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1776   part 3 1776 part 3 Presentation Transcript

  • 1776 - The Game Part 3
  • Action Store!
  • Action Store! 50 point spending cap Card Cost Who does it affect? Result Writs of Assistance 20 - only government officials can buy Any non- loyalists targeted player - 30 points Patriot Propaganda 20 - Only Henry & Pickney can buy Any non- revolutionarie s targeted player - 30 points Bribe 10 Anyone *only loyalists or revolutionaries may buy. targeted player +20 Defense Card 30 Anyone Half damage from any battle
  • Act of Parliament 1775 •New England is hereby excluded from the Newfoundland fisheries and prohibited from all trade. •No arms (muskets) or ammunition may be imported by any of the colonies.
  • Historical Effects
  • Action Cards!
  • April 18, 1775
  • The Road to Concord
  • One if By Land, Two if By Sea
  • April 18, 1775
  • Basic Fact Questions •What did the British army want to seize in Concord? •Who did the British army want to arrest in Lexington? •Which route did the British army take to Concord? •Who hung the lanterns in North Church? •Name one rider (besides Paul Revere) that warned the citizens of the army's approach.
  • Battle of Lexington Green •Morning of April 19, 1775. British soldiers having marched all night are confronted on Lexington Green by a small militia. •First shots fired of the American Revolution!
  • Battle of Concord Bridge & Retreat After being confronted by a colonial miltia at Concord's north bridge, the British army makes the long retreat to Boston.
  • Debate The American colonists were justified in firing against the British military.
  • Historical Effects •Revolutionaries, your time has come. All Revolutionaries gain 50 points! •All Loyalists lose 70 points! •Toby Gilmore Attucks defends his Concord farm with honor. He gains 40 points! •War is about to begin! The British prepare for war and order all their horses provided with new saddles and harnesses. William Penn Windom gains 50 points!
  • Action Cards!
  • Wonder how a Musket is Fired?
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill June 17, 1775
  • Basic Fact Questions - Bunker Hill •Why was the battle called the "Battle of Bunker Hill"? •How many times did the British attempt to take the hill? •What is the most famous quote from this battle? •Who said it? •Why is this a pyrrhic victory? •Name one of the British generals from this battle?
  • Historical Effects •This is a victory for the British Army. - All Loyalists gain 40 points. •The Revolutionaries kill over a thousand British soldiers. They gain 20 points. •Dr. Warren's Brother (Joseph Warren dies in battle fighting for the colonists) He loses 30 points. •Reginald Marshfield's brother-in-law dies fighting in the English Army during the battle. He loses 30 points. •A stray cannonball falls through Daniel Hatfield's house, he loses 20 points. •Mercy Lewis Pickney uses the events of the battle as inspiration for her latest play. She earns 20 points.
  • Action Cards!
  • 1 - The battles have inspired men to get their muskets fixed. Business is great for Igmar Elfsborg. He gains 40 points! 2 - Colonists get their shoes repaired before they join the Continental army. Dirk Vandemeter gains 40 points! 3 - General Gage is a family friend of Mrs. Lydia Andrews and he offers her family protection. She gains 40 points. 4 - The Sons of Liberty ask Marcel Minuet to create a special barrel with secret drawers. He gains 40 points. 5 - British soldiers march through John Calvin Kleinschmidt's fields, destroying a year's harvest. He loses 40 points. 6 - The Continental Army camps in Reginald Marshfield's fields destroying a year's harvest. He loses 40 points.
  • The Battle of Quebec •American forces led by General Arnold and Montgomery attempt to take over Quebec and get Canada involved in the war. •They are soundly defeated.
  • Historical Effects - Battle of Quebec •Revolutionaries suffer a defeat - lose 40 points. •Loyalists celebrate the defeat - gain 40 points. •Marcel Minuet's cousin dies in the battle, he loses 30 points. •Dirk Vandemeter's brother earns honors for bravery. He gains 20 points. •David Rosenbloom is hired to make a tea pot for General Gage. He gains 15 points
  • Olive Branch Debate
  • Olive Branch Petition Colonial Congress sends a letter to King George III asking for a peaceful resolution to the problems in the colonies.
