many resellers compete on price, which only leads to more andmore people lowering the price and devaluing the product, untilit ends up on eBay for pennies.It’s a fact: if you present a unique Ebook, compete on value,and stick to a niche, you can maintain a higher price by usingthe methods above. You will generate a lot more profits thanyour competitors because your target market will be moreinclined to buy from you.Good luck!
  • NEED MORE INFO?For more tips on how to become asuccessfull Ebook seller/writer, join my free 4 Day “Write, Create, Promote, Sell” eCourse at: