Rochester ny demographic info


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Rochester ny demographic info

  1. 1. Welcome to Rochester! Greater Rochester, NY offers a variety of benefits to those relocating to thearea. Our city is one of Americas top-rated places to live, work and play. In addition to arts,entertainment, and sports, the area offers a variety of great communities to live in. Rochester isrecognized as one of the top 10 most affordable housing markets in the country, based on percentage ofhouse an average family can afford. (Source: Located in Western NY, the city iswithin a six hour drive of 8 major metropolitan areas. In addition, the beautiful Finger Lakes and theAdirondack Mountain range are in close proximity.Fast FactsPopulation: 1.1 million, 79th largest in USThe community now boasts eight colleges/universities, 65 visual and performing arts groups (includingone of the top 20 U.S. orchestras), 11,000 acres of parkland and 11 library branches in the city alone,plus six TV and 11 radio stations.Median income: $56k; Median home/condo value: $120K (48% lower than US average), Median rent:$650Average commute time: 19minHome to more than 70 bio tech companies, with a concentration in vision science and medicalimaging.The Rochester Region was ranked #1 for Overall Quality of Life among metros with a population ofmore than 1 million. Source: Expansion Management, May/June 2007Popular Science ranks Rochester 19th of 140 metropolitan areas in the magazines "Top Tech cities"rankings.Popular Science, March 2005Ranked 26th among the "Top 40 U.S. Biotech Locations."Business Facilities: The Location Advisor, 2003Ranked 7th among the "10 Best Cities to Raise a Family" based on pediatric health characteristics andservices, cost of living, economic strength, quality of life, education and environmental quality criteria.Child Magazine, 2003Tax InfoSales tax = 8% (4% State, 4% County)Real Estate = between 2.5-4.5% of assessment (includes home & school taxes) depending on townState income tax information and rates tax exemption Tax, Municipal Tax and school Tax rates tax information
  2. 2. area offers a wide variety of single family homes, condominiums and rental units.A May 2008 Money magazine survey of the nations 100 largest markets on Wednesday rankedRochester No. 2 for expected home price appreciation during the next 12 months. Sale Information: Home Listings: Affordable Housing U.S. Rochester, NY MSA Median Housing Sales Price* $206,200 $120,800 Median Family Income** $58,526 $59,827 National Affordability Rank*** - 39 Owner Occupied Housing Units** 67.3% 69.7% Median Cash Rent** $763 $694 Homes Affordable for Median Income*** 46.6% 78.2% Average Household Size** 2.71 2.65Sources:*National Association of Realtors, Q4 2007**US Census Bureau, 2006 American Community Survey***NAHB Housing Opportunity Index, Q4 2007From USA Today article 4/15/08(
  3. 3. SchoolsHome to world renowned colleges and universities including: University of Rochester and RochesterInstitute of Technology.Two of the Rochester area public high schools ranked in "The 100 Best High Schools in America."(Brighton #87, and Pittsford Mendon #94) Newsweek, 2007Ranked 3rd for the number of college graduates with life sciences degrees per capitaU.S. Department of Education, 2001"Rochester, NY, Metro Area Public Schools Ranked #6 Nationally Among Large Sized Metros."Expansion Management, December 200719 Area Colleges and Universities: Schools: Americas best minor league sports town. Also offers a wide variety of community based sportsprograms for children and teenagers.
  4. 4. Professional, Amateur and Youth Sports: Named One of the 10 Best Golf Cities in America• Golf Magazine and the National Golf Foundation named Rochester one of the 10 Best Golf Cities inAmerica. (Golf Magazine, Nov. 2007)Best Minor League Sports Market In America• Rochester, NY was rated the best minor league sports market in America by Street & Smiths SportsBusiness Journal, July 2005Big BusinessEastman Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, and Wegmans Groceries were all founded in Rochester andcontinue to maintain a strong presence in the area.Companies move to Rochester to be part of the creative excitement and to capitalize on the proximityto both suppliers and customers.Rochesters economy continues to evolve from a Big Three town to a more diversified mix of:  High-technology manufacturers  Imaging and optics  Information and business services  Food and beverage  Printing and publishing  TelecommunicationsCompanies, educational institutions, and medical facilities are driving cutting-edge research andprograms in such areas as:  Biotech  Digital imaging  Fuel cells  Health imaging  PhotonicsSource: Greater Rochester EnterpriseTop 50 Employers: Helpful ResourcesCity Site: Site: Bureau: Rochester Enterprise: