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Faar 2011 Jan Newsletter

  1. 1. January 2011 Defending the Mortgage Interest Deduction By Kim McClellan, Government Affairs Director W hile the media firestorm around “Homeownership Matters” as a way to edu- will utilize this campaign to work with our the Deficit Reduction Commis- cate elected officials and the public about local elected officials so they understand sion and the elimination or re- the benefits of homeownership. Wealth the value of the work that you do and the duction of the mortgage interest deduction creation, stable communities, and steady tax important benefits homeownership brings (MID) might have died down, the battle is revenues are just a few of the many benefits to the Fredericksburg area. far from over. MID is an integral part of of homeownership to individuals and the foundation of homeownership in this communities. Over the next year, FAAR You can do your part, too. On the back of country. Any suggestion that it be changed, this newsletter are some talking points you even if it never comes to fruition, is detri- can use when talking with clients who may mental to the real estate industry. Potential be concerned about what they heard on buyers who are on the fence may decide the news. You will also find a sample letter not to buy until they see what happens with on that same page you can send to your MID. Even discussion about reducing or Senators and local Congressman. If you eliminating the deduction can have a chilling are not sure who represents you, visit the effect on the already frozen housing market. REALTOR® Action Center website www. NAR has initiated a campaign called realtoractionceneter.com, sign in, and click “Manage Your Profile.” There you will find Citation System to streamline the resolution of a tab called “Elected Officials” that will include every member representing you at a complaints local, state and federal level. M embers often complain about FAAR and four other area Associations the unprofessional behavior of have joined to launch the Citation Program. fellow members but refuse to do The best feature of this system is that a anything about it. member can agree to pay a fine regarding alleged misbehavior and avoid the hearing SAVE THE DATE REALTORS® don’t file Ethics Complaints against other REALTORS® for a variety of process. Of course, the Respondent retains the right to have the full hearing to defend SUPRA reasons: his or her case. The program only covers Key Conversion Feb. 15 & 16 • Takes too much time certain Articles of the Code- 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, • Don’t want to sit through a long hearing and 12. The fines range from $150 to $500. with someone who might be involved in a future transaction With the Citation System, cases move • Nothing ever gets accomplished quickly through the system without neces- More Details • The penalties aren’t harsh enough sarily having to go through a lengthy hear- Coming Soon! • And a myriad of other excuses ing process and justice is still served. continued on page 4, Citation System
  2. 2. President’s Forum We made it, welcome to 2011! Save the Date! A Message from FAAR’s President January 20 RPAC Chili Cook-off Claire Focier-Rowe, ABR, ABRM, CRB, GRI January 28 FAAR Awards Sub- Coldwell Banker Elite-Massaponax mission Deadline FELLOW MEMBERS, upcoming hurdles and tackle them with February 3 Bingo Fundraiser ease because we are prepared, practiced, For the last several years we have seen February 8 FAAR Blood Drive and professional. We must be ready for great changes in our industry. I’m not business; we are engaged and we utilize the February 24 Quantico BRAC just talking about the drop in house values tools of our trade association. Forum or the problems with short sales, or the communication delays when dealing with So how do we do this? Well, we March 10 Member Mixer Spiltsville/Muvico REO properties. I am referring to the loss acknowledge that IT’S TIME! of excitement and fun that comes with this March 17 Homeless Shelter job. How do we get it back? How do we It’s time for what……….. Dinner make every day exciting when we know we It’s time to invest in your business. It’s time to educate yourself to be better April 2 Awards Dinner with have so many challenges? To be truthful, Guest Speaker Terry I don’t know either! What I do know is we skilled. Watson & have to! It’s time to understand the importance of Foundation Silent RPAC and invest. Auction We have to