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Excel crop care ltd

  1. 1. AProject reportOnExcel Crop Care Limited.Prepared by Roll noMehul Rasadiya 42M.B.A SEM-IIACADEMIC YEAR: - 2012 – 2013GUIDED BYMs. Ripal MadhaniSUBMITTED TO
  2. 2. S T U D E N T D E C L A R A T I O NI the undersigned student Rasadiya Mehulkumar H. of K.K. ParekhInstitute of Management Studies – Amreli M.B.A. II Semester, herebydeclare that, the project on Excel Crop Care Ltd is my own work.In the partial fulfillment of Master Degree of Business Administration, I hadundergone project work at Excel Crop Care Ltd,Bhavnagar under the guidance ofMiss Ripal Madhani K. K. Parekh Institute of Management Studies – Amreli andsubmitted to Miss Ripal Madhani.This project work is my original work and has not been submitted to any whereearlier.Date:- Thanking You,Place: - Amreli Yours FaithfullyRasadiya Mehul
  3. 3. PREFACEThis project is prepared for when I take industrial visit at “EXCEL CROP CARELIMITED “, Bhavnagar.It is a very well known proverb that “The practice makes a man perfect.” Asper this proverb we can say that one can only become perfect by practicing. Heor she need to have enough knowledge of practical implementation in thecurrent scenario of the theoretical knowledge.As a student of management I have studied many theories in classroom but aftertaking Industrial visit, I have experienced and understood it in it fullest sense whichplays a vital role in business field.Hence, this report is been designed with the objective to gain practical exposureand to know the motivational analysis of organizational climate.During the industrial visit I met various functionaries of organization andinteracted with them. I sincerely thank them all whose cooperation andguidance enriched my knowledge and this report was made possible
  4. 4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTExperience is the best guide. I was lucky enough to have take visit for one day atExcel Crop Care Ltd. It provided me the best opportunity to learn things firsthand. It enables me to apply the theoretical knowledge and experience the results..It is very necessar y to have a guide when you are a fresher in the corporate worldbecause that helps us in finding our way our goals easily.I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the EXCEL CROP CARELTD. without their support, this project would not have been a success.I would also like to acknowledge and appreciate the guidance given to me by MissRipal Madhani Faculty Members of K.K.Parekh Institute of management Studies.
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION TO COMPANYEXCEL CROP CARE LTD is a devout provide of agriculture input tofarmers across the world. Your company has grown in experience and learning.Today it is poised to grow and hasplans ready! The focus is refreshed towardintroducing better product and service that are beyond crop protection and insupport of every farmer. Having identified soil health and nutrion product asimportant component to achieve this objective your company is Ready to Grow,for and with farmers!EXCEL CROP CARE LTD primarily manufactur es high qualitychemicals relevant to the needs of industries & marketed all over the 50 countriesaround the world.EXCEL CROP CARE LTD business was founded on a closerelationship with the farmers, who used its products & their derivatives from anoriginal narrow range of products for specific uses excel has expanded its activitiesso that today it provides the farmer with a broad range of products & technicalguidance. This range from initial conditioning of the sail, through preparationfor planting seed selection, irrigation, pest & insect control, maximizingproductivity and harvesting management
  7. 7. COMPANY PROFILENAME : Excel crop care ltdADDRESS : 6/2 ruvapari road, Bhavanagar-364005.Phone No. : 0278-2212410Fax No. : 091-278-2212410REGISTER OFFICE : 184-87 Swami Vivekananda Road,Jogeshvari (west) Mumbai-40012FORM OF UNIT : Public Ltd CompanyESTABLISHMENTYEAR : 1969
  8. 8. BOARD OF DIRECTORChairman : A.C.shroffExecutive chairman : P.K.Nar yanaManaging director : D.K.ShroffJoint M.D : J.R.NAIK,Mukul G. Asher,Sandeep Junnarkar,B.V.Bhargava,Douglas J.Rathbone,Kevin Martin,Sharad L. Patel,Vinayak B.Buch,Deepak Bhimani,Ninad D.Gupte,Secretary : PARIND BADSHAH
