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    Bio Board Bio Board Presentation Transcript

    • Michael Ramirez
      Power Point Portfolio
    • Personal Health History
      I was given the name Michael because my aunt wanted to name me Mickey Mouse, so my mom named me Michael.
      The meaning of my name is “who resembles God?”. It originated from Hebrew.
      I was born on February 12, 1992 in Artesia.
    • Family Health History: Family Tree
      Michael and Bianca
      Dad-Kurt Mom - Maria
      G- Frank Michelle G- Jose and Lara
      G.G- Bob, Aj, Lorna, Mary G.G- Miguel, Ab, juanal, Aana
      Cousins-Mike, Joe, Sarah Cousins- Fabi, Matrina, Jesus,
      Brothers/sisters - Paul, Jeff, Trish Brothers/sisters of mom- Eva, Arsi, Areil, Yessie
      Spouses: Craig, Jenny, Lin Spouses: Cali, Phil, Abraham, Jesus
      Kids of the siblings- Sheran,Chase Kids of brothers /siblings- Alicia, Keven, Ethan, Kevin, Denise Fabi, Danny, David, kim, christian
    • Family Health History: Interview
      Interviewing AanaJauregui:
      How was growing up? It was hard, it was difficult without technology.
      Was it difficult to live without advance technology to help people with their health? Yes people died faster without health.
      What was the difference between health care then and now? We did not have health care then. I don’t what health care is.
      Did you ever think there would be a black president? No back then we only white presidents and we did not expect anything from black people.
      How is your health now with the technology? I lived longer than I expected.
      How was wordl war two? It was creepy because people were dying all over the place in the world.
      Did you have a hard time growing up with a lack of health care? Yes because people did not have insuarnace and therefore died.
      What is the difference between hospitals back then and now? The hospitals back then were very small.
      Were the procedures different? Yes, we had less advance technology back then so they used different things.
      Did you need shots like you do now? Back then I don’t think we needed lots of shots like we do now.
      Did insurance cover the surgeries? We did not have insurance as a family.
      Did having a big family difficult for insurance? Yes, having a big family was difficult health wise.
    • Family Health History: Interview
      Was living in Mexico different than living here? Yes, mexico was very dirty and unorganized.
      Whats your favorite memory? Coming to America.
      What was it like having a small house? It was hard with a big family.
      What do you think about health care now? Its good, now everyone has health insurance.
      Did you get sick a lot when you were little? Yes because we did not go to the doctor often.
      Did your family get sick? Yes but we took care of ourselves the best we could.
      Did a lot of people get sick in mexico? I do not know because I stayed at home to take care of my siblings.
      Did you know people who died from diseases? Yes, my mother died from cancer.
      Do you think if your mom had the technology now back then do you think your mom would have lived longer? Yes, I miss her.
      Do you think you would have died without technology now? Yes. I have cancer that makes my blood very thin.
      How old were you when you came to Ameica?
      I was 24
      Did you notice the difference in Health when you got here? Yes I noticed that the people were whiter here.
      What was the hardest part about coming to America? Not getting caught by the border patrol.
      What was your favorite fast food restaurant in America? Mcdonalds.
    • Family Health History: Coming to America
      My mom’s side of the family came to America using a working visa. Once my grandparents where in America they applied for citizenship. My dad’s side migrated from Europe to the United States.
    • Family Health History: Health issues
      There is a couple of repeating issues in my family that I might have inherited. One health issue that I have inherited are migraines. My mom suffers from them all of the time because of her brain tumor. Another health issue is cancer, but it has only happened to the women in my family. Its scary to know that I may have a brain tumor later on in life. But my mom has fought it through.
    • Fitness Data and Nutrition
      Fitness Testing: Mile: 6 min. Curl ups 60. Trunk lift: 12: Push ups: 55. Push and reach: L: 16: R: 17
      Studying per night: 10 hours of studying over a 5 day period. Average 2 hrs per day. I think studying that much is good to be a great student.
