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Why was the American West Wild?

Why was the American West Wild?



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Ppp   Why Wild West Ppp Why Wild West Presentation Transcript

  • Rules of the History Department
    • You arrive at the lesson on time and line up quietly outside. (EXPECT)
    • When invited in you have 90 seconds to find all the equipment you need for the lesson. You then sit in silence until the register is taken. (RESPECT / EXPECT)
    • This is YOUR book. Bring it to all lessons. (COMMITMENT)
    • Put a DATE and TITLE on EVERY piece of work, and make sure they are UNDERLINED with a RULER and presented neatly. (EXPECT)
    • SPELLING, PUNCTUATION and GRAMMAR are very important CHECK your work carefully before you finish. (EXPECT)
    • Corrections will be written in the back inside cover of your book. If you make a mistake in your work, cross it out with ONE neat line. (EXPECT)
    • Draw in pencil, colour pictures and label in ink. (EXPECT)
    • Write your homework down in your planner. It must be completed and handed in on time. If missing there must be a note. (COMMITMENT)
    • You are expected to behave in a polite and sensible manner during lessons. (RESPECT / ACKNOWLEDGE)
    • Always do your best. (COMMITMENT)
  • GCSE History work – course introduction Task 1: First page of your new book stick in the summary of the course: Schools History Project (EDEXCEL Board) ½ term Examination Revision Year 11 Coursework (12½% of final mark) ¾ term Modern World Study 20 th Century Ireland Year 11 Paper I&II exam (52.5% of final mark) 2 terms Development Study Medicine Through Time Year 11 Coursework (12½% of final mark) ¾ term Local Study Gressenhall Year 10 Paper I exam (22.5% of final mark) 1 ½ terms Study in Depth The American West, 1840-1895 Year 10
  • The WILD West
  • Why was the West considered ‘Wild’?
  • What does it tell us about why the ‘Wild West’? What might make us doubt the reliability of this source about life in the American West? What questions does this source make us want to ask?
  • 1775 – War of Independence
  • Timeline of the USA
    • 1783 Thirteen original states
    • 1800 The United States
    • 1803 Louisiana Purchase (From France)
    • 1810-19 Florida (From Spain)
    • 1845 Texas Independent until 1845
    • 1846 Oregon Territory (From Britain)
    • 1848 California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico (From Mexico)
    • 1853 South Arizona
  • Why was the West considered ‘Wild’?
    • The American West =
  • In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed west from Europe when he found the continent of America. He said of the native people “There is not in the world a better nation. Their manners are decorous (correct) and praiseworthy” Why was the West considered ‘Wild’? Vs.