[magazine] A2 Media Studies Sherlock Holmes Analysis


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A presentation analysing the aspects of the Total Film magazine

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[magazine] A2 Media Studies Sherlock Holmes Analysis

  1. 1. 10 COOLEST MOVIES BEING MADE RIGHTNOW – This is a puff as it gives theaudience some of the articles that they cancan discover (intended to get an interest tobuy their magazine). The use of the writing10 COOLEST MOVIES with the word “cool”in today’s language meaning “awesome” inbold blue draws the readers attention withthe “!” making the writing seem excitingand exclusive. This was positioned in thetop left-hand corner to prevent interferingwith the other features of the magazinebut also draw the attention of the reader.
  2. 2. IRON MAN, ALICE INWONDERLAND, FANTASTIC MR FOX – Thisis also in relation to the puff 10 COOLESTMOVIES BEING MADE RIGHT NOW! Thisgives the reader three examples out of the10 to force the reader indulging within themagazine to discover the other 7 movies.This has a direct mode of address whichhelps catch the readers attention morequickly (as the characters are lookingtowards the camera). I believe the originalpopularity of the films (due to its successfrom the predecessors) adds on to thesmall print of the images forcing the readerattempting to capture a glimpse of one ofthe movies within the magazine.
  3. 3. TOTAL FILM, MASTHEAD – AlthoughSherlock Holmes is layered on top of theMasthead, it is still shown very clearly. Theuse of the white text, large size, bold andsharp crisp font makes it shout to theaudience.BASTERDS! SNEAKY! – These are a form ofpuffs as the choice of trigger words willalert the reader to view in the magazine.The use of the exclamation mark makes thepuff seem more exciting. The use ofpersuasive language makes readersinterested in only giving them limitedinformation and the word [Quentin]“Tarentino” as supposed he directs thebest films made will have a big influence onthis puff.TOTALFILM.COM/SEPTEMBER 2009 £3.99– Although small, this still is a significantrole within the magazine. Price is £3.99 butsmall to prevent consumers being drivenaway from the price before even viewingthe magazine!
  4. 4. MAIN IMAGE, SHERLOCK HOLMES – Themain centre focus is Robert Downey Jr.supposedly to be Sherlock Holmes. Therelaxed posture of his hands in his jacketpocket represents his attitude of a laidbackcalm person. With the connotation of thetheme set to blue, as it signifies coolness, itadds on to the regime of cool, calm andcollected as to what Downey Jr. is doing.The ice around his jacket also reassembleshis relaxation as ice is cold. His ruffed hairwith a his grin tells the audience he’s amischievous character.
  5. 5. ANCHORAGE TEXT - SHERLOCK HOLMESstands out with the Times New Romanfont. The colour code is clear and the blueand white text all helps link it to image andreinforce it’s purpose on the cover. Thewriting SHERLOCK HOLMES is layered onthe top to signify its importance and jointhe image with the anchorage text. Thewords WORLD EXCLUSIVE! is used to makethe magazine seem new and valuable.The colour of the background is white inthe middle and the setting is light blue.This is to signify the main characterSherlock Holmes posing a calm posturemaking the magazine seem “cool”.