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  • 1. Curriculum Viate Name: Nguyen Van Duong Address: 86A /381 – Nguyen Khang – Cau Giay – Ha Noi Telephone: (+84) 97 440 0390 E-mail: Date of Birth: October - 05th - 1988 Nationality: Vietnam Personal Profile I am a C/C++ developer with 4 years of experience, but i can work with Java or Perl as well. I’ve graduated College of Technology(VNU) with results good enough. When was a student, I’ve worked at some companies and gained experiences and now i hope the new job will make me happy. Education and Qualifications Sep 2006 - Jun 2010 Vietnam National University – College of Technology Falcuty of Information Technology Subject on Computer Science Sep 2003 – Jun 2006 Hong Quang High School – Hai Duong city Maths gifted class Won second prize at Hai Duong problem-solving in mathematics Work Experience Jul 2010 – Curent C++ developer at FPT Technology Research Institue Develop network modules for Jan 2010 – Jun2010 C++ developer at VNComputing Develop network modules for gateway. Skills gained: communication, debuging, interpersonal, problem solving, etc... Feb 2009 – Nov 2009 Developer of FPT Software Java and Mobile technologies. Experienced with C++ and open- sources technologies Won second prize at HTC Android Developing Contest Qualifications Proficient in the ANSI/ISO Standard C/C++ Programming Language. I have mastered and practiced the design and implementations of software in the C++ Programming Language. Under the Standard C++, I have knowledge in such areas as: • The C-Subset of C++ • C++ Standard Template Library • C++ Template • C++ Standard Stream I/O • C++ File And String Stream Processing • C++ Exception Handling • C++ Data Structures and Algorithms • GUI libraries: Qt, Gtk, X Window • Popular C++ IDEs: Visual Studio, Dev-Cpp, Codeblocks, Codelite and Eclipse CDT • OS platform: Linux OSs(Ubuntu, Debian, and Redhat family) and Windows OSs(XP , Vista, Windows 7) • C.A.S.E tools: gdb, valgrind, gprof, make, ddd...
  • 2. Proficient in the Java Programming Language. I have learnt and practiced how to design and implement software specification in the Java Programming Language. 1. I have mastered the entire Java Standard Edition which includes: • Java Remote Method Invocation • Java 2D and 3D Graphics • Java Graphical User Interface with JFC/Swing and AWT, SWT • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) • Java Model-View-Controller(MVC) Architecture • Java Concurrency and Threading • Java Networking • Java Regular Expressions • Java Basic I/O • Java Exceptions Handling • Java File and File Handling • Java Internationalization Mechanism • Java Naming and Directory Interface 2. In the Java Enterprise Edition for developing enterprise application, I have relatable knowledge in the different API’S required for developing a full fledged Java enterprise application: • Java API for XML Registries • J2EE Connector Architecture • Java Database Connectivity API • Java Servlet Technology • Java Server Pages Technology • Java Server Faces Technology 3. In the Java Mobile Edition for developing mobile application, I have experienced with Android Application Development on Android OS flatform. 4. Programming Platforms in order of proficiency • Popular Java IDEs: Netbeans, JBuilder, JCreater and Eclipse IDE • OS platform: Linux OS (Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat family) and Windows(XP, Vista and Windows 7) Beside C++ and Java as my key programming skill, i also experienced with • Perl and shell script languages like Bash • PHP, MySQL and HTML, JavaScript Other Skills • Office tools: Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Emacs and vim • Languages: English and Vietnamese (mother tongue) • Teamwork, presentation and communication Interests and Activities • Love music especial on rock metal. Sports like football or swimming. • Watching classical and action movies. • Landscape photography, flower photography.