Presenters Checklist for Success by @xCamilleWong

Presenters Checklist for Success by @xCamilleWong



Presenter's Checklist for Success! Wether you are a new speaker or a seasoned one, these 12 Items is a must to check off before your next presentation. Created by: Camille Wong of @empoweredpres

Presenter's Checklist for Success! Wether you are a new speaker or a seasoned one, these 12 Items is a must to check off before your next presentation. Created by: Camille Wong of @empoweredpres



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Presenters Checklist for Success by @xCamilleWong Presenters Checklist for Success by @xCamilleWong Presentation Transcript

  • klist Chec nter’s Prese For SS CCE SU
  • Think of the last great presentation you experienced.
  • ade it so hat m W ful? uccess s
  • create a want to If you rful, powe asive persu tation, presen
  • Take a look at this list of tried & true tips every skilled presenter uses.
  • nk in Thi 3’s
  • nited States At the 2012 U l Convention, cratic Nationa Demo First Lady lle Obama Miche told a story-
  • with a great beginning, iddle m nd. nd e a
  • In her tale of personal struggle, she infused little anecdotes,
  • inor details and m that many icans could Amer late to. re
  • our ow y Kn well tent con
  • Frederick Douglass was an influential author and orator in the Abolitionist M ovement in the United States.
  • , wrote and onstantly read He c g himself in rned, immersin lea religious and hriving black t ommunities. activist c
  • By thoroughly researching your material,
  • ill feel more you w ortable comf nfident & co resenting it. p
  • ach, Te ther ra sell han t
  • eader of the L Indian ndependence I Movement, Mahatma Gandhi,
  • was a humble and authentic orator, who spoke from the heart.
  • He proved that you don’t have o be loud to t be heard-
  • you just have to find a message that is meaningful to you and stick to it.
  • with Open ivity reat c
  • Actress Tilda Swinton delivered a unique speech at the opening of an art exhibit dedicated to her friend, David Bowie.
  • as framed as Her speech w ter to him, a personal let engagingn the i minded fans likete manner. ce in a intima audien
  • The first 60-90 seconds are critical-
  • for i gettdng an g intaininon. ma ti udience atten a
  • So how do you know what grabs them? really
  • stand nder U dience r au you ants ds & w nee
  • The late great South African revolutionary Nelson Mandela spoke to many different audiences.
  • He was able to make his m essage connect to each audience b y his customizing words,
  • what was To match portant im o them. t
  • Remember: It is always about the audience, never a bout you.
  • your ead R ience aud
  • Media personality and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey is known for inspiring people through her words.
  • values dience, au can tell she You her
  • expresses as she herself honestly
  • and uses a tforwwordds h straig r ces and clear senten everyone can that understand.
  • peak S arly Cle
  • r Kintal JsRe.ech: he eng p t artin vLeuhe monum M t hts Leader, erican Civil Rig 63, African-Am In 19 ga
  • “I Have A Dream”
  • ng message livered a movi He de and o action, call t
  • with confidence and conviction.
  • our ind y M body age ngu la
  • the USA CEO, Girl Scouts of a Maria Ann Chavez
  • led an innovative campaig n that revitalized the century old institution.
  • She used estures open g r enthusiasm to convey he
  • and brought lots of energy! which in turn energized her audience.
  • Pace rself you
  • Former First Lady of Argen tina Evita Peron spoke to crowds of adoring people calling ou t her name.
  • She incorporated climactic pauses to lend drama to her final points,
  • her and her also giving udience time to a reflect. ink and th
  • re an als a Visu ent, ncem enha rutch tac no
  • first American was the o into space. woman to g lly Ride Sa
  • When she started teaching , one of her most requested speeches was her “Shoot f or the Stars” lecture.
  • photos from She included that were r space travels he orgeous and g unique-
  • And made sure each visua make a point. l would
  • arse ehe R
  • Eleanor oosevelt R s the longest wa First Lady of serving United States. the
  • As the first presidential spo use to hold press conferences and speak at a national political conv ention, she was very nervous at f irst!
  • riting and ense bouts of w But int ed her into an practice turn espected ent andr.r eloqu ke spea
  • y to Tr rive ar arly e
  • That way you can get a f eel for the size of the room, visuals check. run a sound/ and
  • RECAP hink in 3’s T ontent well now your c K than sell ach, rather Te th creativity Open wi audience r erstand youants Und needs & w ur audience Read yo peak Clearly S your body Mind uage lang ace yourself P n als are at, Visu emen enhanc rutch not a c Rehearse rrive early Try to a
  • stly, La
  • Have FUN!
  • g an ducin intro are You rld! wo the ea into id
  • Need help? Let us EMPOWER that idea for you!
  • y: Camille Created b
  • view more: