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Chocolate Business In Korea
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Chocolate Business In Korea


Published on

Chocolate Business In Korea, Immersion Week Program in 2009

Chocolate Business In Korea, Immersion Week Program in 2009

Published in: Business

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  • How much people eat per year?
  • Against tooth decay: more effective than fluoride
  • Talk about targeted will be young people under 18Also focus for people from 40-30, who are working and want luxury gift
  • Most likely to the world results, about 40% people eat everyday -> Big market for selling chocolate in Korea
  • People like chocolate, especially is dark chocolate. Because it is the best chocolate is good for health with high percent of cacao and also delicious
  • Because over 40% people don’t like fat in chocolate and also high calories. Because Korean girl worries that they will be fatSo our products will strongly emphasis on healthy chocolate with low fat and use natural ingredient
  • Just choose about 3 ideas is important hereIt is the characteristic of our chocolate
  • Organic Cocoa Liquor (solid powder from cocoa beans):Organic cocoa butter: (healthy polyunsaturated separate fat from the solid cocoa)Xylitol: (Sugar alcohol, white crystal like sugar but it doesn't load liver)Organic Lecithin: is found in eggs, soy, mustard seeds, wheat, and other plants. We use lecithin derive from organic soy in Healthy Chocolate as a “final touch” to give it a smooth and uniform texture.
  • ORAC = Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacityplay an important role in the free-radical theory of aging.method of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological samples
  • Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate, have special for some seasons1.500 Won / 1 pc
  • 1 800 won/1pc
  • Signature Chocolate Truffle Assortment Prize depend one how many pc in 1 box. Prize from 30 000-60 000 won
  • Coffee = 15 000 wonBiscuits = 32 000 Won with 36 pcIncludes Dark Truffle Heart, Chocolate Lune, Petite Mousse, Raspberry Chocolate Premiere, Godiva Signature, and Hazelnut Praline chocolate biscuits.
  • Sale: (1500 x 6 pc x 150people )x 30 days = 34 000$ after exchangeEBIT: earning before interest taxEAI: Earning after interest
  • Transcript

