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Hyperlocal Media and Community Journalism - The UK Opportunity


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Slides from my presentation at the Community Journalism Conference in Cardiff, January 2013

Slides from my presentation at the Community Journalism Conference in Cardiff, January 2013

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  • 1. Hyperlocal Media &Community Journalism – the UK opportunity Damian Radcliffe January 2013 Web: Twitter: @mrdamian76
  • 2. My perspective• 17 year‟s in commercial, public, regulatory and non-profit media• Roles in Online, TV, Radio, Technology and TelecomsAnd across:• Research, Policy and Regulation• Broadcasting and Digital Content• Digital Inclusion and Adult Learning
  • 3. 2012: what a difference a year makes 5 developments to note
  • 4. 1. A richer research and asset base
  • 5. Use of hyperlocal websites is growing, but this is still an emerging sector1. A richer research base research/market-data/communications-market- reports/cmr12/market-context/UK-1.98 Source:
  • 6. 2. A step change in funding
  • 7. "The idea of local TV is a complete disaster and3. Local TV edges nearer anybody going into it is completely nuts. You cant invest enough money to make it look good, but if it doesnt look any good people think it is amateurish and dont want to watch it." Kelvin MacKenzie• DCMS passed legislation providing new powers to Ofcom to award local TV and spectrum licences for Local TV.• On 10 May 2012, Ofcom invited applications for the first 21 Local TV licences.• The bidding round for these first licences ended on 13 August 2012 and Ofcom received 57 applications for Local TV content licences and four applications for the Local TV multiplex licence.• Ofcom is now in the process of awarding licences, and the first Local TV services expected to be on air by Autumn 2013. Image: Kelvin via Press Gazette:
  • 8. 4. What would Leveson say? aug/15/hyperlocal-media-regulators and hey-regulator-leave-those-hyperlocals-alone/
  • 9. Well, as it happens, not much on this front…. published-and-brooks-and-coulson-in-court-live-coverageleveson-asks-the-internet-2012112951244
  • 10. 5. Q: When is hyperlocal not hyperlocal? A: When it’s outsourced. Via: “Over the last two or three years, the Chicago-based content provider has infiltrated dozens of mid to major newspapers across the country and obtained contracts to produce so-called "hyperlocal" news content. Those deals often lead to a horde of firings of editorial staff at those news organizations, as some full-time office-dwellers cede work to a small army of low-paid freelancers living all around the globe. Had editors at these newspapers requested a meeting with the individuals producing this new content, theyd have racked up a staggering amount of frequent flier miles.” Ryan Smith
  • 11. 2013: maintaining the momentum5 ideas for moving forward
  • 12. 1. Facebook First Hyperlocals are typically Digital First by default. Should consider being Facebook First. • Where the audience is. • Rise of social sharing. • Younger skew. • Potential audience + revenue (?) growth. • Conversations already taking place. “Facebook is where people, by and large, have decided to go for their first-stop online community activities. Which begs the question: Why have a separate site, and try to drag people away from Facebook? Why not go where they are?”
  • 13. 2. Print is Dead. Long live Print. Superman quits print to go online Via:
  • 14. The potential for Reverse Publishing is often unrealised.• Reaches digitally excluded. "Ground > Cloud > Print” = “the Printernet”• Skews older - audience more interested in local. US blogger Michael Josefowicz• Understood medium by advertisers/funders. http://toughloveforxerox.blogspot .com/2009/03/new-opportunity-• Historical record for future generations. for-print-in-printernet.html• Revenue potential - e.g. print only advertisers and special commemorative editions.
