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TMOUG - Engineered Systems Overview


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Slides from TMOUG presentation in Toledo on December 8, 2011.

Slides from TMOUG presentation in Toledo on December 8, 2011.

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  • 1. <Insert Picture Here>Engineered Systems Platform OverviewDecember 2011
  • 2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.2 | © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 2
  • 3. 3
  • 4. Why Oracle Engineered Systems? Engineered to work together and to deliver business valueTypical Infrastructure •  Unlimited number of configurationsVendor •  Lengthy, expensive integration •  Costly to maintain •  Complicated and risky upgrades •  Fragmented service and support •  Unplanned outages •  More innovation Oracle •  Better performance, reliability •  Shorter deployment times •  Easier to manage and upgrade •  Lower cost of ownership •  Reduced change management risk •  One-stop support 4
  • 5. Oracle Engineered Systems Hardware and Software Engineered to Work Together“We will accelerate the Engineered Systems trend…new engineered systems will optimally combine Oracle software, Oracle silicon and Oracle hardware to deliver extreme performance, fault-tolerant reliability and improved ease of use.” - Larry Ellison, Q1 FY12 Earnings Call, September 20, 2011 Oracle Engineered Value Proposition Systems •  Engineered •  Fastest time to value •  Tested •  Highest performance •  Certified Together •  Easiest to manage •  Deployed •  Upgraded •  Lowest TCO •  Managed •  Maximum innovation: •  Supported Focus of Oracle R&D © 2011 Oracle Corporation 5
  • 6. Oracle Engineered Systems Meet the Family…Exadata Exalogic Oracle Exalytics Big Data SPARCDatabase Elastic Cloud Database In-Memory Appliance SuperClusterMachine Appliance Machine T4-4 Oracle Engineered Systems share the following characteristics in common: •  Expedited time to value •  Reduced change management risk •  Easier to manage and upgrade •  One-stop support •  Lower cost of ownership •  Extreme performance © 2011 Oracle Corporation 6
  • 7. Oracle Engineered Systems Designed for Performance and Customer Choice Extreme ExalyticsPerformance In-Memory Machine SPARC Exalogic Exadata SuperCluster Elastic Database T4-4 Big Data Cloud Machine Appliance High Oracle Database Appliance Oracle Software Specificity © 2011 Oracle Corporation 7
  • 8. Engineered SystemsProduct Overview
  • 9. Oracle Exadata Database MachineOracle Exadata is the only database machine that provides extremeperformance for both data warehousing and OLTP applications Benefits •  10x Faster Database •  10x More Efficient Storage •  Complete & Ready-to-Run •  End-to-End Resource Management •  Most Available and Secure Unique Features More: 9
  • 10. Oracle Exalogic Elastic CloudOracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud provides extreme performance for Javaapplications, Oracle Applications, and all other enterprise applications Benefits •  At least 2x faster response times, throughput •  At least 50% lower TCO Unique Features •  Exabus high-performance communications backplane •  Best performance for Java, Oracle Business Applications •  Runs existing Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris applications unchanged •  Exclusive integration with Oracle Exadata Database Machine More: © 2011 Oracle Corporation 10
  • 11. Oracle Database Appliance Oracle Database Appliance is software, servers, storage and networking that offers a simple, reliable, low-cost package for mid-range database workloads. Benefits • Extreme Simplicity - one-button implementation & patching • Pay-As-You-Grow Licensing - most cost-effective entry point for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, aligns to budget cycles Unique Features • Complete, integrated system for Single Instance (Enterprise Edition), RAC One Node, and RAC • Complete, plug-and-go hardware and software • Highly available database cluster configured in minutes • Advanced management features and single vendor supportMore: © 2011 Oracle Corporation 11
