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Published in: Business
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  • 1. EIT: People, Community, Education & Guest Experience Alfred W. Dang November 12, 2013 Causeway Bay Hong Kong, SAR
  • 2. WELCOME, Wini!!
  • 3. Agenda • 9am – Noon: – Introductions – Clearing – EIT: People / Community / Guest Experience & Education • 12:00 – 12:30pm: – Lunch • 12:30pm – 3:00pm: – EIT: Product / Fabrics & Features / Asset Protection
  • 4. People
  • 5. Mission Statement & Original Intent • Mission Statement: Creating components for people to live longer, healthier, more fun lives • Original Intent: Elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness! • Gives direction and purpose for the company • Execute our MS by creating the most technical and outstanding products and by providing a 2nd to none guest experience while having fun!
  • 6. Company History • Founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson in VC • Increase of women’s sports, belief in yoga and maintaining heath • 1st lululemon store = Showroom concept • Showroom = Design studio surrounded by a retail store • Design Feedback is critical to our success
  • 7. Company History Cont. • How did we get our company name? – Homeless – Japanese Firm – Athletically Hip
  • 8. Company Overview • Chip Wilson: Founder • Laurent PotDevin : CEO • John E. Currie: CFO • Delaney Schweitzer: EVP, Retail Ops North America • Regional Manager: Kris Ewton • ent.cfm
  • 9. Company Overview
  • 10. Core Values • Product • Quality • Integrity • Balance • Greatness • Entrepreneurship • Fun
  • 11. Manifesto
  • 12. Personal Responsibility • Assuming completely ownership for the past, present, and future outcomes in your life
  • 13. lululemon library • Personal library of books that support our development – 3 Laws of Performance by Steve Zaffron & Dave Logan – Truth North: Bill George by Pete Sims, David Gergen • Why do we have a library? – Knowledge is power – Ongoing development, lifelong-learning, evolving – Shows “why” behind company’s best practices • Brain Tracy
  • 14. Open Door Policy • Communicating freely and openly w/ one another • Don’t need permission to contact someone in the company (even someone more senior than you) Be smart about this • Every employee in the company is accessible at all times • Why we have this? – We are not about hierarchy – Feedback and coaching – Transparency
  • 15. Feedback • What is it? – Coaching by sharing info that allows others to grow and be successful – Feedback is genuine. Intent is to help you and others in their personal development. It is a tool. • Why is it a fundamental part of who we are? – Shows your team that you care about their development • How to give feedback? – Consider time, place, how you’re delivering the message – Be factual – Comes from a place of love
  • 16. Vision & Goals • HUGE part of our culture!! • Create a vision & plan for your life (health, career, personal goals) • Applies to everyone in the company • Critical part of our personal development and is an ongoing, inspiring and powerful process • DO IT NOW!! • IT’S FUN!!
  • 17. 6 Core Concepts of Vision & Goals 1. Possibility 2. Vision 3. Balance 4. Audacity 5. Format 6. Integrity • Will provide in-depth training on this and go over how to write, plan and execute your V&G!
  • 18. For my life at age date updated 5 year 10 year 1 year PERSONALCAREERHEALTHPERSONALCAREERHEALTHPERSONALCAREERHEALTH by when Alfred W. I am living in San Francisco, CA in a modern 1,500 sq. ft. apartment located in Pacific Heights with a view overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, Marina Greens and Chrissy Field. I am financially secure with all my students loans completely paid off, debt free and with a minimum net worth of $10 Million USD. My body is in peak physical condition with 10% body fat and a shredded six-pack. I am stronger, leaner, more vascular and more flexible compared to when I was 27. More importantly, I am completely injury free with no pain in my hips, shoulders, and knees. I have the freedom to workout at least 3 hours a day. Moreover, I am working towards a black belt in BJJ and Kickboxing. Also, I am able to execute “The Splits” and touch my palms to the floor in a standing-forward-bend. I am traveling at my leisure around the world with my closest friends and have just secured a 2,000 sq. ft. condo for my parents on the North Shore of Oahu overlooking the island. I own property in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Hawaii and Istanbul. I live a life of leisure with the objective of maintaining an extremely healthy lifestyle with an unrelenting dedication to physical fitness and overall wellness. I own and manage my fitness facility located on either Union or Chestnut Street in San Francisco. My purpose in life is to promote my passion for physical fitness and help empower others to achieve their own fitness goals. 37 August 15th 2013 My students loans are paid off. I am traveling at my leisure w/ my family and friends. 7/15/2023 I spend 3 months out of the year in Hawaii w/ my parents. 7/15/2023 I own and manage my gym in San Francisco. It is located in the Marina. 7/15/2023 I am semi-retired and financially secure w/ a net worth of at least $10 Million USD. 7/15/2023 I am at 10% body fat. I can still play basketball & exercise rigorously 5-6x per week. 7/15/2023 I have no pain in my hips, shoulders, or knees. I am a Purple Belt in BJJ. I can fully do the “The Splits”. 7/15/2023 I maintain a close relationship w/ my parents no matter where I am located. 7/15/2018 My student loans are 70-80% paid off. 7/15/2018 I am SVP of Marketing & Global Brand w/ a Fortune 500 company. 7/15/2018 I have an annual base salary of 200K USD. 7/15/2018 I am a Blue Belt in BJJ. I am still at 10% body fat. I have no pain in my hips, lower back, shoulders or knees. 7/15/2018 I am able to do a handstand w/o the help of a wall. I am close to being able to do “The Splits”. 7/15/2018 I pay for my parents’ flight to Hong Kong, 1st class. Cash only. No credit card. 7/15/2014 I begin paying a minimum of $1000.00 USD / month on my student loans. 7/15/2014 I earn a promotion. I earn the respect and adulation of my subordinates, peers and managers for my performance and dedication to hard-work. 7/15/2014 My salary increased by a factor of 2.5x at the minimum. 7/15/2014 I am doing 50 straight pull-ups w/o cheating. I am at 10% body fat. 7/15/2014 I am running 3 miles in 18 minutes. I can constantly touch my toes in a standing-forward-bend. 7/15/2014 Dang
