FETC CS4018 The iPad & the Paperless School Environment - full


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Full presentation form FETC Concurrent session CS4018 - this version includes screenshots of the apps mentioned.

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FETC CS4018 The iPad & the Paperless School Environment - full

  1. 1. Using the iPad to Create a Paperless School Environment FETC 2014 - Session CS 4018 Chris Casal P. S. 10 Brooklyn - NYCDOE ccasal@ps10.org Twitter: @mr_casal Presentation Materials http://goo.gl/VR3FHO
  2. 2. P. S. 10 New York City Department of Education public school Park Slope vicinity, Brooklyn ~950 students Kindergarten- 5th grade 38 classroom teachers, 8 clusters, 6 related service providers, 2 coaches, 3 administrators fully connected via iPads, laptops, desktops, Google Apps & Dropbox...
  3. 3. Think before you print… Communicate Collaborate Document
  4. 4. Forget the iPad for a minute Any device, any form factor You created the printed page in digital form first, just keep it that way
  5. 5. Communicate Don’t use the PA system... ... get to everyone without disturbing anyone... http://graffitiwatcher.deviantart.com/art/Silent-Bob-and-Jay-174850056
  6. 6. The old standby Email & distribution lists How very 90’s of us Lists for every constituency It may be “antiquated” but it still works
  7. 7. New media broadcast School, teacher, administrator blogs & sites ps10.org/about/staff-directory Twitter disseminate quickly & succinctly staff, students, parents can follow over 30 staff members on Twitter Skype, Google Hangouts/Voice, Remind101, etc
  8. 8. Collaborate My mailbox is a scourge... ... my head (and heart) is in the clouds... http://miladph.deviantart.com/art/Nice-cloud-154480936
  9. 9. Don’t fear the cloud You’ve been using it for decades, you just haven’t realized it
  10. 10. http://hanashira.deviantart.com/art/Cloud-28-172524040
  11. 11. Dropbox Online storage Automatic syncing across devices & operating systems 2 GB of storage free many ways to get additional storage, including referrals my referral link: http://db.tt/o2H8xmo App - $Free
  12. 12. Benefits Access files anywhere no more flash/thumb drives no more bulky folders/binders of paperwork Multiple app integration GoodReader, PlainText, DropItTo.me Share files and folders for easy collaboration Work on local drive and Dropbox syncs automatically, no uploading needed - work offline & sync later
  13. 13. Benefits Platform agnostic
  14. 14. Bump your storage
  15. 15. How I got more than 2 GB
  16. 16. Dropbox.com interface identical folders accessible on iPad & local HD
  17. 17. Share folders with any users
  18. 18. Native file formats Dropbox folder on local HD identical to Dropbox.com & iPad
  19. 19. Selet a file to view it Native file formats Alphabetical file structure - both files and folders
  20. 20. Folder view Alphabetical file structure - within folders too Native file formats
  21. 21. Easily share files from iPad
  22. 22. Share via email Generates a link instead of emailig a bulky attachment
  23. 23. Send files to other apps
  24. 24. Uplaod files from iPad to Dropbox Can set automatic uploads of Photos
  25. 25. Dropbox can be set to automatically upload iPad/iPhone pics to a “Camera Uploads” folder or you can select manually Auto uplaods to “Camera Uploads” folder
  26. 26. DROPitTOme www.dropitto.me Free online site for submitting files to Dropbox Set up custom URL for Dropbox submission Students can upload files Not an iPad app but a great way to extend the collaborative capabilities of Dropbox Web based - $Free
  27. 27. DROPitTOme Set up a custom address, in this case www.dropitto.me/mrcasal ! ! ! ! ! Password protect uploads if you like...
  28. 28. DROPitTOme Easy, standard upload interface ! ! ! ! ! ! Search your hard drive for any file and upload...