  • 12. SPARC SuperClusterSPARC SuperCluster is an Engineered System for General Purpose Computing,delivering data center consolidation, extreme performance, and lower TCO Benefits • Runs All Existing SPARC Solaris Workloads • Application and DB consolidation on a single system Unique Features • SPARC T4 Processor • Exadata and Exalogic Software • Exadata Storage Cells • Solaris 10 & 11 • InfiniBand backplane integration in Solaris, Java, DB • Coordinates the entire solution, orchestrating dependencies to ensure fast & reliable failover and recovery • Secure by Design: integrated crypto and Solaris features provide security for Oracle applications More: © 2011 Oracle Corporation 12
  • 13. Oracle ExalyticsOracle Exalytics is the industrys first in-memory BI machine that delivers thefastest performance for business intelligence and planning applications Benefits •  Speed-of-Thought Interactive Visual Analysis •  Scales to many thousands of business analysts Unique Features •  In-memory Analytics •  Runs BI and EPM Apps •  Fits with existing data sources, infrastructure •  Optimized with Exadata – InfiniBand •  Optimized BI Foundation Suite – OBIEE and Essbase More: © 2011 Oracle Corporation 13
  • 14. Oracle Big Data ApplianceOracle Big Data Appliance is an Engineered System optimized for acquiring,organizing and loading unstructured data into Oracle Database 11g Benefits •  Leverage Big Data for business decisions ODI Oracle Hadoop Oracle Loader for •  Better manage Big Data environment Add-ons Hadoop NoSQL DB •  Leverage SQL-based tools and data Hadoop warehouse platforms for complete data Ac q u i r e O r ga ni z e analysis available to all business analysts Oracle Enterprise Linux and JRockit Unique Features •  Engineered System to Acquire, Organize, Oracle Big Data Appliance Analyze “Big Data” Acquire Organize Analyze •  Super-Fast – Massively Parallel Processing & Loading into Oracle DB •  High-speed InfiniBand interconnect for moving information to Exadata More: © 2011 Oracle Corporation 14
  • 15. Sample EngineeredSystems Use Cases
  • 16. Application & Database Integration Exadata Exalogic Best for OLTP & DW Best for Oracle & Java Apps SOA Custom ERP Data CRM E20 3rd Party CRM Data IDM InfiniBand Batch E20 Warehouse Logs Jobs Content 3rd Party Data Mart ERP Java Apps HR Data DR Servers © 2011 Oracle Corporation 16
  • 17. Enterprise Analytics Exadata Exalytics Best for OLTP & DW Best for Oracle BI ERP Data CRM Data BI Data Warehouse InfiniBand Dashboards EPM BI Apps Data Mart HR Data © 2011 Oracle Corporation 17
  • 18. Business ApplicationsSPARC SuperCluster Exadata Exalogic Best for DB & App Best for OLTP & DW Best for Oracle & Java Apps Consolidation SOA Custom Solaris ERP Data Apps CRM E20 3rd Party CRM Data IDM DB InfiniBand E20 InfiniBand Batch Warehouse Conte Logs Jobs nt 3rd Party Data Mart ERP Java Apps HR Data DR Servers © 2011 Oracle Corporation 18
  • 19. Custom Applications SPARC SuperCluster Exalogic Best for DB & App Best for Oracle & Java Apps Consolidation SOA Custom Custom Apps CRM E20 3rd Party IDM DB InfiniBand E20 Batch Conte Logs Jobs nt 3rd Party ERP Java Apps DR Servers © 2011 Oracle Corporation 19
  • 20. Business Analytics Exalogic Exadata Exalytics Best for Oracle & Java Apps Best for OLTP & DW Best for Oracle BI Custom SOA ERP DataCRM E20 3rd Party IDM CRM Data InfiniBand BIBatch E20 Data WarehouseJobs Logs Dashboards Content InfiniBand EPM BI Apps 3rd PartyERP Java Data Mart Apps DR HR Data Servers © 2011 Oracle Corporation 20
  • 21. Big Data Business Integration Exalogic Exadata Exalytics Best for Oracle & Java Apps Best for OLTP & DW Best for Oracle BI SOA Custom ERP DataCRM E20 3rd Party IDM CRM Data InfiniBandBatch E20 BI Logs Data WarehouseJobs Content Dashboards InfiniBand EPM 3rd Party BI AppsERP Java Data Mart Apps DR HR Data Servers NoSQL DB InfiniBand Big Data Appliance Oracle Hadoop Add-ons Best for Unstructured Data © 2011 Oracle Corporation 21
  • 22. Engineered SystemsManagement
  • 23. Oracle Enterprise MangerComplete Lifecycle Integrated Cloud Business-Driven Management Stack Management Application Management Self-Service IT | Simple and Automated | Business Driven 23
  • 24. Exadata Overview