  • 19. Community
  • 20. Marketing Strategy • Where are all the big billboards & advertisements?! • Grassroots marketing. No push-marketing • Relationship building is more powerful and sustainable!! • Why is community education important? – Share our product – Receive design feedback – Forge relationships
  • 21. Marketing Strategy Continued... • How do we execute this strategy? – Showroom concept – Share our culture, product, people – Integrate ourselves into the fabric of the local community – Throwing party rocking events that people will be talking about w/ their friends – Ambassadors
  • 22. Ambassador • A partnership w/ awesome instructors or athletes in our community • 3-4 Ambassadors for 12 months • 50% Yoga-focused / 25% Run-focused • Ambassadors should live and breathe lululemon core values, are experts in a specific area of athletics / health, participate in store events and are committed to a win / win relationship!
  • 23. Ambassador Continued • How does the program work? – Educators attend the Ambassadors’ classes – Attend and lead in-store events to further deepen relationship w/ our local community – They are like family – Annual clothing allowance to sweat and showcase our product!
  • 24. Research & Development • Collect valuable feedback from certified instructors and athletes • Why? To get gear on people who actually sweat day-in and day-out! More feedback, the better! • Build relationships w/ local instructors and athletes in our community • Pipeline for ambassadors • Generous discount – Only for the instructor / athlete
  • 25. Design Meetings • Feedback-intensive meetings • Purpose is to invite a range of instructors / athletes / yogis to capture as much feedback as possible for our designers to create even more innovative and technical products. • Helps up stay ahead of the curve and competition!
  • 26. In-Store Events • What are they? – Relevant. Coffee talk-worthy. FREE in-store gatherings for our local guests, friends and family. • Why do we host them? – Ambassadors gets to showcase their stuff and build their own personal brand! – Kitchen party – Elevate health of our local community and to attract guests into our store
  • 27. • What are they? – Experiences and events out of the store for our guests • Why do we host them? – Elevate health of our communities – Partner w/ athletes – Support external events Community Events
  • 28. Community Board • The resource for health, yoga, and fitness in the community • A beacon for guest and tourists. Guests know when they come to any our of stores / showrooms they can receive relevant info on local events and studios • Relevant and initiates health-related conversation in the store • It’s a section of the store. Tells a story and has a narrative
  • 29. Product Testing • Actively seeking design feedback from athletes • Great way to test our new product lines to see how guests respond to what its specifically designed for • Great for slow-sellers • Who do we product test? – Athletes in our community
  • 30. Mini-Website • Personalized by each store • Accessed from • Extension of our community board • Guest acquire info about hours of operation, ambassador profiles and store events • Educated guests so to they know it’s an additional resource
  • 31. Our Brand • Core Identity: Quality, Product, Fun – Reflected in everything we do • Personality: Student, Teacher, Athlete, Coach, Stand for Integrity – It’s who we are being in the community • Creative Ethos: Considered, Technically Beautiful, Functional, Surprising & Delighting, Timely & Relevant – Defines our physical and creative style
  • 32. Creative & Branding • Important to maintain the integrity of our brand by being consistent in our langue and true to our mission statement • Very important now that we are expanding globally! • Knowing proper use of our logo, manifesto, MS and original intent statement • “lululemon athletica” not “lulu”
  • 33. Community Legacies • Our department of CSR • Drives environmental and social change in our communities • Provides transparency for company practice and initiatives and creates action-plans • Helps us achieve our original intent and MS • Delivering products w/ environmental & social integrity
  • 34. Guest Experience & Education
  • 35. Guest Experience • Ideal Guest Experience: – A connection that is authentic and always respect time and adds value to one’s life • Why is it necessary to provide a great Guest Experience: – Health > Time • How to ensure a positive Guest Experience – Present & Attentive – Kitchen Party – Sense of Urgency – Quality Brand – LISTEN – Keep it real. Show your personality! Have fun!
  • 36. Education • Education shares info and leaves the guest to choose • We share what is not visibly obvious about our product. It unlocks the value of our product and justifies our premium price point • Saves the guest time by simplifying their shopping experience • Starts great convoys • Builds trusts w/ our guests
  • 37. Education Cont. • How do we do it? – Section layout / story – 6/13 – Fit & function – Personal Testimonials – Cash Education – Community Board – Teach a guest how to goal set!
  • 38. Questions?!