Digital ADD Workbook


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This is a workbook designed to help companies and individuals generate more accurate user profiles, business objectives and the merging of both to create a stronger content strategy.

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Digital ADD Workbook

  1. 1. TM Simplify Digital. The Goal Setting Toolkit © Groop Skool 2010-2011 1
  2. 2. TM Simplify Digital. Business Goals / Increase Donations Ideas Desire Obtainablity Total © Groop Skool 2010 - 2011 2
  3. 3. TM Simplify Digital. Business Goals / Increase Awareness Ideas Desire Obtainablity Total © Groop Skool 2010 - 2011 3
  4. 4. TM Simplify Digital. Notes © Groop Skool 2010 - 2011 4
  5. 5. TM Simplify Digital. User Definition Toolkit © Groop Skool 2010-2011 5
  6. 6. TM Simplify Digital. Why do I need to do this? You know that customers are the most important thing in your business and therefore they are the most important driver of what you do online. Creating a tangible picture of who your customer is requires you to “really see them” and to understand their needs. The first step is creating a customer profile. Whether you have done many of these or this is your first time our goal is to help you make these customers real, both in their profile form here but also in sales. How do I come up with my customers? If you are an existing business, you know them because you deal with them all the time. More importantly you likely have some data of who they are. If you are a new business and have already defined them you have them written down somewhere or in your head. If you are the founder of a start-up there is a high likelihood that you yourself are the main customer profile or know someone close to you is. Who are your customers? © Groop Skool 2010-2011 6
  7. 7. TM Simplify Digital. What do I need to define about my customer? To start a name, any name. One that reflects their background. Giving them a name begins to make them real. You don’t have “customer 1” as a customer, you have Linda Johnson as a customer. Second demographic information such as age, gender, income & marital status. Third, their story. Describe the situation they are in that has created potential interest in your product or service. 4th, what do they need from your product or service? This can be a feature or it can be an attribute of how the feature work such as “easy to use”. Betty Peterson - “The “Accidental Entrepreneur” Female, Brooklyn New York Name Age: 32, Ex - Advertising Creative Director In a relationship Betty just got laid off from an Ad agency where she was a creative director. Story Betty loves all things “Home”. From hand knit pillows, to cooking to decorating. She is already a big seller on Etsy. Understands the internet, but not the first thing about business. Wants info in “her language”. Wants to start her own online store and brand. Needs She needs to know about ecommerce. She also needs to know the basics of how to start a business. It needs to be super easy to user and understand. © Groop Skool 2010-2011 7
  8. 8. TM Simplify Digital. Example DealPro User Profiles Active User The Celebrity Light User “Abhay Modi” - “The Frugal Gadget Dude” “Anna Walker” - “The Celebrity DealPro” “Betty Eno” - “The DIY-er - Future Martha Stewart” Female, Detroit Michigan Female, Brooklyn New York Male, Austin, Texas Age: 26 Age: 46 Age: 31 Former Auto worker Engaged Software Engineer Single Married, 3 kids Ex - Advertising Creative Director Abhay is an engineer at an Austin tech Anna worked in the Automotive industry for 20 years. Betty just got laid off from an Ad agency where she was a Assembly line worker for 12 years, Administrative Story company. He prides himself at having all the creative director. latest tech at the greatest prices. He wears Assistant to UAW Labor Relations Dir. for 8 years. She is a “planner” and has sufficient savings until she She took voluntary retirement and used her buyout to “savvy frugal” on his shoulder. He loves being gets another job. helpful and sharing. Makes him feel valuable start her own online business. She writes the blog Betty loves all things “Home” and “Cooking”. Her blog She will introduce her gets good traffic and and smart. upcoming book “Deal with It Honey: Living Large at a attention. Now that she has some time she is beginning to plan a business around her blog. Small Price & Other Adventures in Stylish Frugality” on Oprah. ‣People to like his deals ‣Easy to use site, she is busy Needs ‣To have fun while finding deals ‣Easy to integrate features ‣Easy to use commenting tools ‣Affirmation from other users ‣The best deals ‣To know that will increase her traffic ‣The best deals ‣Feedback ‣To know that won’t damage her image ‣To know how could fit her new venture ‣ Monetization possibilities ‣To make new online friends ‣To increase his following ‣To know how to better promote himself ‣Exposure ‣To get followers for her blog ‣Feedback & ideas from her fans ‣To discover that she could provide value to