  • 25. Exadata Database Machine Ideal Database Platform •  Best for Data Warehousing •  Best for OLTP •  Best for Database Consolidation Fastest, Lowest Cost Intelligent Hybrid Columnar Smart Flash Hardware Storage Grid Compression Cache Decryption Business answers in seconds, not hoursCopyright © 2010, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates – 2525 –
  • 26. Query Processing:Using Traditional Storage Oracle Database Storage ArrayWhat WereYesterday’sSales? Select sum(sales) Retrieve where salesdate= Entire Sales ‘08-Nov-2010’ … Table SUM All Rows returned•  Traditional SANs are “block servers” 26
  • 27. Query Offload:Using Exadata Storage Server Oracle Database Oracle Exadata StorageWhat WereYesterday’sSales? Select sum(sales) Retrieve Sales where salesdate= for Nov 08 2010 ‘08-Nov-2010’ … Matching SUM Rows returned•  Exadata is an intelligent “row server” 27
  • 28. SAN bottlenecks restrict databasesFiberChannel becomes a bottleneck Database Traditional Servers SAN 28
  • 29. Exadata has ultra-fast storage links InfiniBand delivers unlimited bandwidthDatabase Exadata Servers Storage Servers Higher Bandwidth, Lower Latency 29
  • 30. Disk latency slows responsivenessAbout 300 I/Os Per Second from a Drive Rotational Delay Seek Time Controller Bottleneck 30
  • 31. FlashCache Speeds ResponsivenessHot Data Blocks Cached in Flash Memory Hot Data Blocks Sub-Millisecond Reads Automatically Managed 31
  • 32. Uncompressed Data Clogs SAN LinksTraditional Databases don’t Compress Data Repeating values remain Scans can be expensive Normal I/O patterns 32
  • 33. Compressed Data Greatly Reduces I/O“Compress Down The Columns” Relational/Columnar Hybrid Query Innovative methodology 10X to 50X I/O savings Flash Cache synergy 33
  • 34. Standardized and Simple to Deploy •  All Database Machines are the same •  Delivered ready-to-run •  Tested •  Highly supportable •  No unique configuration issues •  Identical to config used by Oracle Engineering •  Runs existing OLTP and DW applications •  Full 30 years of Oracle DB capabilities •  No Exadata certification required Deploy in Days, •  Leverages Oracle ecosystem Not Months •  Skills, knowledge base, people, partnersCopyright © 2010, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates 34– 34 –
  • 35. Fastest Time to Value & Lowest RiskTime to Database Available for UseBuild From Scratch OWI Reference Sun Oraclewith Components Configurations Database Machine Testing and Validation ü Faster deployment ü Lower Risk ü Database pre-configured Installation and Testing and configuration Validation Acquisition of components Installation and configuration Pre-implementation System sizing Acquisition of components Take delivery of Sun Oracle Database Machine Weeks to Months Weeks to Months < 1 Week after Delivery 35
  • 36. Engineered Systems –Oracle Database Appliance
  • 37. Announcing•  Oracle Database Appliance•  Simple•  Reliable•  Affordable 37
  • 38. Oracle Database Appliance Ideal for SMBs and Departmental Systems •  Simple to implement •  Designed and priced to scale •  Performance improves as you scale •  Highest levels of serviceability •  Highest availability for this class of machine© 2011 Oracle Corporation 38
  • 39. World’s Most Popular Database Database Share Database for Data Warehouses Database for Enterprise Applications© 2011 Oracle Corporation 39
  • 40. Fully Redundant Hardware •  2 x dual-socket Oracle Linux servers •  24 Intel Xeon processor X5675 cores •  192 GB main memory •  12 TB raw disk storage •  4 TB usable storage (3X mirrored for resiliency) •  292 GB solid state storage •  Built-in redundancy •  Server, storage, network, power and cooling© 2011 Oracle Corporation 40
  • 41. Highly Reliable Software •  Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition •  Automatic Storage Management •  Oracle Real Application Clusters •  Oracle Clusterware •  Oracle Linux •  Oracle Appliance Manager software •  Phones home automatically to file Service Requests© 2011 Oracle Corporation 41
  • 42. Easy to Install Rapidly Deploy a Database Cluster •  Plug in the power •  Plug in the network •  Wizard-driven install© 2011 Oracle Corporation 42
  • 43. Appliance Manager Software© 2011 Oracle Corporation 43
  • 44. Exalogic Overview
