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Carp on The Fly
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Carp on The Fly


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  • One winter I was desperate to go fly fishing. I had noticed some carp in a drainage ditch by my house. I got my rod and caught one. It was about like catching a turd in a sewer. I never did that again.
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  • 1. Carp On the Fly
  • 2. Overview
      • Background
      • Why Carp?
      • Behavior
      • Techniques
      • Gear
      • Flies
      • Open Forum
  • 3. Why Carp?
  • 4. Amazing Fight!
  • 5. Available Almost Anywhere!
  • 6. Incredibly Challenging!
  • 7. Background
      • Live in the south hills
      • Started fly fishing in warm water ponds and the salt about 12 years ago
      • LOVE to fish... juggling job, kids, family, etc....
      • Enjoy fishing much better than driving
      • HATE combat fishing
      • Carp are plentiful and available 5 minutes from both home and work
      • Started pursuing carp as a primary focus about 3 years ago
      • Blog started about a year ago 
  • 8. Carp Behavior
      • Carp are omnivorous
      • Typically travel in shoals
      • Can be pursued through most of the year but are most active between April and September
      •   Carp have fantastic senses and can typically see and feel you long before you can see them
      • Can be very selective and leader shy at times
      • Carp typically don't "chase" food and are not an ambush predator
  • 9. Carp Behavior
      • Spawning
        • Lot's of activity.... not of the eating kind!
      • Cruising
        • a very low percentage game
      • Mudding
        • Chow time... nose down, tail up, serve up the fly
      • Clooping
        •   Opportunistic surface feeding... spinner falls, cottonwood fluff, mulberry hatches, etc...
  • 10. Techniques
      • If you can't sight fish.... go fishing for something else
      • Movements are slow and small!  Sometimes none!
      • Putting the fly on the dinner plate
      • Leading the Fish!
        • Cast ahead of the path of the fish and wait for it to get to your fly... don't cast at the fish
      • Fly on the bottom... and I mean ON the bottom !
  • 11. Gear
      • Rod
        • 5-8wt rods
      • Reel
        • Solid drag system
        • Adequate backing
        • Mid or large arbor preferred
      • Line
        • WF floating line
        • Compact head or line up to load rod for shorter casts
      • Tippet
        • 2X-4X 
        • Mono or Fluorocarbon, flouro will help take flies to the bottom
        • 3x Flouro is my go to tippet choice
  • 12. Flies
      • Fly selection is always secondary to presentation
      •   Unless carp are clooping on top, I will always put my fly on the bottom
      • Typically tie in the size 6-12 range
      • Prefer my flies to ride "clouser style" hook point up
      • Materials like marabou, silly legs, rabbit strips, or anything that has good motion in the water is a great choice
      • Colors will vary based upon water clarity, but black, brown and green are my first choices (in that order)
  • 13. Flies
      • Pattern Preferences
        • Blood Dot (Apricot Supreme)
        • Backstabber
        • Headstand
        • Wooly Bugger
        • San Juan Worm (red)
        •   Clouser Swimming Nymph
  • 14. Bonus!!!
  • 15. Q and A Ask Away!