others by ‣API for him to make his own sharing her awesomeness. apps Get recognized while sharing your vast is an awesome partner to help grow Save money, interact and have fun, “you too can be a your brand and user base. They will help me make Value DealPro”. “It’s easy!” wisdom with the unwashed masses. You are a Prop “Nerd” god. Chicks dig you. more money. Others will know you are a god on We are an awesome partner to help you grow your Core Save money, have fun & discover that you could be a brand and users which will help you make more DealPro. It’s super easy. and chicks will dig you. Message money. in mind. They are figurative and should only be used as a guide. Please Note: These profiles are done with DealPro recruitment © Groop Skool 2010 - 2011 8
  9. 9. TM Simplify Digital. Create 3 users profiles for your online advocacy site. Start with the name, then the story then their needs. Finish by finding a picture in a magazine or online that you feel best represents what the user looks like. Picture Picture Picture Name Story Needs © Groop Skool 2010-2011 9
  10. 10. Users Needs: Understand your users and deliver what they want Target User / Target The Evolving Artist The Exploratory Customer Collector Their Story Natalia is a mixed media and Jason started building his canvas painter with a vibrant collection several years ago and growing following of urban after becoming interested in hipsters in their 20s & 30s. the political works of Shepard She exhibits in solo and group Fairey. He is interested in the shows and is looking to have social impact and message her work reach the tipping regarding the pieces he point of acclaim. She is highly collects and wants to share active online with a robust and discuss his opinions and Facebook and Twitter influences with his friends and following. art scene. Their Needs - Display their work in a - Interact with other people flattering, true to experience with similar interests, tastes fashion. and influences - Connect with curators, - Discover new artists and reviewers and other industry scenes influencers - Contribute his opinion and - Be able to sell their work in gain recognition in his art various forms circle Value Proposition Help me exhibit, grow my Connect me with art that is following and make money in a relevant to my interests and way that is cool, legitimate and inspiring to my social circle. sustainable. Help me share my tastes and experiences quickly and with people that I know. Messaging * Show, Share, Sell - Saatchi * Discover & Inspire - Saatchi Online is the environment for Online is where you come to true to life artistic find art relevant to your lifestyle representation and opportunity. and to contribute to the art scenes that you participate in. 10
  11. 11. TM Simplify Digital. Notes © Groop Skool 2010 - 2011 11
  12. 12. TM Simplify Digital. Prioritization Toolkit © Groop Skool 2010-2011 12
  13. 13. TM Simplify Digital. Prioritized Needs Picture Picture Picture Type Name Top 3 Needs Features for Need #1 Functionality for Need #1 Features for Need #2 Functionality for Need #2 Features for Need #3 Functionality for Need #3 © Groop Skool 2010 - 2011 13
  14. 14. TM Simplify Digital. Prioritized Needs Example Picture Picture Picture Type High End Residential Entrepreneurial Commercial Institutional Julie & Linda Lu, Fashion Janine Smith, Exec. Dir. of Name Jorge Coen, Director School of Science & Designers Technology audio/visual media validation assurance Top 3 Needs can’t be intimidated story clarity legacy credentials all must be beautiful professionalism Video Media Examples, Evidence, peerage Features for Inspiring Photos/Motion, History of PTA, Consistency, (approval from those Need #1 Narrative story, Graphically Articulation, Motives, Drivers around), Awards Rich List of accomplishments, View on mobile, Video, Press kits, releases, Functionality for transference of past experimental narrative, one sheets, editorials, louder Need #1 projects, Print pages/pdf’s, cinematic imagery messaging work samples Multiple locations of press, No jargon, Confidence in Visualization, values and Features for popular culture, non- approach, Simplicity, needs, projection of Need #2 architecture press, Part of Stories and Cases institution’s future social Presentation style & deck Vernacular language/simple, Functions/Events, Social Functionality for structure, interview/pitch speak from wisdom, not media, video, blogs, Need #2 approach, beautiful knowledge partnerships renderings Documentation, process, Features for Voice & writing, credentials, See the work, live in the work, speaking, team, leadership Need #3 appearances, authenticity experience the work & facilitation, network Blog, testimonials, Biographies, history, Big images, well-cropped, Functionality for walkthough a project from a meeting systems, “architecture images” Need #3 personal perspective, objectives, structure of transitions, Interviews process © Groop Skool 2010 - 2011 14
  15. 15. TM Simplify Digital. Notes © Groop Skool 2010 - 2011 15