  29. 29. Inside main Dropbox directory is a “Dropitto.me” folder
  30. 30. Collaborative Store lessons share with colleagues, substitutes, administration Always have access to documents - start at home, finish at school... home, school, iPad - all synced Have students turn in work from any computer via DropItTo.me Share paperless memos with staff
  31. 31. Why Dropbox for me? Love Google but have multiple Google accounts Drive syncs to only one on the desktop Dropbox allows me to access files regardless of which Google account I’m in Keeps files native, doesn’t convert to Google Docs Longtime Dropbox user 3rd school year Drive released 4/24/12. Share & collaborate with Dropbox users, regardless of their Google use & comfort Opportunities for free storage upgrades
  32. 32. Options, we love options* Dropbox Google Drive Box Cubby iCloud - if you’re 100% Apple it might be the way to go SkyDrive/OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud) WebDAV - school hosted/controlled server FTP - like the 70s it’s retro but works *disclaimer - this slide intentionally crowded to prove a point… there are a lot of options in the cloud
  33. 33. Be flexible The notion of “one tool to rule them all” is a fallacy ! Huge DropBox fans but Google Drive is improving rapidly We are transitioning to Drive iOS 7 “Open In” flexibility the best tech development of recent memory
  34. 34. Document You teach & observe in real-time, why shouldn’t your notes, reflections, and feedback be just as timely?
  35. 35. Replace the pulp Paperless observations, anecdotals, plans & grades Instant save yourself time Paperless save yourself time & money Collaborative save yourself time, money & confusion
  36. 36. Apps GoodReader desktop to iPad & back with ease GoogleDocs instant solution from any connected device AudioNote, Notability, SoundNote, Teacher Notes note taking apps easily adaptable to observations CCL4s - Common Core Look Fors app designed for observations with Common Core Evernote family Evernote, Penultimate, Skitch
  37. 37. GoodReader View almost any file format Search the web within the app and download files directly Annotate PDF files with typewriter, shapes, and freehand tools great for “paperless” observations, form signing, running records, etc. App - $4.99
  38. 38. Benefits The instant, paperless, observation documentation use pre-existing documents easily import district/city/state/federal forms observations as close to paper as possible All “paperwork” digitized & always at your fingertips Not reliant on connectivity import forms & work without network connection
  39. 39. Convert .docx file to PDF Save it in Dropbox File Save As Create or use a pre-existing word processing docuemnt to create iPad ready PDF
  40. 40. Built in web browser Select a file to view it Available servers Alphabetical file structure - both files and folders Similar user interface (folder/ file nav & structure) to most OS’ and apps such as Dropbox
  41. 41. May options available - not limited to Google or DropBox Available servers
  42. 42. Connect to Dropbox or Google Drive to download any PDF form Available servers
  43. 43. Select your PDF… ...and Download (Sync is a great feature not available with Google Drive)
  44. 44. Select your locaiton within GoodReader ...and Download
  45. 45. You can create new local folders on the fly
  46. 46. Various annotation options An example of a Teacher’s College Running Record form Various view options
  47. 47. Text tool Freehand drawing/writing Annotation options such as typing, highlightening, underlining and shapes...
  48. 48. Replace the original of save a copy Before annotating GoodReader will prompt options - save an annotated copy or replace the original
  49. 49. Typing tool Text box can contain as much, or as little, as needed. Also, author names can be set to track multiple user edits
  50. 50. Freehand tool & toolbar - change color and line thickness
  51. 51. Text editing toolbar
  52. 52. Edited observation form
  53. 53. Direct export options Flatten all edits to contain them within the PDF.... .... email or print from the app (compatible printer required)
  54. 54. Newly annotated observation form Back within the main folder view of the GoodReader app
  55. 55. Move files Manage GoodReader files just as you would on your PC Create folders Rename files
  56. 56. Easly give each finished form a unique name
  57. 57. Upload your finished files back to the cloud the same way you downloaded them to the iPad Upload
  58. 58. Google Drive Free Create, share & collaborate on documents great for instant observations, easy sharing among administrative staff, collaborative nature of Google Free via iPad app “Google Drive” as well as mobile browsers (Safari, iChromy, Ginbox, etc)
  59. 59. Benefits Free The instant, paperless, observation documentation use pre-existing documents integrated with Google Apps for Edu observations easily sharable All “paperwork” digitized & always at your fingertips
  60. 60. Log in tor your Google Apps account from iPad’s Drive app
  61. 61. Inside a folder view
  62. 62. The downside...? ... wait... what...Google has a “downside”...?
