Real Estate Leadership: Generations and Communications
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Real Estate Leadership: Generations and Communications



Presentation on leading in the Real Estate industry today and beyond... This session covers generational differences and how to communicate to bring them all together.

Presentation on leading in the Real Estate industry today and beyond... This session covers generational differences and how to communicate to bring them all together.



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Real Estate Leadership: Generations and Communications Real Estate Leadership: Generations and Communications Presentation Transcript

  • How To StealTheir AttentionREALTORS® - Generations and Communications Matthew Rathbun ABR/M, AHWD, BPOR, CDPE, CRB, ePRO, GREEN, GRI, SFR, SRS
  • The Target Audience
  • Who Are These People?
  • Seniors | GI Generation Gen X 1900-1925 1965 - 1980Seniors | Silent Generation Gen Y 1900-1925 1980 - 2000 Baby Boomers Next Gen 1945 - 1965 2000 - Present
  • Generational Workplace Maintenance Traditionalist Boomer Gen X Gen Yers Too much and I’ll Required to keep Continuous and Training The hard way leave me expected Collaborative & Learning style Classroom Facilitated Independent networked Communications style Top down Guarded Hub & Spoke Collaborative Problem-solving Hierarchical Horizontal Independent Collaborative Decision-making Seeks approval Team informed Team included Team decided Leadership style Command & control Get out of the way Coach Partner No news is good Feedback Once per year Weekly/Daily On demand news Unable to work Unfathomable if not Technology use Uncomfortable Unsure without it provided Part of my daily Job changing Sets me back Sets me back Necessary routineSource: Lynne C. Lancaster and David Stillman. When Generations Collide:Who They Are. Why They Clash. How To Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work (HarperBusiness, 2002)
  • 5 GI - Silent Generation Considerations• Address by Mr./Mrs. Unless authorized• Respects process, procedure, laws, specialists, designations; experience, stability• Verify preferred method of communication• Appreciates personal touches• Very loyal• Use larger type fonts• May have more time• Requires patience
  • 3 Boomer Generation Considerations• Custom marketing uniquely prepared for them• May not appreciate your value• Include Resumes, Designations & Experience• Communications must be in color with larger type• High Maintenance – Constant Attention• Probably uses email• Time is precious• Limited Loyalty• Income Rich, cash poor
  • Gen X Generation Considerations• Expect technology savvy professionals, online presence with rich content and easy to use• Expect a packaged solution with high-caliber skills and advocacy• Will be your business partner• Email and texting preferred• Use smart phones w/ mobile apps, QR codes• Will be loyal if they choose you• High Expectations• E-Transaction 16
  • 4 Gen Y Generation Considerations• GenY and NextGen+ are very comfortable in a virtual environment and global community• Buy-in will not be restricted by domestic boundaries; crossing a threshold may not be necessary to make a decision; property portals will include all decision points• Will be an involved partner• E-Transaction (search to close) will be the new normal• What else?!!! 18
  • RewardsTraditionalists (GI / Silent Generation) “Support me in shifting the balance.”Baby Boomers “Help me balance everyone else and find meaning myself.”Gen Xers “Give me balance now, not when I’m sixty- five.”Gen Yers “Work isn’t everything, I need flexibility so I can balance all my activities.” Source: When Generations Collide - Lancaster & Stillman
