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Here are a few things we all used to carry! Yesterday's tools for success! @empoweredpres

Here are a few things we all used to carry! Yesterday's tools for success! @empoweredpres

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  • 1. THINGSoIused tCARRYYesterday’s tools for success #thingsicarry @empoweredpres
  • 2. 20s RADIO After the first US broadcast in Pittsburg, CA, 563 radio stations were made in the next two years!
  • 3. 20s TELEVISION The first televisions only broadcasted 30 lines. Now most televisions broadcasts 1080 lines in HD!
  • 4. 30s COMPUTER Some of the earlier computers weighed over 50 pounds; up to several thousands!
  • 5. 40s CAMERA The first Polaroid camera developed photos in 60seconds! A colored model was introduced in the 1960s.
  • 6. 40s BEEPER The first beeper was used in a New York Hospital. Ironically, they are still popular in hospitals today!
  • 7. 50s TAPE RECORDER The cost of the first video tape recorder was around $50,000! Today, you can buy one for under $20.
  • 8. 60s CALCULATOR The first all-electronic calculator was as large as a 90sdesktop! Calculators today can be as small as keychains.
  • 9. 70s VIDEO GAMES Pong was the first video game ever created! The inventor of it later went on to invent Atari.
  • 10. 70s WALKMANThe first Walkman was invented by a German engineer, but he was never credited until 30 years later!
  • 11. 70s CELL PHONE The first mobile phone sold for $4,000, weighed 2 lbs, and was nicknamed “the brick”!
  • 12. 80s CD-ROM Although still used today, many people believe CDs willbe obsolete in 5 years! Time to backup files in the cloud.
  • 13. A few of these still exist!To put things into perspective...
  • 14. today, this is all you need!
  • 15. WHAT DID YOU used toCARRY?