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Presentation Ferrero Rocher

  1. 1. GDP Size US$ 706.6 Bi Land Area 1,904,443 sq km GDP percapita US$ 3,005 Sea Area 3,116,163 sq km Total Area 5,020,606 sq km Coastal Line 81,000 km Population 242 Million people (4th biggest population) Population GDP Share GDP/ Capita Main Towns (thousand) (%) (US$ ‘ 000) Jakarta (Capital) 9,558 Jakarta (Capital) 16.3 9.9 Surabaya 2,584 East Java 14.7 2.3 Bandung 2,393 West Java 14.3 1.7 Semarang 1,553 Central Java 8.5 1.5 Medan 2,109 North Sumatera 5.4 2.3 Indonesia Macro Samarinda 791 East Kalimantan 6,2 10 Makassar 1,339 South Sulawes 2.3 1.6 Source: Various Sumber:proyeksi Bank Indonesia Januari 2009 “Outlook Ekonomi Indonesia 2009-2014” •         Third world producer of cocoa in the world (992 ha/651.000 ton, after Pantai Gading and Ghana) •         According to the association, companies in the industries only 14, centralized in Java •         Imported brand dominated Chocolate products •         Indonesia projected in the good economic growth, people consumption growth as well •         Provinces DKI Jakarta, West Java, East Java, dominated the population spread and GDP share •         Indonesia consumption level for Chocolate product 0,25 kg/capita/year (Sekjen Askindo) •         Assumption average price of chocolate product Rp. 100.000,00/kg •         National market for Chocolate product Rp. 6,05 trillion
  2. 2. Ferrero Rocher Analysis Ferrero Rocher - a whole hazelnut, coated milk chocolate, surrounded by Nutella filling, and encased in a walnut croquanteSWOT Analysis Marketing Mix AnalysisStrength Product •Unique product and taste Very unique chocolate product taste mix with •Packaged by golden paper hazelnut and other ingredient, imported typical productWeakness •Less popular chocolate brand product in Price Indonesia Expensive product for common consumers in •Quite expensive price among competitor Indonesia (IDR 75.000-140.000) •Only for special occasions consumptions •Packaging created luxuries & expensive image •Small exposure through media Promotion •Distributed more to modern outlet Utilized media and television and part taking as a sponsorship partnerOpportunities •Big market for Indonesia Place Global product, merchandised in most of modernThreat channel •Market leader always follow by others •Local brand
  3. 3. Ferrero Rocher Analysis Ferrero Rocher - a whole hazelnut, coated milk chocolate, surrounded by Nutella filling, and encased in a walnut croquanteMarketing Tactics Marketing Strategy•Market is still big (IDR 300 billion for DKI Jakarta and Product •Raw cocoa quality guarantee chocolate productWest Java Market – assumption 5% national market qualityshare), East Java also can consider •Packaging of the product also secure the quality and•Focus on segmentation target, the biggest image •Good shape of the productpercentage segment by age is between 5-14 and 15-60 years of age•Competitor penetration monitoring, SQ brand lead Price •Use margin price methodthe sales of local product (due to the price) – Giant •Market price surveysales 2010•Consider the low price product to set foot firmly in Promotionthe competition •Advertising•Penetration more often to potential market •Sampling, demo, promotion, etc •Direct sales / online marketing(contribute biggest revenue) •Mouth to mouth and community sales strategy•To firm the positioning of the product and activelycreative for the new products Place•Smartly join sponsorship to raise company image •Merchandising in modern outlets•Educate people as market target the importance of •Company owned counter •Canvassing to certain placechocolate product