  63. 63. iOS app only supports Documents & Spreadsheets Forms are a key part of Google Drive but at this time they are not available via the iPad app (Presentations are “View” only)
  64. 64. Manage files... Share from within the app Downside? Can’t duplicate files from within the iOS app
  65. 65. Not a big deal... ... Drive on the iPad far more robust than pre-Drive (6/28/12 - Spreadsheet editing arrived 11/28/12) If you’re a Google Apps user, get familiar with the Drive app, it will change your life... ... or at least make it easier to bring GApps with you
  66. 66. Other apps of note AudioNote - Lite= free - full version $4.99 CCL4s (Common Core Look Fors) - $2.99 Notability - $1.99 SoundNote - $4.99 Teacher Notes - Lite=free - full version $4.99 Evernote - free with paid storage upgrades Penultimate - free
  67. 67. AudioNote Free for Lite $4.99 for full version includes wifi & email sharing Record audio while typing notes
  68. 68. Lite Version - very basic but handy for recording ambient audio while taking observation notes
  69. 69. CCL4s Common Core Look Fors Math & Technology $2.99 Aligned to Common Core Standards Include photos & video with observation Email observations directly from app
  70. 70. Notes Standards Photos
  71. 71. Notability Note taking & media recording Type, handwrite, record audio, insert pictures Annotate PDFs $1.99 Dropbox, Google Drive & WebDav integration
  72. 72. Audio Tools Freehand, type, highlight Media
  73. 73. Media
  74. 74. Export
  75. 75. SoundNote Note taking & audio recording type or handwrite audio time-syncs to typing/writing click on a word and audio jumps to the point in recording you made the note $4.99 Dropbox integration Notes can be emailed with audio
  76. 76. Simple interface ! Biggest Selling point is text & handwriting time-synced to audio Audio jumped to location of recoding when the word “was” was written Tools Freehand, type
  77. 77. Teacher Notes Designed with teachers in mind set up with “classes” & “students” easily adaptable to “teachers” & “observations” set up with Domains & Content Area categories Note taking & audio recording type or handwrite add pictures & video Free for limited number of classes & students. Unlimited - $4.99
  78. 78. Simple interface ! Biggest Selling point multiple inputs - audio, video, pictures, typing Pictures Video Audio
  79. 79. Designed as a teacher tool for use with classes & students but could easily be thought os as use with teachers & observations
  80. 80. Evernote Great platform notes, photos, tags, syncs across devices multiple associated apps My issues with it: no freehand in Evernote Penultimate allows freehand but can’t add tags or edit from Evernote Great platform note taking, documenting, etc. In my opinion it stumbles when working with freehand & PDFs
  81. 81. Pictures Penultimate ! Evernote app Handwriting only Designed for portrait only use
  82. 82. Easily share Penultimate ! Evernote app Handwriting only Designed for portrait only use
  83. 83. Paperless
  84. 84. But what if things delete? What if you spill coffee on your grade book? ! You can drop your iPad in the river and still access your data. Can you do the same with your traditional notebook? (an actual conversation I had with @mskertesz)
  85. 85. Paperless Don’t fear it, embrace it Use the cloud to tie together your existing digital tools Adjust your thinking send the file to the iPad, not the printer The printer is quaint and quaint isn’t cutting it in 2014...
  86. 86. And in the end The printer is a paperweight... ... the iPad is your public address system... ... and your printer... ... and your notebook... ... and your camera... ... and your audio recorder... The iPad is your paperless notebook & the cloud is your file cabinet. Connect face to face while staying digitally connected…
  87. 87. Contact Christopher M. Casal Email: ccasal@ps10.org Twitter: @mr_casal Diigo: mrcasal ps10ipads.wikispaces.com Survey & Presentation Materials http://goo.gl/VR3FHO