  • Historical Effects - Olive Branch Petition •Loyalist feel hopeful for a peaceful outcome and gain 30 points. •Neutralists gain 20 points for the hope of peace. •Revolutionaries lose 10 points. •William Penn Windom’s Quaker beliefs are reinforced, he gains 30 points.
  • Proclamation of Rebellion •King George III declares that the colonies are in open revolt. •Passes even stricter laws on merchants •Hires German mercanaries to fight for the English.
  • Historical Effects •All Loyalists feel safer now that the King is taking control. They gain 30 points. •Merchants (except for Loyalist Merchants) are having a difficult time working around the new laws. They lose 20 points. •Colonists with German heritage are being discriminated against in reaction to the German mercenaires. They lose 10 points.
  • Action Cards!
  • Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation The governor of Virginia has proclaimed that any slave that escapes his revolutionary owner and joins the British Army will be granted his freedom. He is especially looking for people with boats to help him gather escaped slaves and support an army. Captain Devlin and Mr. Attucks, you are free people; however, at this point you have the option to join the Loyalist side and help Lord Dunmore free slaves.
  • You Gain 50 Points! Did you Choose to join the Loyalists?
  • Continental Army chooses a General •Virginia Gentlemen, George Washington is appointed General of the Continental army. •He brings order to the undisciplined army and forces the British out of Boston on March 17, 1776.
  • Historical Effects- British out of Boston •Boston Port is open! All Boston colonists earn 30 points! •Revolutionaries earn 40 points. •Hearing the news, Cornelius Van Renslaar's family is fearful of the Continental Army. They flee for Canada leaving CVR behind in New York. He loses 20 points. •Southern colonists (non loyalists) are proud of their son of the south, George Washington. They gain 10 points. •Washington does not allow African Americans in the Continental Army- Toby Gilmore Attucks & Captain Devlin lose 20 points. (If they have not joined the British Army)
  • Common Sense •Thomas Paine writes an inspirational pamphlet entitled Common Sense. •The pamphlet asks for colonists to declare independence from Great Britain.
  • Key Ideas of Common Sense •Society (the people) is good, government is bad ( but needed to control our worst impulses ) •Only purpose of government should be to protect life, liberty, property....If a particular government isn't doing it, one should get rid of it. •King (and Parliament) isn't protecting our rights, but using us. •Colonies no longer need English "help" or "protection"-they'd be better off and better respected on our own. •Colonies should declare full independence from England
  • Historical Effects •Common Sense sells over 100,000 copies. Samuel Henry earns 15 points for helping to publish it. •The Revolutionary cause gains a voice. All Revolutionaries gain 30 points. •Captain Devlin’s crew discovers some buried treasure on a remote island. He earns 50 points! •The King rewards Mrs. Andrews husband for his loyalty and gives him a new church bell. She earns 50 points!
  • 1- British troops capture 15 members of the Sons of Liberty - All Revolutionaries lose 30 points. 2 - George Washington's forces capture 15 British soldiers holding secret messages - All Loyalists lose 30 points. 3 - Heavy patrols make communication and movement difficult in the colonies. All colonists lose 20 points. 4 - British warships capture a Spanish ship filled with valuables. They trade these goods with colonial merchants. All merchants (Loyal to the crown) gain 20 points. 5 - King George sends special soldiers to guard the houses of people Loyal to England. All Loyalists gain 30 points. 6 - The Daughters of Liberty create a secret code and stitch it into all embroidery. They are able to send messages throughout the colonies. Revolutionaries gain 30 points.
  • Individual Random Chance!
  • The Second Continental Congress
  • The Second Continental Congress has made a controversial proposal. They wish to break away from Great Britain and become an Independent Country. Your next job is to decide how to vote. But first, let us hear from some representatives....
  • John Dickinson speaks against the proposal.
  • John Adams speaks in favor of the proposal.
  • What will you decide?