  9. 9. HISTORYIn 1932, C.C. Shroff, a young and brilliant science graduate, turneddown a scholarship to England. He was already bound f or another country: acountry as yet unborn, one which existed only in the hearts and mind of the men atthe helm of India s freedom movement.Independence is not a concept confined to the realms of politics. Shroffknew, that if India was to be at all self-reliant, she would have to manufacture herown basic products and chemicals with her own know-how. And to that end heworked with all his strength, faith and genius, he chose chemistry as his vehicle forthis. First he charted his own course of education, apprenticing himself to some ofthe more advance chemical enterprises of the time. His research laboratory wasthe kitchen at home, where he learnt to manufacture small useful things likemargarine and face cream. Slowly he was gaining the knowledge and confidence tostart off on his own.In 1941, while our leaders were tr ying to get the British out of India, C.C.Shroff was clearing out a buffalo shed in Jogeshwari, Bombay. When he nailed up asign that said, “Excel Crop Care”, he was making his declaration ofindependence- independence from foreign technology and knowhow.From the beginning, Excel Crop Care manufactured hazardous chemicals thathad
  10. 10. previously been imported. Chemicals that very few companies, evenabroad, knew how to manufacture. C.C. Shroff worked out his own technologies,which were cheaper, simpler and as efficient as any, world-wide. A few monthsafter he had set up shop, C.C. Shroff received a frantic call from Stanvac, a largepetroleum refiner y. An essential chemical could not be imported because of thewas. Could he do something? C.C. Shroff thought for a while, then said he could.He set to work at once; researching, experimenting, streamliningprocesses,working day and night. Just four days later, he dispatched the order. Itwas as good as the imported chemical and Stanvac was so pleased, it offeredto pay a price much higher than normal. C.C. Shroff refused. His costs did notjustify the higher price, and he would not take a paisa more than what he felt wasdue.This is a pattern that has repeated itself through Excel s history: quickresponse to a customer s needs, with excellent products at a fair price. Toovercharge customers or to give them shoddy goods – even in times of shortage –would be to compromise the integrity of the company.
  11. 11. PRODUCTSExcel crop care ltd. Is produce Agro chemicals productAll the products divided in 4 categories Insecticides Fungicides Herbicides (Weedicides) Organics INSECTICIDESEndocel ( Not produced last 2 years), Celcron, Hitcel, Tricel, Trizocel,Pyromite, Celphose, Commando, Acefex, Crotocel, Ultimate, ExcelAcetacel, Imidacel, Excel Wonderex, Super Glow, Robot, FUNGICIDESSulfex Gold, Hexol, Hexol Gold, Sulfex 80, Emisan, Gambay, D-Cel,Excel Merit,
  12. 12.  HERBICIDES (WEEDICIDES)Excel Mera-71, Glycel, Excel Take-5, Weedcel Super, Bipex, Sugam ORGANICSNutri s-90, Herbozyme, Makeup-70, Seedcel, Aminocel Gold, Mobicel-H,Feedcel, Excel Madhyam, Celrich, Phoscel, Tricho xp, Jivin(19:19:19)Jivin(15:15:00), Jivin(13:00:45), Jivin(12:00:61), Jivin(00:00:50),Jivin(00:52:34), Excel Sure Shot
  13. 13. MANUFACTURING PROCESSExcel crop care ltd. is producing Agro Chemicals as well as IndustrialChemicals for agriculture use. Most agriculture chemicals are beingmanufactured at Bhavnagar unit. Excel Crop Care Ltd. has three majormanufacturing units. They are as under.ProcessRaw MaterialsPlantReactorFiltrationThinlyChlorideSolidIntermediatesReactorFlakingPackingFeedback
  14. 14. PRODUCTION CAPACITY AND MANAGEMENT1 Year turn-over of the EXCEL CROP CARE LTD should have 7000 lakhs tun.Installation of 1.8 MW windmill in Kutch to help meet power requirement at theCompany’s Bhavnagar and Gajod Sites. Various measures to improve condensaterecovery system and thereby boiler fuel efficiency.The above measures of energy conservation have resulted in savings of power andfuel and power costs during the year under review.During the year under review, the Company introduced a new rust fungicide in theinternational market. This product is proposed to be introduced in the domesticmarket as well. The Company also introduced an acaricide which is well receivedin the market. To meet the changing market requirements, the Company has beenincreasing its retail pack range and augmenting and modifying its packagingfacilities. The Company continues its efforts at energy conservation and energycost reduction.