stop having others tell us about It’s time to turn back the negativity that April 16 RideVA 2011 Poker all the problems we are having and turn surrounds our business. Run Benefiting Habi- it around. NOW IS an amazing time to It’s time to let everyone know NOW is a tat for Humanity purchase, house prices are within reach, great time to buy a home! May 2 Golf Tournament plus your client can afford more home than It’s time for you to sell some homes! they could four years ago. Interest rates are It’s time for us to be thankful for this May 19 RPAC Cruise still low, yeah, so they have gone up to 5% wonderful profession – after all we picked it! - but 5% is still an amazing rate! Loans are It’s time for you to ask what you can do to June 16 Homeless Shelter Dinner harder because the underwriters are doing make FAAR better. their job, ok deal with it; make sure your It’s time for you to look in the mirror and July 12 REALTOR® Family clients are pre-approved with a lender you make a decision – success or failure! Day Kings Dominion trust! We still have 100% loans – some with restrictions but if you look they are still out As your President for 2011 it is my hope September 15 Homeless Shelter there! The market is different, we are the that we lighten up, have some fun, sell some Dinner lucky ones since we live in Virginia. Many homes, work hard and be acknowledged for September 21 Conference & other states saw their real estate market our dedication to our clients and customers. Trade Show crash. We saw a correction, yes it was a big We need to re-engage with each other. one, but every day we still have business! October 14 Member Mixer For the record, your Leadership Team and Barbara Kenny Art Show How do we keep our momentum going? I really care about all the members of our We must continue to make sure that our Association and our business after all, we October 1-27 Cereal Drive Representatives not only on the local or too are members. I expect that 2011 will state level but our Congressman knows that be another year with challenges but with October 27 Halloween Mixer we are facing challenging times. They need the right attitude and determination, we will to know that even though we have these continue to prevail. December 8 Installation Dinner challenges, we are committed to making It’s time, homeownership matter! We must be December 15 Homeless Shelter prepared by educating ourselves to handle Claire Dinner 2
  3. 3. 2010 in Review Highlights show dedication to the members and the public By Pat Breme, RCE, CIPS, Chief Executive Officer T he following are just some of the • Met RPAC Fair Share Goal. ber to re-examine the strategies/goals activities and milestones of the As- • Achieved 100% ethics class renewal for of FAAR. sociation during 2010. NAR’s Quadrennial Ethics Training. • Convert to the new SUPRA key. • Re-certified as an Association in com- • Continue meeting with the five Asso- Activities pliance with NAR regulations. ciations of the Ethics Dialogue Group • Added new events- Muvico/Spiltsville • Signed a new Regional Professional to identify other challenges to ethical and King Dominion Family Day. Standards Agreement with NVAR, behavior. Enhance and add new feature • Participated in Capitol Ale House Ok- DAAR BRAR, GPAAR, PWAR. to the Ethics Dialogue website. toberfest and raised over $4200 for the • Agreed to be part of a doctoral thesis • Launch the Citation Program, a shorter Foundation. research on organizational and indus- professional standards process, for • Co-hosted a legislative breakfast with trial psychology on how the emotions dealing with complaints. FABA. of agents and employees toward an • Launch Stellar Service, Phase II- “Our • Held about 200 RECA classes at- company determine its performance Commitment to You” campaign. tended by 2400 students. 240 members and achievement of its goals. • Work with DAAR and PWAR and acquired a SFR certification. • Launched an extensive marketing GPAAR to resume the Association • Participated in annual Ride VA to sup- campaign to increase awareness and Leadership Development Program in 2012. port Habitat for Humanity. discussion about the lock box system • Participate in the Affordable Housing • Held annual Golf Tournament at Fawn decision. Leadership and staff took the Awareness Week. Lake and October Halloween Mixer. issue on the road and visited numerous • Continue office visits by staff and • Hosted first ever President’s Reception offices. leadership. for FAAR’s Past Presidents. • Created a Property Management Work- • Re-format the annual RPAC cruise as • Hosted 6th Annual RPAC cruise. ing Group. well as creating new fundraising initiatives. • Sponsored Trade Show that had 13% • Added a fan page to Facebook to • Apply for NAR’s Young Professional more venders than 2009. enhance FAAR communications. Over Network status for Emerge. 