Final evaluation 3


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Final evaluation 3

  2. 2. HOW DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT REPRESENT PARTICULAR SOCIAL GROUPS? Images of the social group I am aiming my product at
  3. 3. SOCIAL GROUP/AUDIENCEThe social group that my magazine is aimed at are young males and females. They are mainly C2 & D, or students, and arebetween the age of 17 and 23. They take a strong interest in music; they dont just listen to it when they are waiting for thebus. They are passionate about how the music is made, the skill behind the music, the live playing of the music, the quality ofhow they listen to it, and they may also play instruments themselves and be in their own bands. They care a lot about goingto gigs and festivals, as they want to appreciate their favourite bands music in the flesh. Their lifestyle is laidback, as they areeither students or work an average job as they are quite young, and they like to have a good time as well as working hard.They have a good knowledge and range of music, liking many rock genres both old and new including classic rock, metal,punk, alternative, indie etc. They dont care about keeping up with fashion and mainstream things, or the newest music, butjust wear and listen to what they want. They may feel different to a lot of the people around them, which is why they mayuse websites like Tumblr to connect with people who like the same things as them. They also use Facebook and Twitterbecause a lot of their friends are on there and it is a good way to keep in touch. They may have other hobbies such art &photography, and are interested in a lot of films as they care about the arts and music. They appreciate good films andrecognize the classic directors instead of just watching any old film that comes out in the cinema, and they would have a wideDVD collection and may have Lovefilm, but they wouldnt torrent films similarly to the way they buy their music. They woulddrink energy drinks and fizzy drinks such as Red Bull and Coca Cola because they tend to not go to bed early, instead they areon the internet or with friends. When they are drinking, they would drink beer like Peroni and spirits like Jack Daniels andJagermeister. Instead of going to nightclubs, they prefer to go drinking in pubs, bars and at house parties/friends houses andthey would pick a gig or festival over a club or party. They shop in some high street stores like Topshop/Topman and UrbanOutfitters, but they also like retro stores like Beyond Retro where they can get leather jackets etc, and they also shop onlinefor some of their clothes like band t shirts. They wear boots such as Dr. Martens and other shoe casual shoes such asConverse and Vans. They like to buy CDs because they care about the music quality and paying for the music theyappreciate. Similarly, they use over ear headphones which are good quality, instead of the bad quality free ones you get fromapple. They listen to their music on iPods or iPhones, which most of them own, or just an ordinary phone instead ofBlackberry.
  4. 4. HOW DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT REPRESENT PARTICULAR SOCIAL GROUPS? I have represented the audience and social group through my images, The mast head and name of my magazine represent the using clothing, setting and model. I audience as the name, Legend, links to the genre of music as used clothing typical to my audience, they see the music and the people as legendary and with band/print tshirt, skinny jeans, timeless, as theyre music lasts forever as opposed to one boots and a leather jacket. The hit wonder pop stars. The design of the mast head also colours are also quite dark in the represents the genre, as I have said it links to logos in the colour images, which reflects the feel rock genre such as band logos like Metallica, and games like of the music. The setting was a bit Guitar Hero. rough and dark, like the audience like to think of themselves. The model is young and has dark eye make up and hair, which the social group also has a lot of the time. The images throughout my magazine represent the audience by making the band/models look cool and a bit darkThe bands I have used in the and rocky, as they would be their According to mymagazine represent my audience idols and what they aspire to look questionnaire results, myas the range of bands reflect what like. audience would most like tothis social group listen to. On the This story represents the audience attend Reading festival soplus section on the cover for and social group as having a wide here I am representingexample, there are a mix of old knowledge and love of music, saying them. I am also representingand new bands. As my audience “chosen by you” showing the the social groups lifestyle,aslike classic rock, current rock and audience have picked the music. It they like to attend festivalsalternative rock, I have reflected also shows they are not just and gigs regularly in theirtheir taste in the stories and interested in Classic rock, as it is spare time and as theirbands I used. My sell line also songs of “the 21st century”. I have lifestyle. Also for this reason,reflects this, saying “the past, also included a free CD, representing I have included a mention ofpresent, and future of music” the genre because this is their the gigs of the month in theshowing the rock genre spans all preffered way of music, by paying for contents, and a live shot.generations and eras because it is the CD because they care about the Also, the bands tour datestrue music. quality of the music and the people on the double page spread. who make it.
