Cn 6.3 hero's journey
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  • 1. 19  March  2012 Magandang Hapon Po (Tagalog, Phillipines)! Last week, we learned about archetypal characters and found archetypes in The Simpsons. Today, we will look at another kind of archetype, the archetypal story of the Hero’s journey. Do Now: Set up a clean page in your journal with the MLA heading... 31. wilfred then said, lets go tell that nasty nerd of a hippopotamus to plummet off a cliff
  • 2. Pair Share:Who do you think of as a hero? Why?
  • 3. what movies are said to have theexact same plot as older films, orother stories?
  • 4. Unusual birthOften unusual circumstancessurrounding the birth of a hero.The hero is frequently born toroyalty or has a god or goddessas parent(s). The hero issometimes in danger at birth andneeds to be hidden or disguised.Call to adventureUsually a traumatic event occursthat leads to the hero wanting orneeding to leave home. He orshe may refuse to leave at first,only to be convinced, tricked, orforced into leaving later.Supernatural helperThe hero is usually aided bysomeone, often old and wise, withmagical and mystical power, whoserves as a guide and mentor asthe hero embarks into a newworld and faces challenges to hisor her life and character.Talisman or special weaponThe hero often has a weapon orprotective device given to him orher that will be useful on thejourney. The supernatural helpermay be the one to give the herothe weapon or to tell him or herabout it.
  • 5. Crossing the thresholdAt some point, the hero leavesthe familiar, safe world ofchildhood and home and entersfully into the new world of thejourney.TrialsThe hero has to succeed at aseries of trials that challengeand build his or her moralstrength and character. Often adescent into the underworldwhere the hero may experiencea wound that cannot be healed.Achievement of goalUpon successful completion ofthe trials, the hero achieves theultimate goal of the journey.Reward for achievement ofgoalOften, if a division or conflict withthe heros father-figure is part ofthe heros journey, the reward isreconciliation or healing with thefather.Return homeThe hero again crosses thethreshold and returns home. Heor she brings new wisdom andimportant cultural values back tothe community upon return.
  • 6. Exit Journal:How is this story similar to other "heros journeys"that you have read or viewed before?
  • 7. Homework:1. Work on UM 6.3 Heros Journey