330 members are following. • Rename Public Outreach to Public Achievements & Services Relations. Working Group will focus • Collected 82 pints of blood through New Staff on the NAR’s Homeownership Mat- three blood drives and 5219 boxes of Hired a new Educa- ters campaign to protect the Mortgage cereal in two Cereal Drives. Interest Deduction tax policy. tion Director, Valeri • Won an honorable mention in NAR Colon, who is tasked Game Changer program- $500 prize. to grow RECA, recruit New for 2011... • Launched a free prescription card new instructors, and Terry Watson member benefit program. look beyond the FAAR at Awards Dinner • Created an Affordable Housing Task jurisdiction for revenue opportunities. Make plans to attend FAAR’s Award Force, chaired by Christine Singhass Dinner on April 2. “I have heard Terry to discuss with local agencies and 2011 Promises More Change Watson multiple times at VAR and NAR. organizations about the accessibility of He is the funniest motivational, real • Purchase and migrate to a new mem- workforce housing. estate speaker I have ever heard. His bership database. knowledge base and ability to relay • Received $9500 in an Ira Gribin grant • Create a new website. that information with humor and logical for FAAR to create Hands Up for Educa- • Continue to explore social media op- application is outstanding. I cannot tors program. tions that will assist members in their wait to take my husband to hear and • Received $3000 in a NAR Housing experience a wonderful evening. Terry business and the Association communi- Opportunity Grant to fund activities Watson is a pure joy to listen to.” cations to the membership. during the 2011 Affordable Housing —Latana Locke • Hold a Strategic Planning session in Octo- Awareness Week. 3
  4. 4. Invest in RPAC FAAR recognizes RPAC Investors 2010 Key Investors By Kim McClellan, Government Affairs Director I $1,000 Level $99 Level, cont. t would not be possible to have such RPAC chairs will be making office visits to Kevin Breen Lewis Graves an effective Government Affairs talk about the importance of investing and Claire Forcier-RoweBettina Grein program at FAAR if it wasn’t for we will be hosting a series of local events Betty Jasmund Frances Heatherman the generosity and commitment of our sponsored by RPAC throughout the Freder- Suzy Stone Thomas Innes RPAC investors. In the past 8 months, icksburg area. Investing the Fair Share Goal Melanie Thompson Judith Jones the Government Affairs Committee and I of just $25 a YEAR will ensure that FAAR Cynthia Joskowiak have met with the entire General Assembly has the resources it needs to represent your $250 Level Philip King delegation, supported Cong. Rob Wittman interests. FAAR also knows that many of Pat Breme Jo Knight in his bid for reelection to the U.S. House, you go above and beyond your Fair Share Latana Locke Cindy LeBrun and supported Stafford Supervisor Susan Goal and for you, we are unveiling some- Brooke Miller C. Lynn Lenahan Stimpson in her quest for reelection to the thing extra special. Daniel Lesher Board of Supervisors. FAAR hosted a very $175 Level Debra Matalavage well attended Legislative Breakfast and the For all FAAR RPAC investors of $250 or Suzanne Brady Gregory McCracken Government Affairs Committee attended more, you will get an exclusive invitation to Dottie McGinnis numerous meetings with Planning Commis- an all-expense paid multiple course meal at $99 Level David Moberly sion members, Supervisors, and allies in the a lovely location in the Fredericksburg area. Sabrina Anderson Betty Jo Morecock industry. RPAC is the muscle behind our You can pledge $250 or more now and pay Sherry Bailey Thomas Neal legislative efforts. These elected officials in installments throughout the year. FAAR John Baker Kathy Rice know that the support of REALTORS® recognizes the commitment and dedication Ann Black Georgia Richardson is incredibly important because we are an it takes to be a major investor and we want Michelle Bohn Robert Rochon active, engaged group with many ties to our to thank you. Mike Boitnott V. Lisa Rush-Smits communities. Milton Brown Sharon Shade FAAR would