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Introduction to hyper local media: full 12 inch version

Introduction to hyper local media: full 12 inch version



Full slide pack offering a personal take on hyper-local in the UK. Would very much welcome comments, feedback and suggestions. A cut down version of these slides was presentation at Birmingham City ...

Full slide pack offering a personal take on hyper-local in the UK. Would very much welcome comments, feedback and suggestions. A cut down version of these slides was presentation at Birmingham City University on 1st December and is also available on SlideShare, as is this pack broken into three due to file size.



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  • Wow. this is amazing!! I can see how fast and large the sector is growing. Is there a new media policy to include this change? (such as new licenses or funding system other than community radio and local TV to encourage individual and community empowerment through media? ) I wonder whether the new media policy includes activities in the web, film(video), social media, etc?
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  • Great work Damian
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  • Stig: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/telegraph/multimedia/archive/01236/stig_1236599c.jpg Jeremy Hunt: http://www.pressgazette.co.uk/pictures/title/a/s/j/jeremy_hunt.jpg Cameron: http://transitionculture.org/wp-content/uploads/Cameron+big+society.jpg Race Online 2012: http://www.headstar.com/images/race-online2012-web-logo.jpg
  • Overall duties are to further interests of citizens and consumers in relation to communications matters, where appropriate by promoting competitionSecure availability of wide range of TV and radio services of high quality and wide appealMaintain sufficient plurality of providersLicence national and local analogue and community radio stationsEnsure optimal use of the radio spectrum – including for Local TV Plus, in addition:Role in conducting Local Media Assessments for newspaper mergers where there may be competition concerns
  • Image: http://www.webtvhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/uss_enterprise.jpg
  • Consumers value local and regional content92% consume some form of local media at least weeklyOver half say local/regional news on TV is very important while over a third say the same for paid for local newspapers and local radioIts also worth saying that more people view early evening regional news programming on the BBC and ITV than watch the combined UK-wide network news programmes around the same time (8.7m vs 8.2m) – 10% higher
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  • Consumers identify with the area they live in as a form of concentric circles with community at the centre, and the UK as a whole on the outside. Our work looks at all elements of this below the UK as a whole.
  • As defined by me and included in our review of Local and Regional media.
  • Man Rad down?
  • Source: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/static/cmr-10/ENG-2.1b.html Image of Helen: http://www.hdqt.co.uk/images/IMG-helen-philpot.jpg Logo: http://www.bobrobertsonline.co.uk/uploads/channel-7.jpg
  • See: http://talkaboutlocal.org.uk/local-video-online-guest-post-from-damian-radcliffe/For content creators, the appeal of such sites is the relative ease with which they can be set up. Equipment to shoot and edit video material is cheaper than ever, and online video services don’t need a licence from Ofcom, nor do they need to adhere to the Broadcasting Code.
  • Also to add re Hertsweb: After a local business gave £300 for a community camera, other groups are also shooting material, getting the camera for free, in return for creating content for the site.
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  • http://www.mycpomedia.com/East meets West is our publication which serves the communities in Grimsby’s East and West Marches and the Willows. Funded by Fair Share and Inspiring Communities and sponsored by e-factor this publication informs local residents of news and views from their local area.VOXX is a publication written for, and by, those in the age group 16 – 25. Funded by v-involved, this project aims to engage and entertain North East Lincolnshire’s young adults in subjects and issues that, both, interest and affect them.INSIGHT is produced entirely by volunteers from the local community of Immingham and its surrounding villages, with the training and support of CPO Media.Pompey Pensioner: http://www.portsmouth.gov.uk/media/EQD_newsletters.pdf SE Magazines: http://www.semagazines.co.uk/Images: http://www.sydenham.org.uk/news_se26_magazine.jpg SE22: http://www.yudu.com/item_thumbnail/9/6318/48df5fb86/thumb/page1.jpg
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  • http://www.hackneycitizen.co.uk/ An application programming interface (API) is an interface implemented by a software program that enables it to interact with other software. It facilitates interaction between different software programs similar to the way the user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers.
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  • Scenes from in front of my flat 2002 , 400 metres from kings cross station – taken by my upstairs neighbour
  • Young people from all overnorthlondon would bring stolen mopeds to ride in motogp in the tiny ruyn down park in front of my flat. They woudl do this when the Arsenal football team had a home match – 1 mile away – the police would not respond to emergency calls.
  • Drug dealer living in caravan. Police would occasionally raid it but he kept drugs up tree in the park. Led to interesting behaviour by tree squirrels. Incident ended after many months when local criminals nearly killed him with baseball bat and left him for dead in the street. I faces a choice – move to the suburbs or get stuck in to solving local problems.
  • Huge burden of being an active local citizen engaging with local public services – death by consultation and meetings. Information overload – all local action overlaps in some way – eg youth work with policing, peoepl need to know what’s going on at a more granular level than the local newspaper.No one joins up the information for you – have to do it yourself. Reluctantly set up a website using a simple blogging platform – typepad. I have no coding nor html experience.
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