  5. 5. WHAT KIND OF INSTITUTION MIGHT DISTIBUTE YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT AND WHY?Bauer Media offers 300 magazines in 15 countries with a wide range of interests such as women’sgossip magazine Closer and men’s magazine FHM. They are Europe’s largest privately ownedpublishing group and employ around 6,400 people. They product around 38 million magazinesper week. The music magazines from Bauer Media are Kerrang!, Mojo and Q. They also haveradio stations and tv channels such as Kerrang tv and Kiss. By producing my magazine with BauerMedia, there would be advantages such as they have experience with marketing the rock andindie genre through those three magazines and also distribute the products via TV, Radio andonline. This would be beneficial because my target audience, being young, would like to accessproducts via these technologies. On the other side, with three rock based magazines, mymagazine may not have a place in their company and may blend in with them. IPC Media produces 60 magazines and prints reaching around 26 million UK adults. They produce NME and Uncut, but NME is their only massive music magazine, as Uncut is not as popular. They also have the competing magazines for Bauer media, such as Nuts and Look. Their magazines are aimed more at women than men, as almost two thirds of women and 42% of men readers. They also have NME TV and NME Radio, which would mean it would be benificial in the same way as Bauer Media would be. IPC Media do have a classic rock genre magazine, but the target audience is much older and my product would stand out against it for young people, especially my target audience. NME is an indie rock genre magazine, and does not appeal to my audience the same way, as they are a slightly different social group and the music is not represented in the same way as my magazine. Overall I am deciding to go with IPC Media, because there is less competition in the brands they have and they have a gap for a younger audience rock magazine, and they would market my magazine succsessfully with NME being the same age range, which is a hugely popular magazine.
  6. 6. HOW I WOULD DISTRIBUTE MY MEDIA PRODUCTI would use some other ways of distributing/marketing my product than selling it in the supermarket. I would still do this, asit is a main seller of magazines. However, due to the age of my audience and according to the results of my questionnaire,almost all of my audience use twitter, facebook and tumblr regularly, so I would use the internet and social networking inorder to market my magazine further. Similar to Classic Rock and NME I would have a twitter account for the magazine,tweeting news, stories, music and things from the magazine to appeal to the audience and make them want to buy themagazine. I would also have a facebook page, where fans/readers can like the magazine and see news and stories similar totwitter, and their friends would see they have liked the magazine, meaning it would gain readers and interest as they wouldhave similar social groups on their facebooks. I would also have a Radio and TV channel like NME, as this gains more of a readership and allows fans to feel involved in more than just a magazine, but a range of medias making them feel accepted with their ideal music taste in all these forms. This also appeals to the age of my audience as they can listen to the music on the go with the radio and TV of my magazine.
  7. 7. WHO WOULD BE THE AUDIENCE FOR YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT? The audience for my media product are 17-23 year old, almost equally male and female, and are C1&C2 or students. They like to express individuality through their music, clothing, and general lifestyle. They attend gigs and festivals, and some play their own instruments and are in bands. They have a passion for the music, and they are not interested as much in the appearance of the people, unlike genres such as pop where is seems a lot more about appearance than the talent. They tend to like other arts, such as photography and film, and their love for classic rock and good music is similar to their other hobbies; they are interested in both digital and film photography, and some own their own film camera. They dont just take an interest in any old film coming out in the cinema, they have a knowledge of classic and current films, and appreciate the directors and skills behind certain films. They may also like cult films, unlike people who like genres such as pop music, who would be more interested in mainstream current films. They like coffee, energy drinks and fizzy drinks, and for alcoholic drinks they like beer and whiskey/bourbon. They don’t care too much for their appearance; they wear jeans, boots, doc martens, band t shirts, hoodies, leather jackets. They prefer to be comfy and casual than keep up with passing fashions. They would rather save their money and splash out on festival tickets, good quality headphones, gig tickets etc.