like to recognize all the inves- Allan Burrell Priscilla Sheeley FAAR is revamping its RPAC program for tors from 2010 and we look forward to a Suzanne Carlson Harrison Simpson the next year to make it even easier and very successful 2011. Thanks to our 2010 John Carruthers Christine Singhass more appealing for you to invest. Your investors! James Dixon Ralph Skidmore Kathleen Elim Sarah Stelmok Citation System, continued from front page Pamela Erber Frank Franco Rebecca Straley Chip Taylor The Citation System is for Code of Ethics agree to participate in the Citation System. Andrew Fristoe Denise Vrabel Complaints. Arbitration services are avail- If the Respondent agrees, he/she would pay Dale Gabardy Jane Wallace able only through the normal processes. a pre-set fine associated with that Article Rebecca Glazebrook Catherine Welch and/or attend mandatory education. Sarah Gordon Sha Williams-Hinnant How does it work? A REALTOR® or member of the public Complaints coming from the other par- tion System avoids an uncomfortable and files a complaint in the customary ticipating Associations (DAAR, PWAR, often times consuming hearing process. manner completing a Complaint Form with GPAAR, NVAR) will be treated in the same potential violated Articles cited and attach- way as outlined. A Complainant may have less time involved ing a narrative to describe the situation plus and still feel that justice was served, thereby any documentation to defend the position. Why take this option? Sounds like a protecting the industry from unethical If the Grievance Committee rules that the traffic ticket process. behavior. Articles cited make the case eligible for the The Citation System does operate much like Citation System, the respondent will be getting a traffic ticket. The alleged offender Look for a brochure from FAAR that will notified. Once notified, the Respondent has may accept the ticket or fight the ticket in detail the program. a certain amount of time to agree or not court. As a Respondent, electing the Cita- 4
  5. 5. RPAC Update RPAC raises the stakes By Suzy Stone and Hilary Fay, RPAC Chairs L ooking back at 2010, it was another protecting the mortgage interest deduction, getactive. If you’d like to come down just challenging year for real estate. The fighting against potential tax increases, and for Day on the Hill visits to the General first-time homebuyer tax credit, protecting the dream of homeownership Assembly, FAAR will be running a van on which greatly helped stimulate the housing for our clients. You can help by doing your Wednesday to Richmond for your conven- market, came to a close and the real estate Fair Share for FAAR. ience, check the FAAR calendar for more industry had to readjust to an incentive- details. free market. Foreclosures and short sales Investing your Fair Share Goal of just $25 continue to plague many neighborhoods will help protect your business and your NEW EVENT - REALTOR® Head Shots! and the discovery of potential mistakes in clients from onerous regulations and higher This event will be held in March and will the foreclosure process only exacerbates taxes. Investing in RPAC protects your feature a sitting with a photographer for that problem. In December, the President’s business but it’s also FUN! Here a few professional headshots for JUST $25!!! De- Deficit Reduction Commission issued highlights of RPAC events scheduled for 2011: tails will be announced soon, don’t miss this recommendations that suggested either re- great opportunity! ducing or eliminating the mortgage interest January 20th: Chili Cook-Off! deduction. Compete against your fellow REALTORS® May 19th: RPAC Cruise! for the best chili or come enjoy sample The newly revamped RPAC cruise will fea- In addition to issues at the federal level, tastings and cocktails for just $15! Register ture the Glass Onion Band, BBQ, and cock- every state and locality across the nation is online at www.faarmembers.com. tails while cruising the beautiful Potomac facing major budget deficits. Local elected River in the Vivian Hannah. The boat will officials will be looking to cut money wher- February 9th: Day on the Hill! depart at 4:00 p.m. and return promptly at ever they can and raise revenues however Attend VAR’s Legislative Conference by 8:00 p.m. No sitting on the river waiting for they can. While all of these issues can seem registering at http://www.varealtor.com/ Dahlgren weapons training to end! overwhelming for you and your business, there is something you