Madagascar Itinerary


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Madagascar Itinerary

  1. 1. The Coopers’ Company and Coborn School Madagascar Expedition 2012 Detailed ItinerarySaturday 07/07/1210.00 Kit check at school in H8. Bring all bags.MeetingDay 1: Sunday 08/07/12Meet at school at 05.00 tbcTravel by coach to London HeathrowDepart London to Madagascar via Nairobi1 KQ 103 Q 08JUL 7 LHR-NBO HN36 1020 20502 KQ 758 Q 08JUL 7 NBO-TNR HN36 2215 0135+1dayDay 2: Monday 09/07/12Arrive Antanarivo at 01.35.Sleep at Hotel Chaval Blanc. local staff and travel overland to Andasibe National Park.Arrive at Hotel Feon’ny Ala 18.00Overnight Feonny Ala Hotel. 3: Tuesday 10/07/12Morning exploring Andasibe National Park.Lunch at Vakona Lodge and visit to Lemur Island.Night hike in forestOvernight Feonny Ala Hotel. 4: Wednesday 11/07/12Morning exploring Matadia National Park at Feon’ny Ala Hotel.Overland by coach to Andranosoa Village. Arrive in Andranosoa, meet dignitaries and pitch tents/ set up campin the primary school.
  2. 2. Days 5- 12: Thursday 12/07/12 – Thursday 19/07/12− Project in Andranasoa Village.− School building and painting− Bench and table making− Toilet building− Environmental education− Helping out with Doctor Jonathan Lee’s surgeries- a visiting Korean surgeon− Tree planting tbc.Thursday 19/07/12Say our goodbyes to the village elders and children.Overland by bus from Andranosoa Village to Antsirabe.Lunch en route.Orientation meeting with group in Antsirabe.Overnight Hasina Hotel (or similar). 20/07/12Tsiribihina River Camp # 1Early morning depart overland Antsirabe to Miandrivazo.Lunch at Baobob Restaurant in Miandrivazo.Meet Gary’s staff and begin journey on the Tsiribihina River. prepare meals and participate in all camp chores on the river.Begin Tsiribihina River trip. Camping.Saturday 21/07/12Tsiribihina River Camp # 2Hike from river into the forest to the large waterfall. prepare meals and participate in all camp chores on the river.Sun 22/07/12Tsiribihina River Camp # 3Hike from river into the forest to a remote village.Students prepare meals and participate in all camp chores on the river.
  3. 3. Mon 23/07/12End of River journey. Meet 4X4 vehicles and overland to Belo Tsiribihina.Lunch Menabe Hotel with bathrooms and showers. Continue north toBekopaka. Camping and bungalows atTanakoay Lodge.,0.11,80.0. Students prepare and clean up after meals.First Night at Bekopaka - Lodge will prepare meals. Students will clean upafterwardsTuesday 24/07/12Bekopaka and the Tsingy de Bemaraha. Two Groups:7:00 AM Group 1 Gorges of the Manambolo River (2 hrs) AM Group 2 Gorges of the Manambolo River (2 hrs)Afternoon: Groups 1 & 2 visit Petite Tsingy and bungalows at Tanakoay Lodge.Students prepare their own mealsWednesday 25/07/12Bekopaka and the Tsingy de Bemaraha. Visit Grande Tsingy- a worldheritage site,5.74,70.0 in 3 separate groups. Climbing gear necessary.,-34.45,80.0,26.30,80.0Camping and bungalows at Tanakoay Lodge.Students prepare their own mealsThursday 26/07/12Overland Bekopaka to Kirindy Forest Reserve with lunchstop at the Menabe Hotel. Night walk in theforest to spot the Fossa and other nocturnal animals and overnight in thedormitory and bungalows in the forest.Students prepare their own meals.
  4. 4. Friday 27/07/12Early morning forest walk and drive to Mangily village Explore mangroves in groups in dug-outs with local fishermen,hopefully bringing back dinner for that evening.Students prepare their own mealsSaturday 28/07/12Overland from Mangily to Morondava. Picnic lunch. Drive to Belo sur Mer. Camping andbungalows at the Ecolodge.Sunday 29/07/12Belo sur Mer. Ecolodge. Ecolodge staff will prepare meals. Group 1 visitIslands, snorkeling and whale watching / Group 2 at Ecolodge:relax & picnic and visit the villages. Camping and bungalows at theEcolodge.Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner IncludedMonday 30/07/12Belo sur Mer. Ecolodge Group 2 visit Islands, snorkeling and whalewatching / Group 1 at Ecolodge: relax & picnic and visit the villages.Camping and bungalows at the Ecolodge.Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner IncludedTuesday 31/07/12Overland Belo sur Mer to Morondava. Sunset visit tothe Avenue of the Baobabs. Overnight Chez Maggie, Lunch & Dinner IncludedWednesday 01/08/12Morondava. Chez Maggie. Farewell beach celebration, music…Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner IncludedThursday 02/08/12Morondava / AntananarivoBreakfast Chez Maggie HotelTransfer to the airport for flight from Morondava to Antananarivo
  5. 5. Lunch in Antananarivo (or Morondava depending on flight schedule)2 buses for exploring the capital and transport for meals as neededTransfer to the Chaval BlancDinner Savanna (or similar)Chavel Blanc Hotel for overnight.Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner IncludedFriday 03/08/12Antananarivo. day sightseeing with tourist market, city tour and shopping.Lunch at the Jardin Restaurant (or similar).Final buffet dinner with live music.Overnight Chavel Blanc Hotel.Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner IncludedSaturday 04/08/12Transfer to the airport for return flights to London.Breakfast & Lunch Included