  • 15. 3. Local Media Networks Journalism doesnt need reinventing, but resources need reallocating. Local TV, Community Radio and Hyperlocal publishers are all struggling to find sustainable business models. Yet they have similar aims, ethics and aspirations. So, why not work together? • Shared content • Multi-platform and multi-media Some potential benefits potential • Joint advertising • Collective audience size • Agreed audience measurement • Impact of shared campaigns and engagement metrics • Role in pushing audiences around • Greater likelihood of being able to local ecosystem and helping them access the BBC £5m p.a. pot for discover new content / sources. local content.
  • 16. The Superstation COMMUNITY RADIO IN THE UK Speysound shmuFM Mearns FM AM FM Sunny Govan R Edinburgh Dunoon CR Insight R Garrison Leith FM Awaz FM Revival R Celtic Music AM Black Diamond Bute FM Pulse CR Brick FM 3TFM Lionheart R Spice FM Alive R NE1 FM Utopia FM Bishop FM Drive 105 Greater London R Hartlepool Desi R– Southall R Teesdale Cross Rhythms Hayes CR - Hayes Aldergrove & Antrim FM Drystone R Community Voice On FM – Hammersmith Holywood FM Bang – Stonebridge & Harlesden Catterick Garrison FM XLFM NuSound R – Newham Feile FM Radio Failte Blast 106 Resonance FM – C London BFBS Lisburn Diversity Lisburn City R Voice of Africa - Newham Indigo FM Westside CR – Southall Shine FM Down FM Ballykinler FM Pendle CR Rinse FM – Inner London Vixen Seaside R Reprezent – S London Iur BCB JCom Tempo Preston FM Betar Bangla – Tower Hamlets West Hull CR Crescent Phoenix FM Asian Fever Generation Radio – Lambeth Chorley FM Branch FM Greenwich Kasapah – Greenwich KCC Live Oldham CR Redroad FM Sine FM Streetlife Radio – Waltham ForestGreater Manchester & N Cheshire 7 Waves R Penistone TMCRSalford CR Point FM Gtr Manc. Burngreave CR Tudno FM R LindumAll FM – South central & East Manchester & N Ches. Sheffield Live Flame CCR Boundary Sd Siren FMWythenshawe FM Halton FM Moorlands Amber SdTameside CR Cheshire FM Canalside Takeover Kemet RPure R – Stockport Erewash Sd R Dawn Gravity FMBolton FM Calon FM Cross Rhythms R Ikhlas R FazaPeace FM – Hulme Tulip RRossendale Radio Hermitage FM Ambur R EAVANorth Manchester FM The Eye Future R WCR TCR FMGaydio - Manchester Takeover R Raaj FM Big City Wayland RUnity Radio – central Manchester SACDA R Kohinoor FM Unity FM Demon FM HFM Huntingdon CR Blyth Valley The „Bridge Switch New Style R R Zack fm Corby R The Hillz RWS fm R Plus BigglesFM Youthcomm R Inspiration FM IntoBeats Cambridge 105 Ipswich CR Diverse FM CAM Felixstowe Gloucester FM Radio LaB OX4 Leisure FM Colchester Garrison BRFM (Blaenau Gwent) Inspire R Stroud FM Saint FM R Verulam Swindon 105.5 R Awaaz Vibe Afan FM GTFM Phoenix FM Bristol C FM Marlow FM R Tircoed R Cardiff Asian Star Ujima FM 1 Ummah BRFM Bro R Somer Valley FM Greater London Academy BGWS Salisbury Plain Suzy Sunlight CSR Glastonbury FM Garrison Castledown R Aldershot Garrison AHBS Voice Meridian Academy 10Radio Skyline CR Unity 101 Uckfield FM Rye Express FM Forest FM Phonic FM The Bay The Park Angel R Havant R Reverb Hope FM Seahaven Cross Rhythms Plymouth Angel R IOW Soundart R R St Austell Bay The Source Radio Scilly
  • 17. 4. We need more research and analysis• How many sites are there?• What is the size of the hyperlocal audience?• How many people work in the sector? • Civic impact and value • Capturing local Facebook traffic • And local Facebook conversations • Non-English language case studies
  • 18. 5. And Big Media needs to play a role “Citizen journalism is no more a replacement for professional journalism than teabags are a replacement for water. Both can stand comfortably alone, but when combined they produce something quite wonderful.” Clyde H. Bentley, Associate Professor, University of Missouri School of Journalism Funding, the move to mobile, media law and other training all matters But where can we see the biggest difference and impact? • Deep linking “When minorities and women and • Credit where credit is due people who have known poverty and misfortune first-hand are authors • Payment and Acknowledgements of news, as well as its readers, the social world represented in the • Diversity of voices and stories news expands and changes.” • Promote new talent Sociologist Michael Schudson journalism-democracy/ - Do this and the rest will follow…
  • 19. Thanks for listening Image: