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  • 1. Remove The Subjectivity & Supercharge Your Trading With The Power Of Triad
  • 2. Triad Trading Formula What You Will See Today
    • A totally unique approach to trading where every owner gets the same results I do!
    • The flexibility of choosing from multiple market conditions timeframes, that best suit your trading style
    • A performance guarantee ensuring you will profit with the system or your money back
  • 3. What Is Triad?
    • Not software, but a strategy using own proprietary indicators
    • You learn the system, and it lies within YOU – it is NOT black box!
    • A crystal clear set of rules that eliminate the subjectivity - You’ll always know when to enter and exit
    • Fiercely powerful proprietary custom indicators - That Work!
  • 4. What Makes Triad Different
    • We Remove The Subjectivity Gap! – You will have exact entries and exits on every trade
    • Eliminates Costly Judgment Errors that plague most traders - 10 users, 10 identical results
    • Auto-Adaptive Technology – Triad auto-adjusts to the market conditions and trades accordingly – NOT a one size fits all!
    • Lightning Fast Learning Curve – Many traders are live within a few days (Compare this to training courses which take many months before you are trading live)
  • 5. Triad Owner Testimonials
    • Hello Jason, ty for this opportunity, I appreciate your candor and frankness. I don't feel alone any longer out there in pip land. Thanks again. I wish you and your family success and prosperity - Bob Page
    • I was $300 up yesterday a.m. using conservative targets…this January 2009 has been an excellent month! Great profit and Stops under control. Thanks in advance! - Brício de Melo
  • 6. The Power Of Triad!
    • There are no locked indicators, software key codes or passwords. Once you learn it, you trade it anywhere, on any computer & never pay any upgrades
    • You Always Know The Exact Time to be at your computer to trade, because…
    • Our scalping strategies trade market opens and closes
    • For our longer term setups we put them on at the same time each evening, so you know the schedule well in advance.
    • GONE are early mornings, late nights and horribly long hours waiting for trades.
  • 7. Does it Really Work?
    • Here are some real trades taken recently to show you just how effective simple and powerful The Triad Trading Formula is…
  • 8. Triad Owner Testimonial
    • Jason - This email is my small attempt to counteract what I perceive as an excess of negativity and distrust in the retail forex world. I need absolutely nothing from you except to express my gratitude for the development of your system. I realize I sent you an earlier email expressing confusion regarding the way the indicator arrows paint, and you appropriately redirected me to the training tapes and manual. I have examined dozens of forex systems and dealt with many highly touted (mostly by the vendor) systems. I can't recall when I have dealt with someone of your integrity and commitment to your customers/trainees. I realize that by joining the triad group I have an opportunity to become something of a rarity: a genuinely successful retail forex trader. So thank you, so much, for your hard work. - Darell C
  • 9. Full ongoing Support
    • Owners Club – The private members area for Triad Owners, offer bonus strategies, and much more. We are here to ensure your ongoing success
  • 10. Owners Club
  • 11. Your Success Is Our Success
    • Each part of what makes up Triad is explained in explicit detail inside the members area
    • All of Triad’s buy and sell signals are also provided to all new owners while you are mastering the system…
  • 12. Tremendous Bonus Strategies!
    • Multiple Bonus strategies are also included!
    • These strategies alone are more powerful than most entire systems
  • 13. Why Many Traders Fail While Triad Owners Profit
    • Many traders try to use very complex systems
    • No set plan with specific targets and stops
    • Impossible to control your emotions
    • LONG and EXPENSIVE learning curve  
    • Poor money management
    • Inexperienced in their trading methods
    • False confidence in the software they were sold
    • We use a mechanical system, which is straight forward and easily learned
    • You always have exact entries and exits in advance
    • No emotion involved
    • Simple and quick learning curve
    • We ensure your money management system is 100% correct with much emphasis in the course placed on this
    • No software to learn, and no complicated technical analysis training needed
  • 14. Triad Owner Testimonial
    • Last weekend we have this recommendation to trade as below informed. This operation started yesterday and finished today with a huge take profit. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trend Trade Trade Type: Sell Short Pair: USD/CHF Name of Pair: US Dollar/Swiss Franc Closing Price: 1.2180 Entry: Sell Short on a 1.2160 stop (7/9/2007) Protective Stop: 1.2235 Exit: 1.2000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ With this operation and others setups by Target Breakout I obtained *today* 340 pips!!
  • 15. Performance
  • 16. What You Get With Triad
      • A system that bridges the subjectivity gap
      • A system that incorporates auto-adaptive technology
      • A system that has allowed Jason and others to trade full time and leave their jobs behind!
      • A system that can trade all market conditions spending minimal time per day doing it
  • 17. What You Get With Triad
      • Full Support and access to the Owners Club
      • Multiple Bonus Trading Strategies
      • A greatly Reduced Price From Our Previous and Future Releases
      • A Full Performance Guarantee
  • 18. $5,000.00-$10,000.00?
    • Don’t Be Fooled! - There is absolutely no correlation between the price of software or education and probability of success
    • Triad is priced well below the market average for comparable systems, strategies or training
    • We are currently even offering a 3 Payment Plan
  • 19. Closing Thoughts
    • For most people becoming a truly successful traders literally takes years.
    • Triad Trading Formula will pass these skills along to you almost immediately, and give you more power and flexibility that most traders will ever have
    • Now you can be taking the same profitable trades we do in very little time, and with the confidence of live and ongoing training and support to back you up
  • 20. Closing Thoughts
    • If you are serious and looking for a better way to profit in these markets
    • We believe Triad is by far the best method available to give you the edge you are looking for and truly tip the odds in your favor…
  • 21. Special Bonus
    • First 25 Traders who sign up will get…
    • Our $500 Point and Figure Course!
    • Plus a special semi-private coaching call with Jason himself!
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