  15. 15. PRODUCTION PLANNINGProduct planning means planning for the product that is to decide whattype of product is to be produced or what needs or requirements the products is tosatisfy and for whom the products is meant. If the existing product lacks insatisfying the nee of consumers what type o modification is require or if theproduct fails to draw the attention of consumers or become unprofitabledespite best efforts. It should be eliminator if there; chance it should beimproves in terms of changing needs and preferences of the consumers.PRODUCTION PLANNING INVOLVES FOLLOWING STEPSDevelopment and introduction of new productModification of existing linesChanging needs and preferenceDiscontinuous of margined unprofitable or obsolete productThe above decisions are influence by many internal and external factors I.e.position of the market competitor, company policy, goodwill of the company,product image Product planning in Excel is doing in such a way that the productbecomes easily available to its user. There are three types of products planning donein excel
  16. 16. 1. LONG RANGE PLANNINGIt includes planning over a period of three to five years. Such simple planning isdoing at corporate level. It is for the overall department of organization.2. ANNUAL OPERATION PLANNINGThe annual operation planning is a yearly plan set by the corporate office afterconsulting the concern reasons from different sites. It involves marketingproduction and purchase function that are considering while setting up annualoperation planning.Market shareMarket demandMonsoon positionDistributorsMarket competition (direct and indirect)3. MONTHLY PLANNINGMonthly plans are formulating as the end of each of month for completing threemonths. As the planning, is making three times. It becomes mor e effectiveallowing for correction and changes I.e. it provides for a better review.
  17. 17. LAYOUT OF THE COMPANYPurchase raw material in warehouse.Transfer raw material in the operation department.Manufacturing the particular product department.
  18. 18. Plant layout
  19. 19. INVENTORY MANAGEMENTExcel crop care ltd. has techniques for maintaining inventor y at properlevel, the techniques adopted by Excel crop care ltd. are as under:1. Economic order qualities.2. Selective inventory contr ol ( ABC Analyses)Both techniques are used at the same time in Excel crop care ltd. So they never faceany crises of inventory.MANAGEMENT OF RECEIVABLE:o Excel crop care ltd. is investing consideration proportion ofworking capital in trade creditor book debt. So it should be managedwell company has fixed as30% of working capital in book debt.o Excel crop care ltd. has adopted selective credit policy to everycustomer but only that financial position is good and payment 3months credit facility to its customer.o Excel crop care ltd. has developed such optimum credit policythrough its liquidity position is very good and so, it is investing moreaims in book and attracting customers.
  20. 20. QUALITY MANAGEMENT Excel firmly believe in providing quality products. Information and servicesto our internal and external customers. Continuously ensure that the dynamic needs of all our customers arefulfilled to their total satisfaction. Which lead to quality material at competitive price and clean environment. All these shall be done by a rigorous annual goal setting process andperiodical performance review on goals. Endeavor to ensure the total involvement of all people and their wholehearted participation to fulfil the following objectives through motivation andtraining.Complete customer satisfaction.Continual improvement.Environmental excellence.Employee development.
  21. 21. CONCLUSIONExcel is not just the supplier of agro chemicals but trusted friends who haseducated them and grown with them, EXCEL has a free flow of communicationchannel. Excel crop care ltd is major supplier of agro chemical in national andinternational market. Orientation program conducted at excel enables the employeeto be familiar with the prevailing organizational climate. The green revolutionaccelerated in India with active support from excel, and when I take visit that time Irealized and experience a practical