Hack the DOE: Making it work even when you thought you couldn't - #NYCSTS14


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Hacking isn't a dirty word. Hacking is about making things work with what you have. This slide deck is from the New York City Department of Education's School Technology Summit 2014. The presentation deals with internal resources for getting the most out of technology as well as a few simple work-arounds for making the things that don't always work, work.

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Hack the DOE: Making it work even when you thought you couldn't - #NYCSTS14

  1. 1. Chris Casal Technology Coordinator/Teacher P. S. 10 Brooklyn (15K010) ccasal@ps10.org Twitter: @mr_casal Hack the DOE Making it Work Even When You Thought You Couldn’t School Technology Summit 2014 - 7/30/14 Presentation Materials: http://goo.gl/irH2Mo (case sensitive)
  2. 2. What doesn’t work? The usual suspects YouTube is blocked Flash wont update iPads wont update what else…?
  3. 3. My top tricks Flash, iOS updates, Chromebook & iPad printing
  4. 4. iPads wont update? No problem Running iOS 6 or older? can’t update on DOE network use Configurator via USB take device home & update to iOS 7 Running iOS 7? problem is solved, will update in DOE might need to wait for quiet network time (ie: before or after school)
  5. 5. No Flash on iPads? No problem Download either: Rover - plays Flash, geared toward edu content Puffin Lite - plays all Flash for a limited time Puffin - unlimited Flash access
  6. 6. Flash won’t update? Of course it won’t, installer is blocked by the proxy Download full version here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/ Bottom of page click: your operating system/ browser combination is not displayed, click here for older versions of Adobe Flash Player. Scroll to Flash Player Archives Download latest version (it’ll be 100+ MB)
  7. 7. Flash pt 2… A .zip file downloads Double-click to open Navigate to the main folder (not the “debug” one) For Mac users: double click the “_pkg.dmg” file and then use the enclosed package to install & distribute For Windows users: double click the one of the Windows files (either .msi or .exe - to be honest I’m not sure, I’m a Mac guy, nay a Windows box in sight)
  8. 8. Flash pt 3 Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how to update Flash within the NYCDOE (Mac specific) https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxmtzsc1cc9e1co/ Flash_Update_setup.pdf
  9. 9. Easiest way to update Flash? Use Chrome the Flash updates are embedded within the browser auto-update so you should never have a problem
  10. 10. Print from a Chromebook Why? It’s a Chromebook, everything is in the cloud It’s paperless, that’s kind of the point… Ok, you really need to print? log in to your Google account on a printer-connected computer & print away
  11. 11. or Print from Chrome Log in to Chrome, the browser, on a machine already configured to print Go to Settings -> Show Advanced Settings Google Cloud Print -> Manage -> Classic Printers -> Add printers this will add locally connected printers to your Google Account sign in to a Chromebook, with the same account, and print away…
  12. 12. Print from an iPad Not to be snarky, but again, why? Ok, you really need to print… Easiest to use Google apps Chrome, Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc Follow steps for “print from Chrome” on previous slide Google iOS apps will see your “classic printers” when you tap “print”
  13. 13. Chromebook & iPad printing: caveats It does not seem to work on all DOE printers my iPad can print to our X646 ATS printer but not a C782 in the same room both printers added to my Google account, but only one works, it’s a bit of trial & error and yes, I can print from my iPad on the instructional VLAN wifi to Administrative VLAN printers…
  14. 14. Caveats cont Have not tried Apple Air Print printers as none are DOE approved Benefit to Google Cloud Print over Apple’s Air Print is the ability to use existing printers, where possible
  15. 15. YouTube the scourge
  16. 16. Not really Get YouTube unblocked submit request: https://apps.nycenet.edu/ Applications/Filtering/ Principal needs to approve It’s more a bandwidth issue than a content one we unblocked it but if more than 3 machines in a room are playing a video the network stalls
  17. 17. Principal wont approve YouTube? Try these sites, that often stream YouTube videos (or content similar to YouTube) even if YouTube the URL is blocked: http://www.watchknowlearn.org/ https://www.khanacademy.org/ http://www.schooltube.com/
  18. 18. Prep your YouTube lesson at home Find the video at home, download it to your Drive or Drobpox or Box account, then play that clip in school clipconverter.cc keepvid.com savefrom.net (or just as “ss” before “youtube” in the URL to prompt the download - as in www.ssyoutube.com….)
  19. 19. Websites… because sometimes the easiest hack is knowledge
  20. 20. Unblock sites Web filtering request https://apps.nycenet.edu/Applications/Filtering/
  21. 21. Schoolview http://schoolview.nycboe.net/principal/ Need to be within a school to access Shows network health, bandwidth usage, MDF temperature, etc Great resource
  22. 22. TechShare https://techshare.nycenet.edu/sites/ FinanceAdmin/DIIT/operations/TechShare/ default.aspx Intranet site accessible outside of DOE Great discussion board Access to DOE software for download including Mac & Windows OS, Office, etc
  23. 23. Wireless Client Configuration https://www.nycenet.edu/applications/wcc/ Pages/Schools.aspx find wifi information for other DOE schools
  24. 24. Network Grounds http://networkgrounds.com/bookmarks - Flash http://networkgrounds.com/mobile - text/html NYCDOE bookmarks visual catalog of all DOE services Built by Dan Morio of CFN 405
  25. 25. What do you need? Lets solve some problems while we’re here…
  26. 26. Hacking It’s about changing the way we approach things and making the most of what we have for the benefit of our students Be inspired, follow Michelle Cordy @cordym Watch this: http://youtu.be/puSPuSviWaE?t=20m15s (20:15-26:06)
  27. 27. Contact Presentation Materials: http://goo.gl/irH2Mo (case sensitive) ! Christopher M. Casal 
 Technology Teacher/Coordinator 
 P. S. 10 (15K010) Email: ccasal@ps10.org Twitter: @mr_casal Diigo: mrcasal slideshare.net/mr_casal thecasalos.blogspot.com ps10ipads.wikispaces.com