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Cape Buffalos
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  • 1. Cape BuffalosBy Aditi Pindoria
  • 2. Appearance• Cape Buffalo are known for their massive horns which start as a thick broad base and then curve downwards, up and inwards. They are one of the largest animals in the whole of Africa.
  • 3. Weight & Height• Cape Buffalo males can weigh upto 900kg and can be 130-180 cms long. Any other Cape Buffalos can weigh upto 850kg and be upto 170cms long.
  • 4. Food• Cape Buffalos eat grasses and leaves, and are dependent on water, drinking at least once a day.• They prefer leaves to stems because the leaves are more nutritious.• They do most of their grazing at night, in the early morning and in the evening so that they can escape the heat of the day by standing or lying in shade. They drink up to 40 litres twice a day; after the morning feed and before the evening one.
  • 5. Habitat• The amazing animals live in open plains. They also could be found in woodlands and forests in Africa.
  • 6. Life• Cape Buffalos can live for upto 20 years.• In a herd there are round about several hundreds of buffalos. No human could possibly survive one. In Lion King Simba’s father which was a lion didn’t even survive.• A female buffalo remains with the herd when she gives birth. The calves are not very fast runners and they sometimes get left behind with their mothers if the herd bolts. The calf suckles for about 15 months. Social ties remain strong between female calves and their mothers. Male calves disperse into the main herd.• As they African sun starts burning towards noon they disappear into thick cover to rest.• You may notice the adult male buffalo will wallow in mud as a protection against biting flies and to keep cool.
  • 7. Speed• Amazingly an African Cape Buffalo can run at the maximum speed of 35mph compared to the speed of the cars in Britain.
  • 8. Did You Know Facts• Cape Buffalo can run up to 35mph.• Their name Syncerus means “Together Horns."• The horns of the Cape Buffalo are an good indication of age and gender.• They can live in herds of upto a 2000 animals.