The Business Acceleration Doctrine Part 1 of 8


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Here is your chance to finally build your business and make the cash your products and services deserve with these powerful business acceleration secrets.

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The Business Acceleration Doctrine Part 1 of 8

  1. 1. Before You Dive In
  2. 2. Joint Ventures Best Way To Reach More People In Target Products On The Internet Without Having To Really Do Anything Ultimate Form Of No-Risk Advertising  Partners Do Marketing For Profit Sharing  Pay Only When A Sale Is Made
  3. 3. Basic Operation Operate Like Normal Affiliate Program  Exception: In Normal Affiliate Program Only About 10% -15% Of Affiliates Sell Account For 85% - 90% Of Sales 80% Of Affiliates Have Sales That Trickle In From Time To Time Some Affiliates Never Makes Any Sales
  4. 4. Super Affiliates Needed To Operate A More Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign Refers To Joint Venture Partners  With Marketing Know-How & Resources To Sell Large Volumes Of Product Or Service Consistently
  5. 5. Super Affiliate Characteristics Large Enough Opt In List To Sell Large Volume Of Product/Service In A Short Time  Ezine Owner Website With Heavy Monthly Traffic That Targets Desired Market Trusted by Consumers In Buying Decisions  Key To More Profits & Success = Find & Recruit Highly Productive "Super Affiliates" To Sell Products/Services
  6. 6. Finding the Perfect Partner Considerations Before Going Into A Joint Venture  Idea Of Perfect Partners  Find Who Sells Products Similar To Yours  Think Like The Customers You Want To Reach Questions To Ask  Where Do Your Perfect Customers Go Online?  Who Is Your Competition?  Who Publishes Content To Your Target Market?
  7. 7. Partnering With Competition Questions Lead To Potential Joint Venture Partners  Partnering With Competition Most Business Owners Believe Competition Is Bad  Turn Competitors Into Partners Joint Venture Partnerships Thrive Because Of Competition
  8. 8. What You Will Learn How To Make Any Competing Business A New Profit Center  Many Will Be Willing To Go Into Joint Venture  Many Will Review Joint Venture Proposal & Jump At The Opportunity Of Partnership Apply What You Are About To Learn
  9. 9. Four Major Steps Super Affiliates Recruitment 1. Test Product First 2. Create Good Sales Tools For Joint Venture Partners 3. Find Joint Venture Partners 4. Lure Them Into The Program
  10. 10. Step 1: Test Your Product
  11. 11. Test The Market The Very First Thing To Do Don’t Recruit Joint Venture Partners For A Product That Won’t Sell Buy Ezine Advertising In A Publication Targeting The Market  Easiest & Cheapest Way To Test Products/Services
  12. 12. Advertising Ezine Ad For Skin Care Products  Focus On Health Care Or Women’s Health Women More Concerned About Skin Than Men Ezine Ad For Car Alarms  Buy Ads Covering Car Care, Maintenance, Etc. Test Classified Ads & Solo Ads If Possible
  13. 13. Advertising Solo Ads  More Expensive Than Classified Ads  Pull More Response Buy Ezine Ads That Target Specific Customer Test Ad Copy Before Finding Joint Venture Partners Test With Own Opt-In Email List First
  14. 14. Step 2:Create Good Sales Tools For Your JV Partners
  15. 15. Purpose of Sales Tools Make It Easy For JV Partners To Sell  Easier To Get A Yes For Joint Venture Offers  Affiliates Get Marketing Message To As Many Qualified Prospects As Possible Lean Mean Sales Machine Takes Over After
  16. 16. Good Sales Tools Classified Ads Solo Ads Solo Ads In Ezines Articles For Affiliates Professional Graphics Good Banners Endorsements Good Email Follow Up Letters & Reports
  17. 17. Classified Ads Affiliates Make Sales By Running Classified Ads In Ezines Test Before Starting Affiliate Program Allow Affiliates To Use Same Ads To Run In Other Ezines
  18. 18. Solo Ads Higher ROI (Return On Investment) Than Any Other Form Of Internet Advertising Use Same Headline In Tested Classified Ads Expand Body Of Classified Ads Into More Detailed Solo Ads  Express More Benefits
  19. 19. Solo Ads In Ezines Higher Priced Than Classified & Sponsor Ads  Ads Go Alone To Entire Subscription Base Create & Use Own Headline As Subject Line Of Email Solo Ads Produce Greatest Returns Test Classified & Solo Ads To Own Opt List First  See What Ads Pull The Most Response
  20. 20. Writing Articles For Affiliates Many Affiliates Run Own Ezine Or Opt-In Email Lists Quality Content To Supply List With  Write Good Articles Related To Product  Useful Content Not Just Another Ad  Save Affiliates’ Time  Free Content They Can Publish To List Increase Response To Joint Venture More Than Regular Advertisement
  21. 21. Professional Graphics Good Professional Photos Of Product Good Graphics Or Logos Representing Company & Product/Service Let Affiliates Put Graphics & Photos On Their Websites Combine Graphics & Text = Ad Copy Part Of Graphic