  • 45. One Platform for the Whole EnterprisePerformance, Reliability and Simplicity •  Fastest Java Performance •  Application performance improved up to 10X •  Foundation for Mission Critical Cloud •  Best for application consolidation •  Best for elastic capacity on demand •  Engineered System •  Lowest cost to deploy and operate •  Fastest path to production 45
  • 46. Extreme Java that No Other Vendor Can Match The power of the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2-3X improvement 60% more Up to 10X faster in Database OLTP Java Operations/sec Response Time •  Run-time connection •  Enhanced buffer •  Cluster IPC load balancing handling for InfiniBand multiplexing over SDP •  JDBC over SDP •  Optimized multi-core •  Scatter-gather IO scheduler46 46
  • 47. Optimized for Java, Ready for Everything If it runs on either Linux or Solaris, its ready for Exalogic Runs 1000 s of existing applications Extreme Performance No Certification Required Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud47 47
  • 48. Oracle Applications on Exalogic Best Oracle Applications Ownership Experience ü Easier deployment ü Integrated management ü Simplified Standardization maintenance & Consolidation ü Improved supportCopyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation - Proprietary and Confidential 48
  • 49. Standard Inter-process Communication Multi-core, memory and IO bottlenecks1 Single Muxer Single Muxer Single Connection TCP/IP over Ethernet 2 3 WebLogic WebLogic1.  Work manager self-tuning for varied architectures2.  Single muxer lock contention for narrowband3.  Small (4K) message sizes incur substantial overhead 49
  • 50. Exalogic Inter-process Communication 60% higher workload, 1/2 latency1 Many Connections Parallel Muxer Parallel Muxer WebLogic 2 SDP over InfiniBand WebLogic 31.  Multi-core scheduling algorithm optimized for Exalogic2.  Parallel muxer reduces lock contention3.  Large (64K) message sizes reduce processing overhead 50
  • 51. Exalogic GridLink for Exadata Unique Oracle RAC integration and OLTP fault tolerance•  Integrated Exalogic and Exadata clusters•  Dynamic load balancing of requests to RAC nodes•  RAC node transaction affinity for data locality•  Maximum JDBC performance with SQLNet over native InfiniBand protocol (SDP)•  Instant load balancing and failover with RAC changes WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic GridLink GridLink GridLink GridLink GridLink GridLink XA 80% 20% RAC Node Load Aware RAC Node Affinity Continuous Connections Connection Requests For Transactions Even with RAC Changes 51
  • 52. Oracle Exalogic and Exadata Together Designed for Seamless Interoperability, Unmatched Performance 960 Gigabits/second (Maximum: 24x InfiniBand QDR) •  Exclusive: direct InfiniBand integration! •  Extreme performance, reliability, security •  Simple to deploy and manage Exalogic Exadata Up to 3X OLTP Performance Active GridLink for RAC •  Resource-aware load balancing •  Instantaneous connection failover •  Transaction affinity to RAC nodes •  SQLnet optimized for InfiniBand SDPCopyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation - Proprietary and Confidential 52
  • 53. Complete and Integrated Management One button patching from application to diskMaintain Deploy EnterpriseRemote Management Manager Provisioning of Firmware, - Telemetry OS, Middleware, andPhone Home Applications - Proactive Support Grid Control Clone and Scale-outMy Oracle Support Integration OpsCenterManageEnd-to-End Diagnostics Test -  Service Levels Functional Testing -  Root Cause Load TestingConfiguration Mgmt Test Management -  Change TrackingPatch Automation Monitor -  Firmware, OS Application-to-Disk, Heat and Power Exalogic Monitoring Integration - System, Compute Nodes, Switch, Storage 53
  • 54. Delivering Real Business Value...The business case for Exalogic is clearExtreme Java IntegratedPerformance Lowest TCO System Improved Operational Cost Time to Deploy up to Reduced up to Reduced 10X 60% 90% 54
  • 55. Exalytics Overview
  • 56. Announcing•  Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine•  First Engineered System for Analytics•  Best Visual Analysis with no Limits•  Smarter Analytic Applications 56