      Sleep per night: 38 hrs of sleep over a 5 day period. Almost everyday I got 7 hrs of sleep. I think it’s a good amount.
      Tv watching per night: I watched 5 hours of tv watching over 5 days. I was really busy so I could not watch tv that much.
      Computer use: I used the compuer for aabout 4 hrs during a five day period. I did not have that much hw that week.
      Phone use: I used my phone for about 18hrs over 5 days. I like to text a lot because it is fun.
      Overall totals: Overall I used 75 hrs doing these things. That is a lot.
    • Social and Emotional Health
      Hobbies/Talents/Sports: I like to play many sports like basketball, lacrosse and football. I used to play lacrosse but stopped this year to focus on my school work to get ready for college.
      Pets: I have 5 dogs. 3 Pomeranians, 1 golden retriever, and 1 I don’t know.
      There names are Midnite, Bear, Moosie, Mops and Kiana.
      Travel: My most favorite trip was when I went to Hawaii my junior year with my mom, dad and my sister.
      Closest Friends: My closest friends are Kara Watson and Christian Aviles
      Schools Attended: Laguna Nueva Elementary/ Intermediate. Thurgood Marshall Middle school. Scripps Ranch high. Westview high school.
      Clubs: I am not really a person that joins clubs but in college there might be some clubs that may interest me and I will probably join one.
    • Health Triangle
      Social: I get along with others. I am a quiet person. I make and keep my friends. Friendly with everyone. I believe I am 84% social.
      Mental: I need to know that I am wherever I go. I need to get a goodnights rest. I like to know that people care about me. I like when people appreciate me. I am 90% Mental.
      Physical: I like to be ion shape. I need to eat often. I need to stay clean. I like to drink lots of fluids. I’m 100% Physical.
      It is pretty balanced because I am a very rounded person.
      Having a weakness in one area of your life can affect everything because a life needs to be balanced. Being overwhelmed and stressed out can happen easily, but if your life is balanced you have different ways to take care of problems.
    • Picture Timeline
      1993. I was modeling for my picture.
      1993. Modeling some more for my family.
    • Picture Timeline
      1996. My mom kissed me on the cheek and I got mad.
      1999. I was at the fair petting a goat with my cousin.
    • Picture Timeline
      December 2008. Went ice skating at Horton Plaza.
      October 2009 . Went to dinner at a family friends house.
    • Picture Timeline
      August 2009. Photo shoot with Family.
      February 2010. Eating my cake on my 18thbday.
    • Picture Timeline
      This was taken a few months ago for my senior picture but I wanted it to be my last one because it shows how much I have grown from when I was baby. I do not have a lot of pictures because my dad has most of them and he lives in a different city.
    • Personal Crest
      Greatest Personal Achievement: My greatest personal achievement is getting accepted into San Diego State University because that is my dream school.
      Happiest Moment: The happiest moment of my life was arriving in Hawaii. I always dreamed of going there and when I got there I was really happy.
      Family’s Greatest Achievement: My family’s greatest achievement was moving out of Los Angeles into a better community which was San Diego.
      What can you do better: What I can do better as a person is being more respectful to people such as my mom and other people who are older than me. That is the best thing I am trying to work at.
      One year to live and guaranteed success, what would you attempt?: I would look for superhero powers so that I can be like superman and save people. And also to fly around.
      3 words to describe myself: Loving, Funny Stubborn.
      My full name is Michael Anthony Ramirez
    • Unique Self: Song
      The song that represents me is called you’re a jerk. This song represents me cause my sister always says I’m a jerk to her and sometimes to other people. But I do not think so.
