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  • 1. Montoyas y Tarantos
  • 2. Director, year and language
    • -The director of this film was Vicente Escrivá, who made it in 1989.
    • The language of the original version is Spanish.
  • 3. Leadings actors and role
    • Actress: Esperanza Campuzano
    • Role: Ana Montoya
    • (Juliet Capulet)
    Ana Montoya is a young, pretty, attractive, nice and capricious girl.
  • 4.
    • Actor: Juan Paredes
    • Role: Manuel Taranto (Romeo Montague)
    Manuel Taranto is a young, romantic, sensitive, dancer and gallant boy.
  • 5. Supporting actors and role
    • Cristina Hoyos: Maria la Taranto-Manuel Taranto´s mother.
    • Sancho Gracia: Antonio Montoya-Ana Montoya´s father.
  • 6.
    • - Juan Antonio Jiménez: Mercucho
    • - José Sancho: Teo el Picao
    • - Mercedes Sampietro: Soledad
    • - Queta Claver: Ama
    • - Antonio Canales: Diego Taranto
    • - Daniel Martín: Goyo Picao
    • - Juan Ortega: Lolo Picao
    • - Carlos Torrescusa: Miguel Montoya
    Diego Taranto
  • 7. The two opposite bands
    • There are two gypsy families, long time enemies that always search to fight with each other.
    • Manuel Taranto and Ana Montoya fall in love and get married in secret. The Tarantos accept this love but the Montoyas don’t .
    • Teo feels jealous and looks for Manuel. Mercucho is killed. The battles continue.
    • On the beach Teo kills Manuel but Ana gets in his way and she also dies. They die together on the coast.
    • Diego, Manuel’s brother, looks for them and kills Teo and other two Montoyas.
  • 8. Location, time and soundtrack
    • Where is the film set?
    • On the Spanish coast.
    • When is it set?
    • Approximately forty years ago.
    • What kind of music can you hear?
    • Paco de Lucia.
  • 9. The end