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Thesis statements
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Thesis statements



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  • 1. { THESIS STATEMENTS An Essential Essay Element
  • 2. “What is a thesis statement?”
  • 3. A single statement that explains what your essay will discuss Found in the introduction Restated in the conclusion of the essay Gives away the opinion of the writer Thesis Statement
  • 4. { “Financial responsibility is when a person controls his or her spending, and anybody can do it.” This thesis tells the reader that the essay will discuss financial responsibility Notice that it clearly expresses the writer’s opinion, as well (without using “I”) Thesis Statement
  • 5. { “In The Call of the Wild, by Jack London, civilized and primitive life are both present in the story, but they are not treated equally.” This thesis expresses the writer’s argument: the novel treats one way of living, civilized or primitive, as better than the other. The reader doesn’t need to know all the details of the essay in the intro, so those are saved for the body Thesis Statement
  • 6. { Moeller is an environmental hero because their laptop program saves paper, the lack of air conditioning uses less electricity, and the cafeteria does many things to create less waste. Not only does this thesis express the opinion of the writer and the topic of the essay (Moeller and Environmentalism), it provides the three main supporting details of the argument Thesis Statement
  • 7. {Review Thesis Statements
  • 8. A Thesis Statement describes what your essay will be about—and how you feel about it Thesis Statements
  • 9. A Thesis Statement is found at the beginning of the essay—then restated at the conclusion Thesis Statements
  • 10. { {It Should Never be a Question Do you know how to bake a cake? Always State Your Ideas  Baking a cake is easy, and this is the best recipe for a double-layered chocolate birthday cake. Thesis Statements
  • 11. { THESIS STATEMENTS An Essential Essay Element