Pre Licensing First Session
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Pre Licensing First Session



This is the slide presentation for the first session of the RECA Virginia Prelicensing class, held at the Fredericksburg Association of Realtors.

This is the slide presentation for the first session of the RECA Virginia Prelicensing class, held at the Fredericksburg Association of Realtors.



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Pre Licensing First Session Pre Licensing First Session Presentation Transcript

  • Real Estate Pre-licensing Real Estate as a Career Matthew Rathbun, Licensed Broker ABR, ABRM, ASR, CSP, e-PRO, Eco-Broker, GRI, GREEN, SRES Director of Professional Development
  • How we roll! Virginia Requires 60 hours of Education RECA’s Final Exam PSI’s Final Exam Need for a Broker License Activation School Policies
  • Start Reading Now! 21 Things I Wish My Broker Had Told Me Frank Cook The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Gary Keller
  • 7 Mistakes Rookies Make 2. Not Using 1. No Business 3. Not Maximizing Resources or Marketing Your Productivity. Available to Plan You 5. Not Purchasing 4. Not Earning Equipment as a Designations. Business Entity. 6. Not 7. No Income Crafting Your Buffer, Passive Message to Income, or Nest Focus on Egg. Prospects. Source: Terry Watson -
  • Real Estate is ‘Big Business’ What Interests you? Residential Commercial Investment Property Management Industrial Agricultural Special Purpose
  • Brokers Settlement Company Appraisers Buyers Attorneys Developers Sellers Education Lenders Assistants Home Inspectors REO Property Managers
  • The Battle of Supply and Demand
  • Licensee versus REALTOR® Power of Trade Associations Voluntary Involvement, based on Broker The REALTOR® Code of Ethics Annual Dues Joining REALTOR® Designations and Certifications
  • Lockbox Systems NOT to be shared Type Dictated by Agreement Combo Box Liability E and O Insurance Listing Agreement Security Risk Confirmation of who Gets Code Multiple System Situations
  • Brokerage Considerations Franchises and Independents Independent Contract versus Salary Errors and Omission Insurance Broker Culture Training and Development Options Mentoring Programs Experience of Company Market Area Services Offered
  • How Commissions Work Listing Agreement Dictates Commission Listing Brokerage “Co-Brokers” and offers Buyer Agent a share of the fee. MLS dictates compensation Change in Compensation must be negotiated prior to introducing client to property You may not negotiate the Commission as part of the Contract Paid after recordation of the Deed May ONLY be paid to the broker and then disbursed to agent “Sharing” Commission with client must be disclosed on Settlement Statement
  • Broker Commission Example $250,000 Home Sales Price 2.5% Commission to the Buyer Agent (Just an Example) 2.5% of $250,000 = $6, 250 $6,250 split 50% with Broker (Splits are Negotiable) = $3,125
  • Personal Commission Breakdowns $3125 (Brought over from last slide) -$187 6% Franchise Fee (Varies) $2938 -$588 20% for Taxes $2350 -$235 10% Business Savings $2115 -$846 40% Back into Business Budget $1269 = Personal Income (from sale of $250,000 home)
  • Minimum Startup Fees (Estimates) $350 - Licensing Class $65 - PSI Final Exam $850 - Association Fee (Prorated Estimate) $200 - Lockbox Key Fee (Annual) Real Estate is one of the $200 - MLS Quarterly Fee most inexpensive business $250 - Business Cards and Signs startups $300 - Errors and Omission Insurance $250 - Contract Software $2,465 Total Estimated Startup Fee
  • The median net income of REALTORS®, after accounting for taxes and expenses, was $23,200 in 2008. Based on our $250,00 sales price example, an agent would need to sell 18.5 homes per year to meet the national median in income
  • Agent by Speciality Residential Commercial Prop. Manage. Other 10% 4% 4% 82%
  • Agents Likely to Stay in Business 0 20 40 60 80 Very Certain 73 Somewhat Certain 20 Not Certain 7
  • Average Hours Worked Per Week 12% Less 20 Hrs 20-39 Hrs 40-59 Hrs 60+ Hrs 13% 41% 34%
  • Becoming a Business Person • You’re the: • CEO • CFO • Marketing Director • IT Staff • Research Analysis
  • Hours Money of Sacrifices Relationships Work Health Time Spiritual & Commitments Needs Recreation
  • Goals Action Plans Objectives Daily Actions Personal Bud"t Promotion Plan
  • Annual Income? 40 hours x 52 weeks = 2080 hours Desired Income ÷ 2080 Hours = Hourly Value Example: $100,000 ÷ 2080 = $48 per Hour
  • Tools of the Trade
  • 1. Use last year’s production as a “benchmark” $50,000 a. Last year’s income _________ (a) b. # of closings last year _______ (b) 19 c. __________ (a) divided by _______(b) $50,000 19 Equals _________________ $2,631.58 (Average Income Per Closing)
  • Where to Spend Your Time Develop Your Business Plan Develop Your Sphere of Influence Develop Your Knowledge (Agents with Designations make 64% more income) Know Your Market Area Know Your Resources