  • 57. Oracle Exalytics •  Fastest R-OLAP, M-OLAP Business Intelligence •  Fastest Financial and Operational Planning •  Best Cost/Performance BI & EPM •  Optimized Hardware •  Processor: 40 Intel Cores •  Memory: 1 Terabyte DRAM •  Software Breakthroughs •  Adaptive In-Memory Caching •  In-Memory Columnar Compression •  Optimized Storage Block Access •  Free Form Data Exploration •  High Density Visualizations •  Optimized for Exadata 57
  • 58. Oracle Exalytics Business IntelligenceMachine TimesTen for Exalytics 1 TB RAM 40 Processing Cores Memory Optimized Essbase High Speed Networking Adaptive In-Memory ToolsOptimized Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation In-Memory Analytics In-Memory Analytics Suite Software Hardware 58
  • 59. End-user Experience with ExalyticsSpeed of Thought Interactive Analysis •  Highly Interactive Analysis •  View Auto Suggestions •  Free Form Data Exploration •  Contextual Actions •  High Density Visualizations •  All on Mobile 59
  • 60. Superfast Engineered SystemEnables New Class of Enterprise Analytics•  Speed-of-Thought Analysis at Enterprise Scale •  20x better response times •  Sub-second performance enables speed-of-thought analytics •  Grow to 50,000 enterprise users on one appliance•  What-if Analysis and Forecasting •  16x better response times •  More accurate – use more detail, include more scope, evaluate wider operations •  More scale – more users and higher volumes at busy periods •  Greater agility – do daily instead of monthly•  Enterprise Planning •  Reduce planning cycle times with 5x better response time and 6x better throughput •  Run more planning models with finer grained operational detail to improve accuracy •  Extend beyond Finance to every LOB, with 10,000 Planning users on one appliance 60
  • 61. Adaptive In-Memory Technology In-Memory Analytics•  Adaptive Summary Intelligence •  Based on proven Oracle In-Memory technology, enhanced with columnar compression & analytic functions •  Decides what gets stored in-memory •  Adapts to change in analytic workloads •  Optimizes performance for best responsiveness•  Reduced time and tuning effort •  Boost slow performing data or cache operational data •  High performance cache to offload DW query load•  Rich high-performance experience, for any number of users 61
  • 62. Integrated Suite of Tools in BI Machine Oracle BI Foundation Suite Interactive Dashboards Production Reporting Strategy Maps Predictive Analysis Ad-hoc Analysis Geographic Visualization Embedded in Applications Secure Search Scenario Analysis Office IntegrationBusiness Processes Tablet Mobile Scorecards 62
  • 63. Intelligent Decision Cycle Analytics Power Intelligent Business Processes1 2 What Happened? Why Did it Happen? 34 How to Optimize - Take Action - Who Does Across Alternatives? What? 63
  • 64. Current and Next Generation Analytic Applications Certified and Optimized for Exalytics•  Financials IED •  Sales CERTIF•  HR •  Marketing•  Procure & Spend •  Service•  Projects •  Contact Center•  Supply Chain •  Price•  Order Management •  Loyalty•  Logistics •  Financial Services •  Communications•  Strategic Planning •  Healthcare•  Planning & Forecasting •  Retail•  Profitability Management 64
  • 65. Immersive Mobile Experience Fastest Time to Mobile Value. No Additional Development In-Memory In-Memory Optimized Oracle BI Analytics Analytics Foundation Suite Software Hardware•  Exalytics user experience extended to iPad•  All BI content instantly available to mobile users with zero extra development•  Speed-of-thought analysis available anywhere 65
  • 66. Fully Optimized Analytical Solution Engineered to Work Together InfiniBand Fast Interconnect Optimized In-Memory In-Memory Oracle BI Foundation Analytics Analytics Suite Software Hardware + Exalytics Exadata Database Machine“Speed of Thought” Enterprise Business Extreme Data Management Intelligence Delivery Platform 66
  • 67. Oracle Business IntelligenceKey Messages•  Superfast •  In-Memory Relational & Multi-Dimensional OLAP, Data Marts•  Powerful •  Prediction, Decisioning, Simulation, Scorecards, Advanced Visualizations•  Yet Easy-to-Use •  Simplified Analytic Design & User Interface, Immersive Mobile Experience•  Quick to Deploy •  Plug & Play Analytic Appliance•  Enabling a New Class of Packaged Applications •  Operational, Analytic, Performance Management Applications 67
