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Practical action 100 small things poster


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Practical action 100 small things poster

  1. 1. 100 Small Things the way you do things, to consider RETHINK… to make a difference people and the environment  Keep your environment looking good by putting your litter in the bin  Choose toys from outside the UK and find out about other cultures www.thefairtradestore.co.uk  Only eat dolphin friendly tuna  Go onto www.butterfly-conservation.org to find out how to attract butterflies to your garden  Plant a tree in your garden or at school  Ask an adult to teach you a game that they played when they were your age  Ask someone to teach you a new skill such as knitting or cooking  Use a fly swat instead of fly spray – fly spray is really toxic Find out about us www.practicalaction.org.uk  Eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream – it’s fair-trade! Follow us on twitter @practicalaction  Bake your own bread – it smells delicious ☺ Take part in our Small Is…Challenge – design a sustainable product for the next 100 years  Check out www.avaaz.org/en to find out what is going on in the www.practicalaction.org/education/smallischallenge world and how you can get involved Like our facebook page www.facebook.com/practicalaction  Make your own kite and go and have some fun outdoors http://bit.ly/h11YFc Join our Energy 4All campaign www.practicalaction.org/makethecall  Learn some new jokes and share them with your friends ☺ Read ‘Small is Beautiful’ by Fritz Schumacher and get inspired  Buy fair trade toys www.letsplayfair.co.uk Find out about the 6R’s  Volunteer to help out in your local community www.timebank.org.uk www.practicalaction.org/education/sustainabledesign  Bake your own biscuits and cakes or make sweets Add your face to our climate change campaign as a presents – adults will love them www.practicalaction.org/faceup  Email retailers and try and encourage them to join the Watch our videos on YouTube Ethical Trading Initiative www.youtube.com/practicalaction www.ethicaltrade.org  Use ladybirds to Have a go at our squashed tomato challenge kill greenfly rather www.practicalaction.org/education/squashedtomatochallenge than pesticides www.naturalcollection.org .. ...a product or material to the amo R E DUCE. make something else unt of m aterials & energ y you use RE- � Reuse ice-cream tubs to store pens, meccano, x-box ⬇ Only fill the games, make up and anything else you can think of � Make your own toys out of old clothes ⬇ Use less toil kettle with the water you n ⬇ et paper! eed USE www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/bluepeter/makes Use energ � Reuse wrapping paper – it’s more ⬇ Only cha y saving light bulb s – in eve sustainable and will save you money ⬇ Eat less rge your red meat mobile p hone wh en you n rything is 100x – metha eed to � Donate left over paint to the community ⬇ Turn the worse for the enviro ne produced by c nment th ows www.communityrepaint.org.uk ⬇Become tap off w hen you brush yo an CO 2 � Use Amazon and ebay to sell things you don’t want rather than throw them away ⬇ Grow you ⬇ Ask your an Eco-s parent to chool ww w.ecosch ur teeth ools.org.u r own veg uses 25% drive mo k � When you have read a good book pass it onto a friend ⬇ Turn thin gs off – d etables – it’s great fun www less fuel than 70 mph re slowly – driving at 50 mp� Dig out your old clothes and turn them into something funky! ⬇ Give you rd on’t just leave the m on sta .greatgru bclub.co m/grow_it h tinned fo og dry dog food ndby� Make a bag from an old skirt http://emmaberry.wordpress.com od – more e� Reuse old t-shirts by turning them into floor cloths ⬇ Buy fruit and veg nergy is used to p roduce and bett from you er for the r local fa� Make a bird feeder out of a yogurt pot ⬇ Use rech argeable environm ent rm shop – it’s mu ch tastie www.rspb.org.uk/youth/makeanddo ⬇ batteries r try an t Buy your when you RE th� Refill your plastic water bottle from the tap smoothie can about th s from In to hro e environ n� Make your own birthday cards out of old cards, ⬇ ment ww ocent – a comp PA fix w t w.innoce a scrap paper, fabric etc. Have a sh ower inst ntdrinks. ny that really care of water ead of a co.uk s th he bath – it ⬇ uses less wa y ing m I� Take your old toys to a charity shop, they will be Find out than half na R .. how the the amou loved all over again ☺ solar pan Feed In ow s, aw e Tari nt hr money – ls on your roof ca ff means having tt ra ay� Use re-filled ink cartridges in your printer at home then tell n save en ge ⬇ . lots of ad ergy and w th� Make a sock monster from an old pair of socks Check yo ults! earn you no u save fuel r car tyres are pu at er s th and mon mped up ak www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/bluepeter/ ⬇ ey correctly br e air thingstodo/makeit/sockmonster Don’t fly – have a – it will it rep� Make your own party bags ⬇ Surprise yo holiday in the UK in stead ew h en us ed to use up to ur mum – clean bik othe s ey 30% less the ur h ed� Buy second hand goods rather than new ones ⬇ Switch o electricit back of your frid y ge, it wil ir yo ur cl st ing et ri pp ff – can yo ⬇ Cut down you man age a we l to re pa on ou t th ey g yo ek witho ck ab th r www.orga ur food miles – ut watch ing the te ow ba nt if ble niclinker. buy less h ns ob ⬇ Use eco-f com/food im -miles.cfm ported foods lly? Le arn butt o n nd pa re jea by ac riendly w ur ⬇ Don’t wa ashing u p liquid Ä Se w a ur gra n yo air ed sh detergen your clothes too yo ho rep ts and w often – a Ä sk atc es ⬇ Turn the ater use is bad fo ll those Ä A ta p sh o heating d r the envi Pu ur ⬇ Borrow b own in yo ur home ronment Ä t yo oo your loca ks and DVDs fro Ge l library m Ä Write down n 10 ideas of your ow R E CYCLE..t.or your produc 1. reprocess 2. e something else that have lo ads of material to mak 3. buy things m recycled ✘ Refuse to y packaging and penc il cases made fro 4. unnecessar s fairtrade be fore you bu y it ♼ Buterpenswww.remarkable.co.uk y ials olat e? Check it’ ma 5. ✘ Love choc ates at a pa rty are 100% recycled cups and pl an – milk bottles ♼ pport your milkm 6. ✘ Don’t us e disposable Su ckaging mean you don’t ne ed ferent signs on pa buy things ♼ Learn what the dif 7. ✘ Refuse to d into a compost heap out of season Put your waste foo ✘ Don’t buy food that is – refuse to use ♼ www.wigglywiggler s.co.uk 8. ng with you mpost bin – go to own bags shoppi ♼ Set up a worm co ck 9. ✘ Take your from shops ical equipment ba Take broken electr ht it from ♼ plastic bags op you boug 10. to the sh R E yFaUrodEt.o.r.use a material S uc s rageable batterie Put old non-recha ♼ into the batte ry recycling bin items and Take old household ♼ bu p to or n rubbish to your local ul to people garde at is harmf recycl ing centre th l recycle it – mobile and we wil ment Send us your old ♼ ople in developing the environ the money raised will go to poor pe countries too www.practicalaction.org/education This poster is made from paper containing 50% recycled waste and 50% fibre from a FSC certified mill.