  22. 22. Create Good Banners Banners Don’t Work As Well As They Used To Lots Of Affiliates Still Choose To Use Them Create A Few Simple Text Banners With Headline & Some Of Benefit Packed Ad Copy  Keep Text Size To 9-11  Get Visitors’ Attention & Headline & Ad Copy
  23. 23. Write Endorsements Write Endorsement For Own Product Should Be Written As If They Came Directly From Partners  If Partner Would Rather Write His Own They Can Still Use Your Example As A Guideline Few Paragraphs Long  Include Information About Product Benefits & The Company
  24. 24. Write Good Follow-Up Letters & Reports  One Of The Most Useful Tactics To Help Affiliates Generate Sales  Write 3-5 Good Email Follow Up Letters  Write Five Part Report Or Course Affiliates Can Give Away For Free On An Auto Responder
  25. 25. Sales Tools For Recruitment To Recruit Super Affiliate JV Partners Have At Least Five Tools:  Classified Ads  Solo Ads  Articles  Endorsements  Email Follow Up Letters & Reports
  26. 26. Step 3: Finding & Recruiting Your Super AffiliateJoint Venture Partners
  27. 27. Super Affiliate Characteristics Large Opt In List To Sell Large Volume Of Product/Service In A Short Time  Ezine Owner Website With Heavy Monthly Traffic & Content That Targets Desired Market Respected Enough To Trust Recommendations On Buying Decisions  Experts Or Forum/Message Board Moderators
  28. 28. Finding Super Affiliates Through Ezine Directories Ezine Publishers  Best Affiliates & Joint Venture Partners  Publish Content For Your Target Market  Excellent Prospects To Target Affiliate Program  Have An Email List Full Of People Interested In The Product
  29. 29. Finding Super Affiliates Through Ezine Directories Small-Medium Size Ezines Likely Candidates For Joint Venture Deals  Just Getting Started  Need To Bring In Revenue To New Business Make Sure Online Publications Related To Target Market  Have At Least 1000 Subscribers
  30. 30. Finding Super Affiliates Through Ezine Directories  Go After Larger Size Ezines But:  Don’t Overlook An Ezine With Small Subscriber Base  Owner May Publish Very Good Ezine  Loyal Subscribers Buy Product Recommended
  31. 31. Finding JV Partners Through Internet Many Webmasters May Have Unlisted Opt- In Email/Ezine List Tools Available To Locate Potential Joint Venture Partners  Download Free Applications & Install Software  Valuable Tools For Finding Webmaster For Affiliate Joint Venture
  32. 32. Tool # 1 Download Copernic 2000 Search Engine  Registered Contact Information On Over 10,000,000 Webmasters  Simultaneous Search Of Top 10 Search Engines Time Saving Feature  Search By Answering Specific Question, Exact Phrase Search, Or Search For Words In Any Combination
  33. 33. Tool # 2 Download Alexa 5.0  Gives Detailed & Specific Information About The Website Located Traffic Ratings, Contact Information, Physical Address, Fax Number, Email & How Long Website Has Been Online  Works With Internet Explorer By Automatic Integration After Installation
  34. 34. Working With The Tools Open Copernic Search Engine Click On "Search" Then Click On "New“  New Window = "New Search-the Web“ Brainstorm  "What Would A Person Looking For Your Type Of Product Or Service Be Searching For?"  "Where Would They Go And What Are Some Other Services Or Products On The Internet That They Might Need That Are Similar To Yours?"
  35. 35. Working With The Tools  To Find Potential Customers, Think Like Them  Come Up With As Many Search Terms, Keywords & Phrases As Possible Use Keywords & Phrases As Search Terms On Copernic
  36. 36. Working With The Tools Open Internet Explorer With Alexa Software Integrated Into The Tool Bar Just Below The Address Line  Check Amount Of Traffic The Site Is Getting  Indicated By The Number Of Stars  Star System One Star Means Lowest Traffic Five Stars Mean Extremely High Traffic
  37. 37. Working With The Tools  Sites With One Star Traffic Not The Businesses To Set Up JV Deals With  Find Sites With Good Traffic  Doesn’t Have To Be Five Star  At Least Two Star Traffic Should Do  Get Contact Information For Chosen Website
  38. 38. Working With The Tools Look For The Alexa Logo Click On Lowercase Letter "I“ Symbol  Browser Will Be Split Screen = Two Windows  On The Right = Same Web Site Visited  On The Left = "Site Info" Tab Click On "Site Info" Tab
  39. 39. Working With The Tools Information Needed = Owners Name, Email Address, Street Address & Fax Number  Save Information  Will Need This Information When Ready To Contact Related Web Sites Often Have High Traffic  Good Joint Venture Partners
  40. 40. Working With The Tools Visit "Related Links" Websites  Check For Two Or More Stars Traffic  Add To Contact List  Go To Related Links Of New Websites Found Continue Following Links Down Until Two Star Traffic Sites Are Identified Potential Affiliate Joint Venture Partners
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