  • 3 Benefits of Multi-Generational Teams Active engagement  –  reduces  the  risk  of  group  think  by   encouraging   dynamic   thinking   whereby   everyone   openly   ques:ons  and  validates  the  team’s  thought  process. Increased innovation and creativity   –  a  diverse  mix   of  perspec:ves   will  foster  new  ways  of  looking  at  solu:ons   and   opportuni:es   giving   your   organiza:on   a   compe::ve   advantage. Built-in mentoring –   prac:cal   way   to   fill   skill   gaps;   inexperienced  members  learn  how  to  avoid  “old  mistakes”   and   make   new   ones,   experienced   members   learn   how   to   envision  solu:ons  outside  their  comfort  zone
  • Realtors® By Years of Experience <1 Year - 6% 2 Years - 4% 4% 4% 4% 3 Years - 4% 4% 6% 4 years - 4% 3% 5 Years - 5% 6-10 Years - 27% 11-15 Years - 14%17% 26% 16-25 Years - 19% 26-39 Years - 17% 40+ - 3% 19% 14% Source: 2012 NAR Member Profile
  • Average Annual Income $28,700 - Sales Associate
  • REALTORS® Spend an Average of $600in Personal Development and $560 in Personal Promotion Each Year Source: 2012 NAR Member Profile
  • Firm Affiliation 59% Independent 38% FranchisesSource: 2012 NAR Membership Profile
  • Use of Social Media Yes - 54% No - 27% In Future - 9% 10%30% 60% Source: 2012 NAR Member Profile
  • Demographics 60% of Limits Realtors are Role Females 72% Married Only 5% have Real 93% Vote Estate as first career 50% are 2 person Average households combined household income is $93,000Source: 2012 NAR Member Profile
  • 66% of Realtors are under 55
  • 90% Have Some Level of College Experience
  • 100 93 9275 Communication Tools 78 Used by Realtors Daily50 3525 14 9 0 2 Email - 93% PC - 92% SmartPhone - 78% Instant Msg - 35% Cell Phone - 14% Blogs - 9% Podcasts - 2% Source: NAR 2012 Member Profile
  • Your PriorityMay Not Be Their Priorities48% of REALTORS work over 60 hours per week
  • YouTube: Day Made of Glass
  • Mobile Agents
  • Crafting A Message
  • Marke&ng  is  a  Conversa&on
  • “Selling to people whoactually want to hearfrom you is moreeffective thaninterrupting strangerswho dont,” -Seth Godin
  • Ignore The Real World
  • Be Careful What You Ask For
  • Target Your Audience
  • The Length of Your Message Should BeLike A Skirt -Long Enough To Cover Everything, But Short Enough To RemainInteresting...
  • Capture The Heart of the Broker
  • Letting Go Is Hard To Do...
  • TakeIt Off-Line, Too! 34
  • Telling ‘em Doesn’t Count You Have to Show ‘em? Real Estate marketing Engagement Technology Video Clients
  • Respect “On-The-Go”
  • Don’t Get InThe Agents Way
  • Listen First 38
  • Building A Tribe
  • Resources Must Be Easy To Access
  • “Right NOW” Learning and Access
  • 42
  • Getting Their Attention
  • Become A Disruption
  • Don’t Strangle Creativity
  • Communications Tool Box
  • What’s Tuesday - Video Editing Next Next Monday - YouTube Next Wed. - Socializing Video Why Video Always Be Selling... The Next Opportunity
  • Huge Viewership | Simple | FREE
  • Video Library
  • Video Once - Teach OnceGuest Speakers | Recruitment Shorts | Teasers | Promos
  • Blogging: Recruitment and RetentionsMulti-Author ApproachWriting for Agents and Consumers Pace RSS is your Friend Forum based tool for agents Budgets 53
  • Groups |Business Page 54
  • Events 55
  • 56
  • .com
  • Idea Flight For iPad
  • 60
  • Let’s Meet Online
  • hangouts
  • 64
  • Groups
  • .com
  • 71
  • 72
  • Building The Plan
  • Class Participation Define Your
  • Create A Marketing Plan •Invest A Percentage of your Income •Identify Effective Manual & Online Tools •Analyze The Expected ROI •Invest Monthly For Continuity •Track Your Results
  • Target Mission Funding Core Purpose Schedule Rules Resources
  • The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.~Stephen R. Covey
  • Choosing The Collaborators
  • Measured Engagement• 1 to 15 Rule• Keep it Positive!• Spend about 20 minutes a day engaging others• Spend about 20 minutes a day creating• Don’t chase every tool 80
  • Seminars
  • Tech-Fatigue
  • Green’ing The Process
  • How will you respond when I Want MyJet-Pack!
  • MRIS|Case Study 85
  • With Great Numbers,Comes Great Responsibility
  • Humanized MessageRewards Put the Conversation on Users Turf Created Transparency Resolved Conflict Created an Environment
  • Resources
  • Book Recommendations