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The Rise of CHINA


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When people think of China, a few things come to mind...Chinese food, Panda's, Pollution, but not many people think about its growing power...

When people think of China, a few things come to mind...Chinese food, Panda's, Pollution, but not many people think about its growing power...

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  • 1. 中 国 最 崇 高 的 尖 塔 耸 立 在 地 面 上 。 中 国 The Rise of CHINA
  • 2. 中 国 china,a few things come to mind... When people think of
  • 3. 中 国 食 品 Chinesefood
  • 4. 熊 猫 pandas
  • 5. 污 染 pollution,
  • 6. 业 务 Butnotmanypeoplethink aboutitsgrowingpower.
  • 7. 业 务 Butnotmanypeoplethink aboutitsgrowingpower.YET...
  • 8. 电 话 checkwhereitwasmade. Grab any gadget next to you and
  • 9. 中 国 制 造 madeinchina. Chances are it was
  • 10. 影 响 influenceofChina. Many people underestimate the
  • 11. 注 意 fewreasons Here are a why you should start paying attention:
  • 12. 快 速 事 实 fast facts
  • 13. 北 京 The current Chinese Capital is Beijing
  • 14. 古 老 的 文 明 longest,continuous civilization. and is often considered the
  • 15. 旧 的 语 言 writtenlanguage. It also has the world’s longest, continuously used
  • 16. 9,600,000sqkm, China has a landmass of 巨 大
  • 17. thirdlargestcountry making it the in the world,
  • 18. next to RussiaandCanada. thirdlargestcountry and is the in the world,
  • 19. 人 口 mostpopulouscountry China is the world's
  • 20. 十 亿 1.35billionpeople. with
  • 21. 五 分 之 一 onefifth That’s about oftheworldspopulation! ,
  • 22. china currently 现 在
  • 23. 许 多 manypeople, with so
  • 24. 能 源 消 耗 moreenergythan the United States. now consumes
  • 25. 汽 ⻋车 largestnewcarmarketin the entire world. It has the
  • 26. 鬼 城 64millionvacanthomes, Yet, China has including entire cities that are empty.
  • 27. 贸 易 thenumberone When totaling up imports and exports, trading nation on earth. China is now
  • 28. 兆 trade deficit with China over the past decade 2.3trilliondollars! One fact, the U.S. has run a that comes to more than
  • 29. 政 府 Chinesegovernment. Not to mention when you are basically financing the you buy Chinese stocks,
  • 30. of Shanghai's top ten stocks are government owned. 8 10
  • 31. 汇 储 备 外 moreforeigncurrencyreserves China also has than any country on the planet.
  • 32. 生 产 theyproduceit. Not only do they save money,
  • 33. 金 goldproducer China is the number one in the world.
  • 34. 地 球 瑰 宝 90percent It also produces more than of the global supply of rare earth elements.
  • 35. 消 的 一 面 glitterisntgold. ,But all that
  • 36. 脏 水 700millionpeoplein China drink contaminated water. Nearly
  • 37. 贫 穷 100millionpeoplein China live on less than ONE US Dollar a day.
  • 38. 执 行 4timesasmanyconvicts China executes more than as the rest of the world combined.
  • 39. 未 来 future impact?
  • 40. 在 位 continueits currentreign. Being the longest civilization in history, China will definitely
  • 41. 巨 大 的 城 市 40billionsquaremetersof floor space will be built By 2025, in five million buildings.
  • 42. 纽 约 市 tenNewYorkCities. That is more than
  • 43. 万 众 350millionpeople By 2030, China's cities will have added
  • 44. 美 国 entirepopulationof the United States today.    and more than the
  • 45. 增 ⻓长 grow...China will continue to
  • 46. 急 速 rapidly.
  • 47. 普 通 话 learningmandarin. It may be time to start
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