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60 apps in 60 minutes: iOS, Web, DOE & Beyond - #NYCSTS14
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60 apps in 60 minutes: iOS, Web, DOE & Beyond - #NYCSTS14


Slide deck from "60 apps in 60 minutes: iOS, Web, DOE & Beyond" session at the 2014 NYCDOE Schools Technology Summit

Slide deck from "60 apps in 60 minutes: iOS, Web, DOE & Beyond" session at the 2014 NYCDOE Schools Technology Summit

Published in Education
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  • 1. Chris Casal Technology Coordinator/Teacher P. S. 10 Brooklyn (15K010) ccasal@ps10.org Twitter: @mr_casal 60 Apps in 60 Minutes iOS, Web, DOE & Beyond! School Technology Summit 2014 - 7/30/14 Presentation Materials: http://goo.gl/irH2Mo (case sensitive)
  • 2. Play along Session hashtag #60in60NYCSTS Backchannel discussion http://today.io/phkw Sticky board http://goo.gl/Oig9Gn
  • 3. 1,200,000 That’s how many apps are in the Apple App Store even more available when you factor in Android & Web We will cover 60* in 60** minutes Brief overviews to get you started with a list you can immediately use as a reference library for your classroom & school
  • 4. Asterisks... * The number of apps & websites is a rough estimate as some developers have multiple versions of apps or “Lite” vs “Premium” options ** 60 minutes is the full session but there will be time left for questions Think of it as 60+ apps in 45-ish minutes...
  • 5. Disclaimer I have a lot of apps... 530 currently on my iPad Each slide will contain 1-3 apps of a specific function Most slides will also contain a picture of the corresponding folder on my iPad, which sometimes contains up to 20 apps of identical function
  • 6. iPad… some of these apps offer Android versions, some don’t - check the developer’s website for platform availability
  • 7. Apple Apps Camera a great way to document student work & class activities iTunes U Apple has a DOE-centric course: Podcasts TechLandia - @TechLandiaCast Take5 - @DaveGuymon OutOfSchool.net - @fraserspeirs & @bradleychambers
  • 8. Apps Track apps, read reviews, help make sense of the 1,200,000+ options AppsGoneFree - $free - daily digest of 8-12 free apps every day AppShopper (iPhone) - $free - shows all price changes & allows Wish List creation & price change notification
  • 9. Augmented Reality Aurasma - $free - create and share your own augmented reality experiences or browse from thousands in their library Daqri - $free - explore 4D resources to make traditional items like books and magazines come to life Anatomy 4D - $free - from Daqri - makes exploring the human anatomy far more engaging than a simple textbook resources: http://www.twoguysandsomeipads.com/ @TechMinock & @TechBradWaid on Twitter
  • 10. Bookmarking Don’t keep your Bookmarks/Favorites on a single computer, make them accessible anywhere Diigo - $free web service & app my favorite - can bookmark annotations & notes too create student accounts to “crowdsource” references
  • 11. Browsers Safari is the built in & only default option but others provide more flexibility and versatility Chrome - $free - Google’s browser, syncs with desktop version - great for GAFE schools iCabMobile - $1.99 - very robust & versitle browser with many add-ons & connections to other services Rover - $free - geared to education & preloaded with edu content Puffin - $2.99 + Lite version - plays Flash content & can download directly to cloud services
  • 12. Cloud Storage Keep your files accessible from anywhere No more emailing files or USB drives Dropbox - app free - storage fees vary, free->pay market leader, most app integration Box - app free - storage fees vary, free->pay strong competitor, starts with more free space
  • 13. Google Drive - $free central hub of all your files access multiple accounts from single app Docs - $free creating & editing Google Documents Sheets - $free creating & editing Google Spreadsheets Unfortunately no iOS app, yet, for Forms or Slides/Presentations (there is an Android app for Slides)
  • 14. Common Core Apps to help navigate the Common Core Standards CommonCore Standards by Mastery Connect - $free
  • 15. Evernote A great suite of note taking apps & syncing to online companion - evernote.com Apps allow you to handwrite & annotate images Evernote - free service with paid upgrades type notes, tag & file, add pictures & web content Skitch - $free - annotate pictures & sync to Evernote Penultimate - $free - notebook for freehand writing + inserting pictures - syncs with Evernote
  • 16. Flipped Create “flipped classroom” or general video tutorials ExplainEverything - $2.99 - whiteboard, insert images, add video - import & export from various cloud platforms Educreations - $free - basic whiteboard & audio recording, insert pictures - upload to educreations.com ShowMe - $free - basic whiteboard & audio recording, insert pictures - upload to showme.com
  • 17. Fotopedia 15 free apps with amazing images from around the world Show your students in amazing clarity to world outside the room
  • 18. Haiku Deck Haiku Deck - $free an elegant presentation app puts imagery above text free, high-res Creative Commons pictures built in antidote to “death by PowerPoint”
  • 19. If This Then That IFTTT - $free - create recipes to let the internet work for you auto save contacts to Google Spreadsheet auto silence cell phone when you get to school auto save Facebook photos to Dropbox
  • 20. News Create custom magazines based on your content source preferences Currents - $free - Google’s magazine app Flipboard - $free - “your personal magazine” Zite - $free - “an intelligent magazine that helps you discover interesting things to read” NewsMix - $free - “your personalized newsstand”