can do about it: INVEST IN RPAC! RPAC dollars at all levels of government helped REALTORS® accomplish many victories last year. The homebuyer tax credit was expanded and extended to help even more individuals and families take advantage of historically low interest rates and realize their dreams of owning a home. REALTORS® have sat down at the table with the big banks to negotiate standardized rules for short sales and have worked with government agencies to keep the lines of credit open for worthy homebuyers. At the state level, RPAC dollars helped fight against increases in the recordation tax and helped support approval of a VRE station in Spotsylvania County. Looking at 2011, we must continue to have the resources nec- essary to support REALTOR® issues like 5
  6. 6. Real Estate Career Academy Kick-off the new year with RECA Upcoming RECA By Valeri Colon, Education Director Classes Meet your license renewal education RECA is proud to be offering new and up- To register for classes, go to www. requirements at one of our Post Licensing dated courses. Keep a look out for Broker faarmembers.com / click on the Edu- or Continuing Education Seminars. These Prelicensing, technology essentials, topics in cation button and then select “Online seminars are designed to meet all your Real Estate courses and a variety of other Registration.” mandatory and elective course requirements courses. in just a few days. To register online, visit January www.faarmembers.com/education. RECA Promises to... 11 Ethics • Guide you through license renewal 26 Broker Seminar RECA is hitting the road with our classes education requirements 27 New Instructor Orientation and is heading to an office near you with • Offer you high quality and relevant our RECA Road Shows. courses • Offer courses that keep you updated Feburary Road Shows include: on the latest information in Real Estate 2 GRI 409 • CE Seminar • Read your feedback and suggestions 3 Tech Share: iPad • Ethics • Attract and retain highly qualified 4 New Members Orientation/Ethics • Designation/certification classes instructors 8 PL Seminar - Day 1 • plus many more 9 The Key to HUD & FHA Loans If you have any suggestions for RECA, 10 PL Seminar - Day 2 To request a Road Show at your office send please contact Education Director Valeri 14 Technology Seminar - Day 1 an email to education@faarmembers.com Colon at vcolon@faarmembers.com. 15 PL Seminar - Day 3 16 Technology Seminar - Day 2 17 PL Seminar - Day 4 18 Technology Seminar - Day 3 22 CE Seminar - Day 1 22 Pre-Licensing Program Begins 23 Tax Strategy for REALTORS ® 24 CE Seminar - Day 2 FIND US ON... http://www.face- book.com/pages/ RECA/173152796043298 http://twitter.com/reca0 RECA’s schedule can also be found online at www.FAARmembers.com. Click on the calendar link in the top right corner of the home page. To see the class description, download the flier, or register online, click on the class and then click on “Event Details” in the pop up window. 6
  7. 7. FAAR Award Winners FAAR members recognized at Installation A t the December 8 Installation, Affiliate of the Year complishment of the recipients was that his FAAR recognized the recepients A special company and a special representa- or her team placed first in the annual Golf of the following awards. tive…this 2010 Affiliate of the Year is Wells Tournament. Fargo Home Mortgage loan officer Peter Silver Circle Award Habib. A member of FAAR since 2006, Code of Ethics The Silver Circle Award is presented to Peter has been a Award members who have been with FAAR for 25 consistent volun- This year’s REAL- continuous years. teer during those TOR® Code years. He has been of Ethics award Brenda Andrews - Long & Foster, Inc. Fred. a member of the winner is Sha Wil- Audrey Gardiner, GRI - Long & Foster, Inc. Fred. Special Functions liams- Hinnant of Working Group Previous winner Sherry 1st Choice Better Sue McDonnell, GRI - Long & Foster, Inc. Fred. Bailey presents the Previous winner since 2008. He has Code of Ethics Award Homes and Land. Debbie Bailey, ABR - REMAX Supercenter Michele Freemyers to Sha Williams-Hinnant She knows the presents Affiliate of the done the heavy Becky Glazebook - Johnson & Glazebrook Year award to Peter lifting for FAAR’s importance of education and training in her Rusty Knight, CREA - Aquia Realty, Inc. Habib Trade Shows, career as a REALTOR®. Sha sets the ex- Marilyn Love-Cody, GRI, CRS - Coldwell Halloween Mixers, Bingo nights and many ample to other members of ethical behavior Banker