What are you doing to live your Dream Life?

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Do you want FINANCIAL FREEDOM? If YES then what is your vehicle to reach there? …

Do you want FINANCIAL FREEDOM? If YES then what is your vehicle to reach there?
Here is my vehicle to Freedom. Watch 20 mins video that describes it here

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  • 1. I have Questions But Do you have the Answer?
  • 2. Do You Have the Freedom?  Where are you right now in your life?  Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years from now or beyond?  What you Expect from your Life?  What are you doing to change others people life?  What would be your dream Life?  What is your vehicle to reach to your Goal?  WHAT IS YOUR “WHY”??
  • 3. We are Responsible  We are responsible for the action we take on daily basis. Our actions determine our Life.  What are you doing to create your own future?  What are you doing everyday to grow your self?  What are you doing everyday to add value to others?
  • 4. My Vision!  I want my life Back!  I want Financial Freedom so that I can live my dream life without going to work everyday!  God lives in peoples Heart! Therefore, I want to Help as many people as I can to serve God.  We are blessed with a beautiful Planet. So, I want to travel to all the beautiful places on earth and enjoy my life to the fullest.
  • 5. What is your Limit?  James Allen said- “People are anxious to change their circumstances but they are not anxious to improve themselves, and they therefore remain bound”.  We overestimate of what we can do a day but we underestimate of what we can do over several days  Each and every Human being’s potential is unlimited!
  • 6. Can we be a Butterfly?  Butterfly Effect- A single butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the earth could create a chain of turbulence through the atmosphere that could grow a raging hurricane on the other side of the earth.  Lesson Learned: In a complex interdependent system Massive Results can be achieved through Minimal Effort.
  • 7. My Day My action leads me to the Freedom  1. Everyday I Lead myself (listen, read, learn and lead)  2. Everyday I add value to people  3. Everyday I study Leadership  4. Everyday I practice Leadership  5. Everyday I intentionally grow
  • 8. What is your Vehicle to Financial Freedom  Do you think your job will take you there?  Your small business (working >60-110hrs a week) can give your life back?  Does your College Degree promise a worry free financially secure life?  Can existing system and government ensure your financial freedom?  …….Then answer three questions for me?
  • 9. It may or may not be for you? # • How many people do you know who use electricity or natural gas? % • Do you think that they would rather pay less or potentially get it free? $ • How would you like to earn a residual income and potentially thousands of dollars in bonusses by refering peopl to that program?
  • 10. Do you Want Financial Freedom?  These four short videos explain my vehicle to financial freedom. Watch it at www.buildfuture.energy526.com  What is you vehicle to Financial Freedom?
  • 11. How can I serve You? md.lisa77@gmail.com