Moodle Plugins for Highly Efficient Programming Courses
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Moodle Plugins for Highly Efficient Programming Courses



Zhigang Sun, Xiaohong Su, Ning Zhu and Yanyu Cheng.

Zhigang Sun, Xiaohong Su, Ning Zhu and Yanyu Cheng.



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Moodle Plugins for Highly Efficient Programming Courses Moodle Plugins for Highly Efficient Programming Courses Presentation Transcript

  • Moodle Plugins for HighlyEfficient Programming Courses Sun Zhigang, Su Xiaohong, Zhu Ning, and Cheng Yanyu Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Who am I Sun Zhigang (孙志岗) Maintainer of Moodle Simplified-Chinese language package Associate Professor, School of CS, Harbin Institute of Technology, China Senior Product Designer, NetEase Inc. (NASDAQ:NTES)
  • My Moodle Site Name: 乐学网 (Enjoy learning) Founded in 2005 300+ courses, 20k+ users  Some of them are outside HIT One of the biggest Moodle sites in China
  • Outline Online Judge Assignment  Grade C/C++/Java/Python… submissions instantly Moss Plagiarism  Detect cheatings in assignments GitHub Assignment  Sync git repo logs/status to Moodle assignments
  • Online Judge Architecture A questiontype is under Supportdevelopment sub-plugins
  • Judge Result Multi-testcase s withdifferent Hint for wrong points answer
  • Case Study – Online Judge Teachers love it  One teacher faces 400+ students, no burden Students love it  “Feel like playing online game”  Try again and again to get higher grade  Submitted up to 816 times for one assignment and finally conquered it
  • Average grades of Professor Guos C language course in last 7 sememters 95.0 90.0 Applying online 89.6 judge from here 86.6 85.0 83.7Average grade 80.0 75.3 75.0 70.3 70.0 67.2 67.8 65.0 60.0 2007 fall 2008 spring 2009 spring 2009 fall 2010 spring 2010 fall 2011 spring
  • Moss - Measure Of Software Similarity Developed by Alex Aiken from Stanford Supports C, C++, Java, C#, Python, Visual Basic, JavaScript… more than 20 Also supports plain text Can ignore framework codes Free for non-commercial use
  • Moss Plagiarism Plugin for Moodle
  • Moss Plagiarism Plugin for Moodle Additional features  Confirmation  As previous page  Support of pdf, doc, docx, rtf and odt documents  History  Compare with unenrolled students  Multi-configures  Separate files with wildcard
  • Case Study - Moss Less students do cheating Teachers get  complain in the first half time  praise in the second half time 91.7% students support to use Moss in the following courses
  • Github AssignmentGithub Moodle Manage source codes  Manage students and Track progress groups Collaboration  Manage grades Publish  Other teaching activities
  • Github Assignment Collect github usernames and repository URLs Group members can share repository Synchronize commit histories Statistic workload Direct links to github pages those teachers & students may concern Inherits standard functions of assignment type, such as grading
  • Github Assignment
  • Case Study – Github assignment Problems in course projects  Rush only in last minutes  Not all group members involved Github + Moodle’s solution  Must commit code into github  Grade in moodle upon git logs Github + Moodle’s problem  Git is not easy for newcomers  Can not cure procrastination