Elite Stafford other events. He is also an active member in business. She is a member of the Profes- Diane Mullen - Century 21 Battlefield Dahlgren of Emerge, FAAR’s young professionals sional Standards Committee and a hearing group and is also an RPAC contributor. panel member. Richard Snow, GRI, CBI, RECS - Snow Realty, Inc. His company is an Affiliated Marketing She believes in participating in the organiza- Keith Upshaw, GRI, ABR - Upshaw Realty Partner and supports many of FAAR’s tions that she is a member. Sha is a FAAR Joy Veazey - REMAX Allegiance Fred. actives with their sponsorship. He is well re- Past President and was a watchful steward spected professionally by the REALTOR® of FAAR’s finances during her time on the REALTOR® Emeritus Recognition community who often seek his advice. Board of Directors. She was selected 2006 NAR recognizes REALTORS® who have REALTOR® of the Year. been a member of the national, state and Peter co-chaired Special Functions in 2010 local Associations for 40 years or more. and is Vice Chair for 2011. A big 2010 ac- She takes advantage of opportunities to FAAR recently approved the membership improve the REALTOR® image and serves status and is proud to acknowledge that five on Community Outreach, Legislative & members have achieved the status and have Government Affairs, Special Functions, and been approved as REALTOR® Emeritus Multicultural Working Groups. members. While recognition is always appreciated, perhaps the best part of this Sha is always available to help someone, distinction is that the dues of the recipi- no matter what time of day or night. She ents are waived for as long as they are also makes time to serve on VAR working members. groups and special projects. Ruby Hawkins, Champion Homes Realty Nick Calamos, Coldwell Banker Carriage House Realty John Tulloss, Meekins & Associates Clockwise from top: Melanie Thompson pres- ents the Emeritus Award to Carole Williams, Jo Knight, Aquia Realty Jo Knight, Nick Calamos, and Ruby Hawkins. John Tulloss is not pictured. Carole Williams, Long & Foster, Inc.- Fred. 7
  8. 8. Protect the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) Send a letter to Congress MID Talking Points U se the following letter to send to Senators and Congressmen. To receive this letter • The mortgage interest deduction in an electronic version, email Kim McClellan at kmcclellan@faarmembers.com. Be is still alive and well and has NOT sure to sign your name to the letter. To find out their contact information for your been changed. area, go to www.realtoractioncenter.com and click on the “Manage Your Profile” then select • President Obama appointed a com- the “Elected Officicals” tab. mission to look at ways to reduce the federal deficit. One of the Dear <Input name of Member of Congress here>: Commission’s many suggestions On behalf of the more than 1,400 members and affiliate members of the Fredericksburg was to reduce or eliminate the Area Association of REALTORS®, I urge you to reject any attempts to change the mort- mortgage interest deduction. It gage interest deduction. was just a suggestion; not a law, not a bill proposed in Congress, Over 75 million homeowners in the United States take advantage of the mortgage interest not a federal regulation. deduction every year. The deduction has been in place for over a hundred years and has • Any reform of our nation’s tax incentivized home purchases that lead to stronger communities, steady local property taxes, code will take a long time and will and wealth creation for American families. Reducing or eliminating the mortgage inter- be complete with public com- est deduction would further erode property values across the country and put a chill on ments, debate, and significant input the already hard-hit housing market. Our economy would be faced with another round of from REALTORS®. foreclosures, further destabilizing recovery and harming the American public. • There are currently no votes scheduled in the U.S. Congress on Fredericksburg REALTORS® are on the front lines of the real estate economy in Virginia changing the mortgage interest and I respectfully request that you protect homeownership for your constituents by reject- deduction. ing any proposals to change the mortgage interest deduction. • If you are concerned about preserving this deduction, call or Thank you for your attention to this important issue. email your Member of Congress Sincerely, today and let them know how NAME important MID is to you. ADDRESS