      Artist: New Boyz. Song: You’re a Jerk
    • Song
      JeeerkkI'm so cocky with it got my iced out clubs like rocky hitGot your girl on my swagg she lovin them jerkin songsLike the new ipod just touch it and turn her onAnd when the bass start beatin and the waist I'm beatinDone I got on my way I'm leavin she like where your goin I ain't got my shoes and purseI said it's none of your concern and she yelled (your a jerk!)So I walked out the door, called Ben J. told him it's a function he said I'm on my wayWe pulled up to the party ices on my shirt and got geeked up everybody jerkinWe was jerkin to the right jerkin to the left then she popped out of nowhere she was still half dressedShe like fareal jerk you love it but it's sumthin the whole party heard her but all I could hear was[Chorus:]Wahwahwahwah (your a jerk)Why you trippin I ain't even do nothin(your a jerk)I'm a jerk you ain'tneva lieBut aye do me a favor call me jerk one more time(your a jerk!)I knowYour a jerk! (I know) [x6]Jerk jerkjerk (jerkin)Jerk jerkjerk(jerkin) [x15]
    • Song Cont..
      Everything quiet and the bass real hardAnd I stay geeked up never been a retard got a new boy swaggAnd this here for ya'll so we gotta keep it separate like the jimcrowe lawsI'm a beast I'm a gang and I guess I'm a jerk and I go thru big roundsCause ya boy here a flirt man you call me a bottle with your lil jerk linesThen you say you brought it up but the jerk is mineYou squeezin I'm squeezin but yo shit is wackWhy you comin to the front you can push that back got ya girl on the sideShe talkin sum lil stuff while she textin on the phone Ben J. hit it roughSo I did it was good and I quickly got dressed she was like where you goinThere's another girl naked she screamed out loud Ben J.(your jerk!)And I had nothing to say but sorry that it hurts
      Wahwahwahwah (your a jerk)Why you trippin I ain't even do nothin(your a jerk)I'm a jerk you ain'tneva lieBut aye do me a favor call me jerk one more time(your a jerk!)I knowYour a jerk! (I know) [x6]Your a jerk jerkjerk (jerkin)Jerk jerkjerk(jerkin) [x15]Excerpt geeked upI'm jerked up [x7]
    • Self Portrait
      This is the picture that view myself as. I drew it about year ago.
    • Future Aspiration
      One person that has made a huge impact in my life is my stepdad Kurt Debniak. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He brought us to San Diego from Los Angeles where pretty much everything there is ghetto now. He gave me and my family a better life. Without him I don’t know where I would be at the moment. He is important to me because he has done so much for me and my family, he has stepped into the fatherly figure that I was missing for a long time since my real dad never stepped in.
      In three years I see myself living in San Diego still attending college, pursuing my career. In five years I see myself graduating college and perhaps living with my parents until I go to a Law Enforcement Academy and later become an FBI member. In ten years I see myself living in a condo to save money for a house and probably be married, I do not know about that, but maybe.
      If I can accomplish one thing in life it would be to succeed in my Law Enforcement and to become the best of the best. It has been my dream ever since I can remember to become an Law Enforcement Agent. That is what I truly want to do.
    • Future Aspiration: Letter
      Dear Kurt,
      You are the person who has made me who I am today. Without you I probably would have been a wanna be gangster in L.A. When I met you, you were always so nice to me and I treated you like crap. The only reason I was like that was because I felt you were replacing my dad. But after years went by I have realized that you were meant to be my dad. We play sports together, workout together everything that a father son would do. You have stepped in into my life and are the father I never had. I never had a fatherly figure who really cared about me until you came in. My life has been getting better and better as I get older. The first step of my life getting better was meeting you, then it was moving to San Diego. I am not part of your blood but you treat me like a son that you never had and for that I truly thank you. I love you.
      -Your son Michael Ramirez
    • Media Awareness
      The media influences everyone on what they buy, what they wear and what they listen to. I know that I have been influenced by the media on what I do and wear. What I wear has been influenced by the media a lot. I see people wearing the clothes that I like on tv and then I want to wear those clothes because I feel that that is who I am. What I listen to is really no influenced by the media because I listen to many things and I do not let the media influence me on the music I listen to. On activities, sometimes I do them because I saw it on the media and that makes me want to do it. But otherwise I do activities because I like to stay in shape.
    • Billboard: I made it!