Hello This Is Britney [#VISUALRESUME] - @britasao

Hello This Is Britney [#VISUALRESUME] - @britasao



Get to know Britney Asao as she tells her fun, quirky, creative, story about her life thus far! @empoweredpres

Get to know Britney Asao as she tells her fun, quirky, creative, story about her life thus far! @empoweredpres



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Hello This Is Britney [#VISUALRESUME] - @britasao Hello This Is Britney [#VISUALRESUME] - @britasao Presentation Transcript

  • Hello this is Britney!
  • But...You can call her brit!
  • Yup. Like Britney Spears,
  • But she wasn’t named after her...
  • She was named after Whitney Houston!..?
  • “B” names are a tradition in her dad’s family
  • B+Whitney = BritneyHer Mom thought she was so original,but little did she know...
  • Born in Honolulu, HI
  • Brit is 100%...
  • Japanese!
  • Meet her family!
  • Also you can’t forget the most important family members...
  • Chanel & Chloe
  • When Brit was younger,
  • she always loved art,
  • and wanted to work for disney.
  • but always felt like a black sheep in her family and in school.
  • So in middle and hight school, she became a teenagemonster!
  • Her friends were more important than her family.
  • Brit became a horrible student,
  • and her relationship with her parents became strained,
  • and then in sophomore year of high school,
  • she lost her friends to her bad behavior.
  • Since she had a lot of free time,
  • Brit discovered photoshop & that is where her love forart began again!
  • in 2008, she went to the arts institute for a summer graphicdesign program,
  • and had fun, but she wasn’t ready to leave home,
  • so she came back and began to work really hard in school!
  • Graduating high school was the best day of her life! (so far)
  • Brit attended UH Manoa for 2 years,
  • then transferred to Woodbury University
  • where she now studies graphic design and realized it is herPASSION!
  • The road to where Brit is now wasn’t an easy one.
  • She has worked really odd jobs,
  • and in 2010 her friend was stabbed in a fight.
  • That really influenced her to prioritized her life.
  • But in 2011, she was in a car crash which broke her nose.
  • The accident put her behind her classmates,
  • and since she was also a transfer student,
  • she had to stay in college an extra year!
  • But that didn’t stop her!
  • Those obstacles only made Brit work harder!
  • Moving to LA really opened her eyes.
  • She now fully appreciates her family and Japanese heritage,
  • and learned to surround herself with successful peoplewho motivate her,
  • but most importantly,
  • Brit learned to just be herself!
  • She considers herself an LA girl now, but...
  • is a Hawaii girl at heart.
  • She loves rice and Japanese food (except natto!)
  • and chocolate anything!
  • In her spare time Brit... writes short stories, and bakes, andlikes to dance,
  • Brit has been told that she... Blushes easily,,
  • has a good sense of smell,
  • and is super, super...
  • But she has 2 best friends who love her anyway!
  • Hmm... want to know a few secrets about Brit?
  • Pinky Promise not to tell?
  • GOOD!
  • Brit is super afraid of...
  • Open waters!
  • the supernatural
  • And she also has a really bad...
  • AAH!
  • You can usually hear...
  • Hip Hop, House and K-pop, bumping out of her car!
  • If she is even driving...
  • because she hates driving!
  • She also doesn’t like...Bad Tyopgraphy
  • Bad Hair Days!
  • andVodka!
  • She hatesVodka!
  • But what makes her smile like crazy are... Rilakumma &Hello Kitty
  • and Shopping!
  • If she could go on her dream vacation, she’d visit...
  • South Korea, Japan, Okinawa,Vietnam.
  • To end this with some words Brit lives by...
  • Never never settle!
  • And the only competition you have is yourself.
  • That’s all for now, but...
  • If you want to know more about Brit,
  • or challenge her in a game of...
  • Disney Trivia!She is the reigning champ!
  • Connect with Her:
  • Have an Empowered Day!
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