  • 21. Note-taking If Evernote isn’t your thing consider: Notability - $1.99 - supports freehand writing, typing, images, audio & import/export to cloud platforms - very versatile app
  • 22. Paperless If you create documents on your computer why print them out just to file them away...? GoodReader 4 - $6.99 - works on any iOS device - great for paperless reading records, rubrics, signing forms - syncs to cloud services & can email direct from app
  • 23. Productivity Microsoft Office is irrelevant Pages - $free* - Apple’s version of Word Keynote - $free* - Apple’s version of PowerPoint Numbers - $free* - Apple’s version of Excel Available on your Mac & iPad, with syncing capabilities via iCloud “…free on the App Store for qualifying iOS 7 compatible devices activated on or after September 1, 2013” otherwise $9.99 per (still cheaper than Office 365 subscription)
  • 24. Reference EasyBib - $free - look up MLA, APA & Chicago citations for books Biography - $1.99 - “... a journey with the world’s most influential people... 100 biographies of eminent people of all time..”
  • 25. Scan Use the iOS camera to scan documents Not simply taking a picture, apps convert the image to black & white (or color) PDF looking exaclty like you scanned it on a traditional scanner JotNotPro - $2.99 - scan multiple pages to single file, connect to cloud services, etc
  • 26. Social Don’t think of it as “social media” think of it as networking & connecting Twitter - $free - network & connect Google+ - $free - share & collaborate Hangouts - $free - Google’s app for video chat/ conferencing - create distance learning opportunities Pinterest - $free - digital scrapbook your resources
  • 27. Tell a story Adobe Voice - $free - easy way to mix pictures, music, and voice to tell a story - great for students as publishing platform as well as teachers for creating engaging “movies” without movie- making knowledge - example - related blog post Tellagami & Tellagami Edu - $free & $4.99 - create & share quick animated videos. A more robust and engaging version of Voki - example BookCreator - $4.99 - create books on the iPad + share pages and create collaborative books with other classes & schools. Read a teacher’s take: http://www.redjumper.net/blog/ 2013/10/going-global-book-creator/
  • 28. VNC (Virtual Network Control) Remotely control computers Great for remote tech support & controlling IWBs from anywhere in the room Splashtop Personal - $4.99 remote access Splashtop Whiteboard - $9.99 remote access + whiteboard tools - great if you have laptop & projector but no IWB Mocha VNC Lite - $free
  • 29. Web… not every “app” is tablet based, some are websites
  • 30. TagBoard tagboard.com Create a hashtag for your school TagBoard aggregates from: Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ A living bulletin board for your community Free! Check out PS10Brooklyn’s: tagboard.com/ps10bk Ours: https://tagboard.com/60in60NYCSTS/
  • 31. Graphite graphite.org Created by Common Sense Media “a platform we created to make it easier for educators to find the best apps, games & websites for the classroom” Reviews written by teachers Free! Follow my reviews: http://www.graphite.org/users/mrcasal
  • 32. Padlet padlet.com live, real-time, collaborative tack board students can add stickies save & review later One for right now… http://goo.gl/Oig9Gn
  • 33. Today’s Meet todaysmeet.com “backchannel” site for discussion better for upper grades in 1:1 or BYOD environments students can ask questions, others can answer, follow up beyond lesson, etc Ours for today: https://todaysmeet.com/60in60NYCSTS
  • 34. goo.gl A Chrome (browser) extension shortens links creates QR codes saves a history of links with analytics chrome.google.com/webstore http://goo.gl/ygGS6
  • 35. edtechteacher http://edtechteacher.org/apps/ Amazing resource for finding apps Filter by platform or activity
  • 36. educlipper https://educlipper.net Pinterest for teachers Create student accounts Create “assignments”, “classrooms” and “portfolios” companion iOS app, Android being developed Created by Adam Bellow, a teacher
  • 37. WeLearned.it http://welearned.it/ Not available until Fall 2014 From the developer of EduClipper Keep an eye on it…
  • 38. DOE… because some things are just that specific…
  • 39. Schoolview http://schoolview.nycboe.net/principal/ Need to be within a school to access Shows network health, bandwidth usage, MDF temperature, etc Great resource
  • 40. TechShare https://techshare.nycenet.edu/sites/ FinanceAdmin/DIIT/operations/TechShare/ default.aspx Intranet site accessible outside of DOE Great discussion board Access to DOE software for download including Mac & Windows OS, Office, etc
  • 41. Wireless Client Configuration https://www.nycenet.edu/applications/wcc/ Pages/Schools.aspx find wifi information for other DOE schools
  • 42. Network Grounds http://networkgrounds.com/bookmarks - Flash http://networkgrounds.com/mobile - text/html NYCDOE bookmarks visual catalog of all DOE services Built by Dan Morio of CFN 405
  • 43. Summary 64 highlighted linked apps, developers, and websites Over 100 total resources Some free, some paid Hopefully this will give you some ideas of the versatility & possibility for integrating technology into your classroom
  • 44. One last link… http://goo.gl/DcY4M5 Google Spreadsheet 2 sheets Apps - 240 Websites - 12 … and growing
  • 45. Contact Presentation Materials: http://goo.gl/irH2Mo (case sensitive) ! Christopher M. Casal 
 Technology Teacher/Coordinator 
 P. S. 10 (15K010) Email: ccasal@ps10.org Twitter: @mr_casal Diigo: mrcasal slideshare.net/mr_casal thecasalos.blogspot.com ps10ipads.wikispaces.com