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New Developments in Primary Geography
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New Developments in Primary Geography


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Developing the primary geography curriculum Liz Watson 2010
  • 2. The National Curriculum “ A new UK Government took office on 11th May. As a result the content on this site may not reflect the current Government policy.”
  • 3. How can we design and plan for a high quality geography curriculum when we don’t know what the new curriculum should look like and don’t have any have any government guide lines?
  • 4. Primary Geography Quality Mark
  • 5. An Award The Primary Geography Quality Mark is an award for primary schools who want to achieve recognition for the quality of their geography leadership, curriculum development, learning and teaching in the school.
  • 6. Self-assessment framework The framework acts as a tool to help subject coordinators identify areas requiring development.
  • 7. The self-assessment framework :
    • provides guidance for School Leadership Teams who want to engage in a process of whole school supported self-review.
    • can be used by teachers who are new to the coordinating role to help them identify how geography can be developed in their school.
    • is a way of identifying and celebrating what is already good in a school.
    (Directly linked to the SEF)
  • 8. Key principles 
    • identify and celebrate good geography
    • provide a framework for subject leaders/coordinators to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the geography curriculum
    • improve for all pupils the quality of the educational experience through geography
  • 9.
    • raise the profile of geography within the primary curriculum
    • … and in particular its contribution to citizenship, sustainable development, global dimensions, cultural and social inclusion, using and understanding technology, and in imparting a wide range of skills.
  • 10. A framework that guides you towards achieving quality geography for all
    • Sound framework for evaluating the curriculum and prioritising your action plan
    Evaluating Prioritising Collaborating Taking action Reflecting
  • 11. CPD Support for geography leaders CPD for staff
  • 12. On line CPD Primary Subject Leadership
    • Getting stated
    • What is geography?
    • Subject Leader or Manager?
    • A vision for geography
    • What is geography for?
    • Distinctly geography?
    • Assessment
    • Evaluating
  • 13. Other CPD titles
    • Geography and Food
    • My Place, Your Place, Our Place
    • Food Security
    • Young Geographers Go Green
    • Young Geographers Go Local
    • Young Geographers GO Global
    • Migration
  • 14. What is provided in the CPD?
    • Power points
    • Questions
    • Activities
    • Information
    • Teaching ideas, materials, resources
    • Can be used for TLA (Teacher Learning Academy) and MA
    • Links to articles and web sites
  • 15. Useful web sites