    • 1. Solchoco
      Fashion and Passion in Chocolate
    • 2. Company Overview
      Company History and Founder
      Business Report 2009
      Mission and Vision
    • 3. Brian (22) is son of chocolate maker in Viet Nam andAtif (24) business man
      After graduate from SolBridge in 1997 -> came back Viet Nam and start they Business
      Continues family business -> Vavian Chocolate in Ho Chi Minh city
      Have been taking by creating the finest Truffles, Pralines and chocolate novelties
      After 5 years, 11 stores in Viet Nam
      Company History
    • 4. With unique combination of traditional European style products with Moroccan flair and expertise
      2003, Change name into Solchoco and open market to China and Morocco
      2007, 23 stores in Viet Nam, 8 store in Morocco and 21 stores in China
      Today Solchoco innovative range of premium chocolate gifts:
      • 5 star hotels
      • 5. Major international airlines
      • 6. Major sporting events
      • 7. Corporate hospitality venues.
      Company History
    • 8. “Solchocowill meet and exceed the expectations of customers in product quality, product innovation and service.”
      Continue to invest in brand and image building.
      Will successfully develop consumer perception with a branded range of affordable premium luxury chocolate.
      Our Mission
    • 9. To be renowned worldwide as a premium quality chocolatier.
      Brandof chocolates represented in all distribution channels that offer premium chocolates loose, seasonal or boxed.
      Positioned itself as the provider of affordable premium luxury chocolate
      Continue invest in current market and Develop new market: Korea (2010)
    • 10. Over 25 stores in Vietnam, China, Morocco
      Experient And Successful Track Record
      Stability – good relationship with supplier
      R&D team
      Exclusive worldwide marketing right
      Why you should do business with Us?
      • Category creator and trendsetter
      • 11. 40% growth rate in 2007
      • 12. Record breaking retention
      • 13. Global Vision
      • 14. Incredible distributor income
    • One of the best business opportunities for the next ten years
      Entrepreneur Magazine Jan, 2007
    • 15. 75 Billion Dollar Industry (2008)
      Recession Proof
      During great depression, our sale grew over 31.4%
      Affordable and Consumable
      High demand and Mass appeal
      90% crave it
      50% eat everyday
      Occupies most expensive real estate in retail
      Why this business?
    • 16. Why should you EAT it?
      “..Great new, Research suggest that chocolate is good for you … (Dark Chocolate contains flavonoids..)”
      “Dark Chocolate has been found to moderate blood pressure, and other ingredients elevate mood”
      “Eating dark chocolate appears to bring down blood pressure…”
      “Chocolate can protect against tooth decay, research have found”
      “… eating dark chocolate appear to improve the function of important cells lining the wall of blood vessels for at least three hours …”
    • 17. By EVANNA market research Agency in 2009. Information collect from Seoul and Daejeon over 1000 people
      Korean Market Analysis
    • 18. Customer Age Structure
    • 19. How often people eat chocolate ?
    • 20. Favorite Chocolate
    • 21. Chocolate shouldn’t have?
    • 22. Young generation (teen and young adult): active, want to express themselves, comfort with internet technology
      Products: Handmade chocolate, Chocolate with low fat and calories, service
      Promotion: Social Network promotion with supper stars: naver, youtube, …
      Targeted Market
      • X Generation: more educated, mobile and wealthy segments
      • 23. Products: Luxury gift package
      • 24. Promotion: Focus on quality of product and products which offer luxury like: limited chocolate
    • New Line Products 2010
      For Korean Market
    • 25. Sugarless
      All natural ingredients: contains a proprietary herbal formula
      Made from finest finest ingredients that are mostly organic and contains no sugar
      No Artificial Sweaters
      Anti oxidant.
      Certificate from Labs in Seoul University
      Healthy Chocolate with SolChoco
    • 26. Organic Cocoa Liquor: made from cocoa in Indo and no contain unwanted gases -> maintaining its anti oxidant and nutritional value at maximum.
      Organic cocoa butter: We not processed and deodorized -> full nutrient value
      Xylitol: prevent tooth decay bacteria decrease blood sugar level. made in the USA from organically grown trees.
      Organic Lecithin: essential element of our food.  It is known to help control cholesterol levels.
      • Bio flavonoid: A strong anti oxidant
      • 27. Herbal Igredients:
      MomordicaCharantia(Bitter Melon in China) regulate blood sugar level
      Noni Fruit (Indian fruit Mulberry) high in nutrients and a strong anti oxidant.
      Ellagic Acid and Green Tea Extract
    • 28. Thinks about it
      10 746 ORAC = 13 200 W
      10 746 ORAC = 5 000 W
      Method of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological samples
    • 29. Low fat chocolates, with sugarless and anti oxidant
      Royal Chocolates
    • 30. 60% Korean eat fruit everyday. Fruit Chocolate it is tastier and helthier
      Fruit Chocolate
    • 31. Season gifts and Luxury Gift, Limited Gift
      Gift Basket
    • 32. Biscuits, Coffee, Cake
    • 33.
    • 34. Financial Plans
      Financial Statement
      Income Statement
      Cash low projection
    • 35. Income Statement monthly in each year
    • 36. Operating expenses amount to $29 880 per month
      will generate $720,000 in sales in its second year of operations.
      The gross profit is expected to remain at approximately 40%, yielding $80,000 to cover administrative expenses.
      Fixed cost limited to $4. 600/months for:
      Store in downtown ($3 000)
      Electricity and telephone fee (840$)
      Cash Low Statement
    • 37. Control inventory levels very carefully
      Try to ensure that we have the right amount of inventory to fill customer orders ->we minimize product spoilage
      Do not anticipate problems in the collection of accounts receivable.
      Inventory Controlling
    • 38. Marketing Plans
      Be Sexy with Solchoco
    • 39. Membership card and volume discount available (10%)
      Prices are comparable to the competition
      BUT, our chocolate not compete in price, we focus on quality of products and customer satisfaction
      Pricing Stragety
    • 40. Sale and distribution
      • Store in downtown Daejeon
      • 41. Pick-up and deliver service (only for gift package)
      • 42. Website
    • 43. Local newspaper advertising ($3,000)
      Community bulletin boards (free)
      Direct sales
      Direct mail ($1,600)
      Store front signage (included in leasehold improvements)
      Frequent user program (see sales discounts in financial statements)
      Advertising and Promotion
    • 44. Advertising with super star in Korea