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Slides from BBC Innovation Academy session on 21st Century Local News: http://www.bristolmedia.co.uk/2011/3/28/bbc-innovation-academy-21st-century-local-news

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  • Image: http://www.bbc.co.uk/drama/content/images/2006/12/15/stateofplaylead_396x222.jpg
  • Photo: http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Media/Pix/pictures/2008/10/09/league460.jpg
  • Consumers value local and regional content92% consume some form of local media at least weeklyOver half say local/regional news on TV is very important while over a third say the same for paid for local newspapers and local radioIts also worth saying that more people view early evening regional news programming on the BBC and ITV than watch the combined UK-wide network news programmes around the same time (8.7m vs 8.2m) – 10% higher
  • Image: http://www.railwaysleeper.com/Monty%20python%27s%20Mr.Creosote_WEB.jpg
  • Overall duties are to further interests of citizens and consumers in relation to communications matters, where appropriate by promoting competitionSecure availability of wide range of TV and radio services of high quality and wide appealMaintain sufficient plurality of providersLicence national and local analogue and community radio stationsEnsure optimal use of the radio spectrum – including for Local TV Plus, in addition:Role in conducting Local Media Assessments for newspaper mergers where there may be competition concerns
  • Content protection still matters and needs to be updatedNew procedures – we are consulting on proposed revisions to our procedures for:Investigating breaches of broadcast licences. Investigating fairness and privacy complaints. Considering statutory sanctions. These revised procedures are intended to make our investigations faster and to deliver greater value to our stakeholders. Following consultation we intend to implement any revised procedures in 2011.Content regulation – we will continue to review our wider regulatory approach to content regulation to ensure that it remains fit for purpose and that it continues to serve the interests of citizens, consumers and stakeholders. “Undertaking work looking beyond the implications of immediate challenges (e.g. ATVOD) to explore longer term tensions in the regulatory framework that comes from its roots in a static TV world” Will do internal work first, will consider how to engage in due course.”
  • Image: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_E5cSkRNNzuk/TTO233AyK7I/AAAAAAAAKto/j3LQG13qoF8/s1600/SocialNetworkDVD.jpg
  • Image taken by me in Times Square, Autumn 2008
  • Source: http://www.achillesmedia.com/photos/headshots/thompson_mark.jpg
  • Perceptions of, and attitudes towards, television: 2010  PSB Report 2010 – Information Pack H
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