IB Languages for 5th Formers 2012
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IB Languages for 5th Formers 2012






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IB Languages for 5th Formers 2012 IB Languages for 5th Formers 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • IB Languages at KES An Introduction
  • Course availability 2012-2013 Standard (SL) Higher (HL) Ab initio (AI)French  Spanish   German   Italian 
  • Qualified to teach Standard (SL) Higher (HL) Ab initio (AI)French DJA JLA HJC CMLD PJE KDPSpanish CRB HJC AE FCL RETGerman JLA AXH JH FCLItalian CMLD
  • Periods per week Standard (SL) Higher (HL) Ab initio (AI)French 4 6Spanish 4 6 4German 4 6 4Italian 4
  • Number of teachers Standard (SL) Higher (HL) Ab initio (AI)French 1 2Spanish 1 2 1German 1 2 1Italian 1 Subject to timetabling constraints
  • Suitable for students with IGCSE grade Standard (SL) Higher (HL) Ab initio (AI)French B A*Spanish B A* n/aGerman B A* n/aItalian n/a
  • SL/HL Course aims
  • SL/HL Course outline
  • SL/HL : a possible course structure
  • SL/HL : text typesAlthough there are topics, the course isnot organised around them.The central organising principle of IBlanguages is text types.
  • Text types : some examplesArticle, Blog, Diary entry, Brochure,Leaflet, Flyer, Pamphlet, Advertisement,Essay, Interview, Speech, Presentation,News report, Official report, Review, Setof instructions, Guidelines, Formal letter,Informal letter.
  • SL exams
  • HL exams
  • Ab initio
  • Ab initio
  • Ab initio : some text typesAdvertisement, Notice, Article from magazine,Novel, Blog, Picture, Book, Poem, Brochure,Postcard, Diary, Poster, Email, Questionnaire,Essay, Radio programme, Film, Recipe, Flyer,Report, Interview, Review, Invitation, Shortstory, Label, Social networking site, Formalletter, Informal letter, Song, List, Speech, Map,Survey, Menu, Timetable, Message, Travelguide, Note, Web page…
  • Ab initio : exams
  • ChallengesAll three courses (AI, SL, HL) are as challengingas each other, but in different ways.Ab initio, in particular, should not be seen asan easy option. It is not!All three courses set demanding standards andthe top grades can only be achieved by themost hard-working of students.
  • Advice : Higher LevelOnly take HL if you have a track record of success inlanguages and are considered by your teachers to bean able and committed linguist.Do not consider HL if you are likely to get anythingbelow an A* at IGCSE.This course is extremely demanding, but hugelyrewarding for those with the right skills, motivationand determination. It is the ideal route to languagestudy at university.
  • Advice : Standard LevelSL is usually the best option for most students. It isaccessible to those with an A or a B at IGCSE. Itallows you to build on the years you have alreadyinvested in language study.It is a challenging course. You will be expected toreach similar levels of competence to those on the HLcourse, but you will cover less ground on the way.The exams are shorter too.SL is the ideal course for non-specialist linguists.
  • Advice : Ab initioAb initio is the course to consider if it is moreimportant to you to make a fresh start than to buildon past success.It is a demanding course. You will be expected toreach a standard beyond that of IGCSE in only 4-5terms of study. That’s a tall order, but achievable ifyou are prepared to work hard and invest anappropriate amount of time in language studyoutside the classroom.
  • Course numbers, Divisions 2011-2012 Standard (SL) Higher (HL) Ab initio (AI)French 57 11Spanish 10 5 18German 4 3 0Italian 7
  • Course numbers, Divisions 2010-2011 Standard (SL) Higher (HL) Ab initio (AI)French 30 11Spanish 13 27 9German 8 4 0Italian 13