  8. 8. HOW DID YOU ATTRACT/ADDRESS YOUR AUDIENCE?My questionnaire results showed myaudience would most like to go to Readingand Leeds festival, so to appeal to them I When I asked my audience which layoutincluded a competition to win tickets to this years festival. Also, they prefer and what attracts themwhen I asked my audience they said they would be more likely to most on the cover, they said Imagebuy a magazine if it had a competition to win gig or festival attracts them and they like a neat andtickets, so this definatley would attract the attention of my bold layout. Because of this, I used aaudience. striking black and white image, which has a lot of contrast, so this is the most My audience said in the questionnaire they think eyecatching thing on the cover the ideal price for a magazine is £2 - £3 so I priced hopefully attracting my audience. my magazine at £2.70, which is half the price of the I also addressed the layout preferences, current Classic Rock genres on the shelves, which not overcluttering the cover like NME would mean my magazine would appeal more to but keeping it bold with lettering and young people and students with less money. headlines standing out, but a lot of the stories being in line and keeping the cover neat.The black and white image appeals to my audience as they see the genreas timeless, and the black and white striking image lets them know straightaway the genre is rock. The colour scheme also does this; the black, whiteand dull brown appeals to the audience as it is recognizable as ClassicRock, and the dark moody colours appeal to the audience and representthe music genre.
  9. 9. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNT ABOUT TECHNOLOGIES FROM THE PROCESS OF CONSTRUCTING THIS PRODUCT?The internet was a big part of my research and planning for my magazine, for example I usedgoogle look research similar magazines and magazine publishing houses. I used the socialnetworking sites Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to ask my audience to do my questionnaire,which was helpful because it allowed me to target a specific age and group of people that I know.I did my questionnaire on Zoomerang, which was a easy way of producing and using aquestionnaire, and made it easy for people to access/fill out as well as easy for me to have anoverview of the results allowing me to make better decisions towards my magazine. I used publisher to do my preliminary task, which was good for using simple text and pictures and creating a basic layout. It also helped with creating a rough draft for my magazine cover, and helped me decide where to position things and which style I would like to create my magazine in. I used a Canon DSLR camera to take my shots for my magazine. This helped me create a professional final product, rather than using a point and shoot camera, I could change the shutter speed, ISO number and settings on my camera in order to get more effective images on my cover, contents and double page spread.
  10. 10. I then started using Photoshop to manipulate my images and start putting together my magazine. I learnt to makemy images look more eye-catching and professional, as well as appeal to my audience more. With the examplesbelow, the cover image was originally in colour but after changing it to black and white and increasing thecontrast, the image became more striking and effective for a front cover. The skin stood out more and the eyesare more noticeable and this will attract the audience more. The background is also more dark, making it easier toput text on. In the second image, I edited the colour and saturation levels, by increasing the saturation the purpleand blue in the photo stood out more, making it a lot more effective for a magazine. Using photoshop to createmy magazine gave a lot more range and ideas, and allowed me to create a professional looking outcome, usingskills on photoshop. Using Blogger to present my work was helpful as it was easy to keep everything neat and organized, presenting the work in chronological order and allowing me to edit posts and easily include links and saved time for me, as when I had finished something you can just upload it straight to the blog instead of having to present it in hard copies. It also helps me see the progression through the course and easily look at any changes I need to make.
  11. 11. LOOKING BACK AT YOUR PRELIMINARY TASK, WHAT DO YOU FEEL YOU HAVE LEARNT IN THE PROGRESSION FROM IT TO THE FULL PRODUCT? In the progression from my preliminary task to the finished magazine, I feel that my skills in all areas of producing media products have improved. I have learnt how to effectively target a specific audience and create a finished, clean, professional looking product. Looking at the images on both products, I have definitely learnt how to create a more striking cover using image; the photo used in my preliminary task was supposed to the main, eye-catching image on the cover but I hadnt thought about how to draw an audience in and I didnt think about composition or colour in order to do this. In my magazine cover however, I have considered setting, colour, clothing, composition, shot type and the effect it will have on drawing in my audience and creating a professional product. Unlike my preliminary task, the front cover has a clear colour scheme, and the whole cover looks finished and tied in together, like everything is in the right place and colour. My preliminary task has got a sense ofcolour scheme, it doesnt seem to have a good or effective house style. I have learnt how to use colour to make the magazine looklike a whole product and give it a house style so it looks professional alongside other music magazines. Another noticeabledifference between the preliminary and the finished product is the masthead; the Negus magazines masthead is dull, boring anddoesnt stand out anywhere near enough and even the headlines overpower the masthead. However, in my final cover, themasthead is a lot more bold, centred and attention grabbing – you instantly know its the name of the magazine and it focuses yourattention to the two main things, the image and the name. It is also balanced with the puffs and headlines, not overpowering themor being over powered. As well as these things I have used more professional design features like the barcode and the banner whichadds to the finished product. Overall, I have learnt how to successfully draw in and attract my audience, create a professionallooking style and make a similar product to real music magazines on the market.