  • 68. Big Data ApplianceOverview
  • 69. Big Data Is About…Tapping into diverse data sets Finding and monetizing unknown relationships Data driven business decisions 69
  • 70. What Makes it Big Data? SOCIAL BLOG 101100101001 001001101010 101011100101 SMART 010100100101 METERVOLUME VELOCITY VARIETY VALUE 70
  • 71. Example: On-line Ads and Content The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, you may have to delete Real-time: DetermineLow best ad to place Lookup userLatency on page for this user profile Add user NoSQL Expert if not present DB Input into System HDFS Predictions Actual on browsing ads Web served logs Batch High scale BI and NoSQL DB data reductions Billing Analytics Profiles 71
  • 72. Big Data ApplianceHardware Overview•  18 Sun X4270 M2 servers•  2 CPUs, 6 cores •  40Gb/sec each InfiniBand within•  48 GB memory per the machine node•  12 3TB disks per •  InfiniBand node connectivity to Exadata and•  Raw Storage: 648TB additional BDAs•  Core Count: 216 •  10GigE to the data center 72
  • 73. Big Data ApplianceBig Data for the Enterprise •  Foundation Software: •  Oracle JRockit •  Oracle Linux •  Apache Hadoop Distribution •  Accelerator Software •  Fast Oracle to Hadoop Communication – New •  Application Software Suite •  Oracle NoSQL DB – New •  Oracle Loader for Hadoop - New •  Oracle Data Integrator Application Adapters for Hadoop - New) 73
  • 74. Big Data Appliance Big Data for the Enterprise•  Optimized and Complete •  Everything you need to store and integrate your lower information density data•  Integrated with Oracle Exadata •  Analyze all your data•  Easy to Deploy •  Risk Free, Quick Installation and Setup•  Single Vendor Support •  Full Oracle support for the entire system and software set 74
  • 75. SPARC SuperClusterOverview
  • 76. Announcing•  Oracle SPARC SuperCluster• Extreme Performance• Lower TCO• Engineered for Datacenter Consolidation 76
  • 77. Redefining General PurposeNew Generation of SPARC•  SPARC SuperCluster •  Fastest General Purpose Platform•  SPARC T4 Servers NEW •  Biggest Single Generation Performance Boost in History•  Solaris 11 •  Breakthrough scale, virtualization and manageability 77
  • 78. SPARC SuperclusterRedefining General Purpose Exadata SPARC T4 •  Intelligent Storage Grid •  Smarter, Faster Threads •  Hybrid Columnar Compression •  Built-in Crypto •  Smart Cache Flash Exalogic ZFS Storage Appliance •  Active GridLink for RAC •  Hybrid Storage Pools •  Extreme Java Performance •  DTrace Analytics •  JDBC over SRP •  Built-in Data Services Solaris 11 Integrated Management •  OVM Live Migration •  Enterprise Manager (opt.) •  Oracle Solaris Cluster •  EM Ops Center (opt.) •  Image Packaging System •  ILOM 78
  • 79. Solaris 11Your Applications Just Run Seamless Scaling with Hardware: 9 NEW World Records Simplified Administration: 4x faster upgrades, 2.5x faster reboots Virtualization: Cloud provisioning in seconds, Near zero overhead Efficient Data Management: 5x compression Advanced Protection: 3x faster encryption 2,700 Projects Ÿ 400 Unique Innovations Ÿ 56 Million Tests 79
  • 80. Software Stack Engineered to Work Together Middleware Oracle Fusion Middleware Database Applications 11g R2, 10g and other DB Optional with Exalogic Elastic Cloud Operating System Applications + Oracle Solaris 11 E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, SAP, for Exadata and Exalogic nodes Siebel, and much moreSolaris 10/11 nodes for applications Virtualization Management Oracle Ops Center and Enterprise Oracle Solaris Zones and Oracle Manager Grid Control VM Server for SPARC Clustering Oracle Solaris Cluster Oracle Clusterware 80
  • 81. SPARC SuperClusterBuilt for Extreme PerformanceSPARC T4 Compute Pool Solaris 1110 World Records over IBM and HP Cloud provisioning in secondsacross every tier Cloud Built-InExadata Storage Cells Near zero virtualization overhead1.0M IOPS, 32 GB/s query InfiniBandthroughput 5-8x the speed of current networksExalogic Elastic Cloud10x Java performanceIntegrated ZFS Storage2x faster and ½ the priceof NetApp 81
  • 82. © 2011 Oracle Corporation 82