Amazingly 嘆為觀止的畫面


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Amazingly 嘆為觀止的畫面

  1. 1. Amazingly 嘆為觀止的畫面The worlds highest chained carousel, located in Vienna,the height of 117 meters.維也納最高鞦韆 117 米ThorsWell "theGates of the dungeon."CapePerpetua, Oregon. At moderate tideand strong surf, flowing water creates afantastic landscape 俄立岡州的"地獄之井"
  2. 2. Emerald Lake in the crater of an extinctvolcano. Tongariro National Park -NewZealand
  3. 3. 新西蘭死火山形成一湖Restaurant on a cliff on the east coast ofZanzibar.Depending on the tide the restaurant can bereached both on foot and by boat. 島上餐館( 非洲)
  4. 4. Office of Selgas Cano in Madrid 馬德里一辦公室
  5. 5. Desert with Phacelia (Scorpion Weed).Flowering once in several years. 沙漠鐑草數年才開一次花
  6. 6. Balloons in Cappadocia. 土耳其世界遺產區放氣球
  7. 7. Dubai. The view from the skyscraperBurjKhalifa. The height of buildings is 828 m(163 floors). 迪拜 163 層高樓鳥瞰其他大樓.
  8. 8. And this is the view down 163 層往下看是這樣的
  9. 9. These trees grow in the forest near Gryfino,Poland. The cause of the curvature isunknown 波蘭的樹 沒人知道為何會彎曲
  10. 10. The border between Belgium and theNetherlands in a cafe 咖啡館剛好是荷蘭與比利時的國界
  11. 11. Twice a year in the Gulf of Mexico raysmigrate. About 10 thousand stingrays swimfrom the Yucatan Peninsula to Florida in thespring and back in the fall.
  12. 12. 墨西哥灣出現黃貂魚 大遷徙In the resort town of Skagen you can watchan amazing natural phenomenon. This city isthe northernmost point of Denmark, wherethe Baltic and North Seas meet. The twoopposing tides in this place can not mergebecause they have different densities. 這是波羅的海與北海交匯在丹麥西北端,兩股海潮因各自的密度不一致, 導致無法融成一體.
  13. 13. In the Chinese province of Shandong is abridge across the Gulf of Jiaozhou. Thebridge length over 36 km is calculated foreight car lanes, and is the longest sea bridgein the world. 山東膠州灣大橋是全球最長的海橋 36 公里.
  14. 14. Day and night. The monument in Kaunas,Lithuania
  15. 15. 立陶苑石碑 ( 白晝與黑夜 )An unusual tunnel in Californias SequoiaNational Park
  16. 16. 加州紅杉公園內一顆倒下的樹This statue, created by Bruno Catalano, islocated in France 法國雕刻家 Bruno Catalano 作品
  17. 17. Family photo 全家福
  18. 18. The longest traffic jam in the world recorded.Length is 260 kilometers 最長堵車 260 公里 (美國)
  19. 19. Paris computer games store. In fact, the flooris absolutely flat. 巴黎電子游戲店 (其實地板是平的 )
  20. 20. Marcus Levine - slaughtering an artist in theliteral sense. He creates his paintings bynailing a white wooden panel. At his latestseries of paintings exhibited in a gallery inLondon, Marcus has spent more than 50 000pieces of iron. "釘死一名藝術家" 作品, 他用了五萬顆釘, "畫"出的.
  21. 21. In the city of Buford (USA) lives just oneperson. He works as a janitor and as amayor. 美國海拔 8000 公尺有一小鎮 Buford, 人口只有一人,他既是市長也是清潔工 .
  22. 22. Autumn camouflage 秋季偽裝
  23. 23. Haus Rizzi - Germany. 別出心裁的德國房子設計
  24. 24. Lena Pillars. Russia, the Lena River. 俄羅斯梨納河
  25. 25. Banpo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea 首爾半波大橋的彩虹
  26. 26. Favelas of Brazil. The boundary betweenwealth and poverty. 巴西的貧富懸殊
  27. 27. Lost paradise in the Indian Ocean. Isle ofLamu.位於印度洋 的肯亞拉穆島 (被遺忘的世外桃源 )
  28. 28. Balcony of floor 103 in Chicago.芝加哥 103 層
  29. 29. From the outside it looks like從外看 103 層
  30. 30. View of the sunset from inside the wave. 浪下看日落.
  31. 31. This is a unique geological phenomenonknown as Danxia landform. Thesephenomena can be observed in severalplaces in China. This example is located inZhangye, Province of Gansu. The color isthe result of an accumulation for many yearsof red sandstone and other rocks. 甘肅丹霞奇景
  32. 32. ??? dIn northwestern Montana, USA. The water isso transparent that it seems that this is aquite shallow lake. In fact, it?s very deep. 美國蒙坦納州一湖清晰度高, 其實它很深, 不要被眼睛所騙 .
  33. 33. Airport in the Maldives is located on anartificial island in the middle of the IndianOcean 馬爾戴夫機場在人工島上.
  34. 34. Lighthouse guard in Mare, France must beone of the most courageous people on theplanet!Not everyone will have a smoke in suchweather, and in such a place! 看守法國 Mare 燈塔的人是一位勇敢的人
  35. 35. Photo of storm in Montana, USA, 2010 發生在美國的颶風.
  36. 36. Skyscraper-Crescent Crescent Moon Tower(Dubai)
  37. 37. 迪拜的建築物 成半月狀Heavy fog in Sydney, which enveloped thewhole city
  38. 38. 澳洲悉尼大霧The river above the river: Magdeburg WaterBridge, Germany. 水上水 : 德國運河如何越過另一條河
  39. 39. Morning Glory - kind of clouds observed inthe Gulf of Carpentaria in northern Australia澳洲白雲奇觀
  40. 40. Gibraltar Airport is one of the mostextraordinary airports around the world 直布羅陀機場跑道與車共用道路.